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  1. Now the breeding has gone NO mixed blood but I think there could still be a couple of mister rights going about which could straight line your great dogs I am bit late to answer your post, I would take you live down in Gretna, or around there as I said now is the time to show your great hound or next month, drop me a line
  2. were you lamping or running in the summer?? NOW is the time to come and show your dog, we would accommodate you, if you would want to put a small wager working mans type, no problem, I clearly stated I have never run the slope, Now is the time time, December or January,
  3. well I can only give you my experience, the ground I ran my dog or dogs on was were the Scottish coursing of scotland ran here in Annan, and these Hares were reported to be the best in the country, the blood was mixed from Altcar (Waterloo cup was held, and, Huntingdon, a crate of Hares went down to those places and another crate came back up from those places, to keep the blood strong, The trainers of the greyhound all said these are the hares, and the travelling lads who ran there dogs there will tell you the same story. up Here you need a dog to be up at the Hare and apply pres
  4. well lads there is an old saying you breed a dog for the land you are going to run your dogs on, Back in the day late 50s 60s, we bred colliexgrey x Deerhound xgrey, those two breeds were bred from working stock IE, the collie was from aworking hill collie and the grey was a coursing grey, the Deerhound was from a working Scottish Deerhound, that blood is no longer available, today, I must state that that those breeds, were hard bred dogs and were more than capable of putting meat on the table, in DAYLIGHT, and they were never at the vets, or bone man, Today the Saluki highbred is
  5. Sorry for your loss, she certainly was something very special, on the other hand she had a great life and gave you some great memory's, A true Companion,
  6. I bought one back in the mid 60s, for a neighbour of mine, I paid the princely sum of two shillings and sixpence = today @ 12 and half new pence it was a fawn with a little white blaze down his front of his chest, she knitted him a coat, he was only about 8 weeks old when I bought him, the woman had him for a bout 10 to 12 years, and needless to say he never had the pleasure of chasing a rabbit, The woman thought the world of the little fella,
  7. I had a lovely walk up along the river bank this morning, around 6.30 am this morning, and I was thinking about my first post I typed on Mother &son, I apologised, to the fellow who originally posted, for going off topic, it was my first post on here for at least two and half years, and there was a sarcastic remark made by a guy who goes by the name of BIG RON, I would bet he is a member who has a couple of subscriptions, and I have my suspicions who it came from, One bitch dog came to mind, Her name was Tinker a red fawn only 23" this was back in the day late 60s early 70s grey
  8. I dont touch the stuff, I wrote because, in the past 40 years ihave seen some poor and very poor dogs and I have owned some of that calibre,(( but not for long)
  9. Hello I have not posted, for maybe two or a bit more years, I was reading this post, and a member suggests to put the dog pup if he is good one back into his mother, I am not a fan of line breeding, for start the mother of the pup has nothing to do with me, I am only replying to the post, In the wolf world it may work well, But I reserve my opinion, on that type of breeding, for lurchers, I look back over the last 30 or 40 years of dogs that was bred for the banned sport, they are a huge amount of failures, all bred from so called top dogs, I am telling you the truth some can not line a bitc
  10. well done Trev, your bitch was working well, I enjoyed your video,
  11. I enjoyed watching that short film thank you,
  12. a very good dog for that job is a Saluki greyhound, with a GPS collar on him
  13. WE were working down in Burnley, around 1972/3 we used to use a pub called the Stanley arms, in Burnley wood, (( that's a district of Burnley, craic was first class back in the day about 8 pints for one £ yes truth, well this lad approached me and asked me if I would take two dogs of him as he was going on a holiday at the Queens expense, I said how good is your grey hound he said he is able to do 3out of 3 and carry each hare back to your hand, the other was a wee rough haired jack russel terrier, type, a very nice sort as well, The greyhound was a big Red type good feet on him, I took bo
  14. Collie stud, written by Jigsaw, a couple of weeks back,
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