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  1. well done Trev, your bitch was working well, I enjoyed your video,
  2. I enjoyed watching that short film thank you,
  3. a very good dog for that job is a Saluki greyhound, with a GPS collar on him
  4. WE were working down in Burnley, around 1972/3 we used to use a pub called the Stanley arms, in Burnley wood, (( that's a district of Burnley, craic was first class back in the day about 8 pints for one £ yes truth, well this lad approached me and asked me if I would take two dogs of him as he was going on a holiday at the Queens expense, I said how good is your grey hound he said he is able to do 3out of 3 and carry each hare back to your hand, the other was a wee rough haired jack russel terrier, type, a very nice sort as well, The greyhound was a big Red type good feet on him, I took both of the dogs, the big dog he was called Red. could do his job and do it well, his speed and prey drive was first class, I had him for just over a year, we were out one morning, he was coursing a Hare, done his job and was carrying the Hare back to me as usual he come to this five bar wooden gate he tried to jump the gate with the hare in his mouth, one his back legs missed the top rail and he broke his back leg I could see every thing I ran as fast as I could to get to him, I lifted him off the gate, put him around my shoulders, and carried him to the road, just then a milk float was coming along I knew the driver, he gave me a lift to the local vets, and I had him put to sleep the vet I knew well, he used to geld my horses and I used to buy my wormers from him, That greyhound was a genuine good hearted dog great with children and he would let you know if any stranger was sniffing around that was about 45years back, The memory of him is still very strong, Without the grey hound you have NO LURCHERS, The amount of Saluki x s that was bought down in England and brought up here to Scotland and was found wanting, yes and paid top money for as pups and that is one reason why the Lurcher world is full of Sh---T due to the fact the lad paid about £500 for the pup reared him and then tried them out about the 14 months suffered about another 3or four months with it and they decide to take a pup of the useless article and then sell the pups to try recoup there money more shite to the dog pounds FACT,
  5. nice little video, well done, pup is coming on nicely,
  6. Collie stud, written by Jigsaw, a couple of weeks back,
  7. The collie /greyhound, my Opinion, The best all-round pot fillers, put meat on the table, I was lucky as a 14yearold boy to get a pup from two top working dogs, The bitch was a working proper Hill working collie, and a champion coursing greyhound, that won the coveted Waterloo cup, the best competition, of coursing greyhounds, The Champion of champions, held at Altcar, Back in those days, there was NO passengers kept in any yard they all had to be able to do there job, the cull was heavy, only the strong would survive, take a moment and look at the Collie Stud, on page 7 there is a photo of Cotton King, a superb animal He was the sire of my first Lurcher pup, Cotton King was bred here, in a small town called Annan in Scotland, By Mr, Hardie Wright, and he was the trainer as well, He won the Waterloo cup two times, My pup was never inoculated and was never at the vets, Fast forward to days dogs, they are never away from the Bone setter, now that could be they were running on very hard ground or running on mud going in about 3to 4inches of soot,what ever, when I run my dogs I try to run them on decent ground were is possible, Moorland is not the best of ground for a fast dog, that is why they bred the Scottish deerhound, strong boned rough coated, to protect from the biting winds, Alas that type of working hound is no longer available, again I had a two or three 3/4 grey/1/4 deerhound which were decent dogs, but I preferred a good collie x with pace and heart to take his quarry, any how that is my Opinion, every one to his choice, But go on to Jigsaw,, Collie stud, and you will see a proper greyhound dog, on page 7,
  8. you only get out, what you put in, Life is NOT a piece of cake,
  9. Go for it Jiggy, the ole collie /grey stays deep within me, good clever dogs, my first was way back in 1958 a young 14 year old Boy, my uncles working Hill collie bitch, x Cotton king ( waterloo cup winner, and back in those days Hill collies could work, pace stamina, and Brains, No Quad bikes, every body had to work back in those days or simple you did not EAT, The collie bitch was tyed up in the wee cow byre, Cotton king his kennels was only about 200yards away down at the bottom of the field, He escaped from his pen, and the byre door was a little bit open enough for the dog to get in, were the bitch was, a couple months later an un wanted litter of pups was born, I begged my Grannie to let me keep this black dog pup with a white blaze, down his chest, the mating was just a pure accident, (( truth)) that is when I fell in love with my Lurchers, we are talking of 60 years Ago, I bred my wee black bitch this summer, she is Saluki/whippet/greyhound, just under 23" mated to a very good Scottish dog he was 9 years old my disappointment she only had one pup a Black dog pup, is this a coincidence, I know this will be my last Lurcher pup to rear and enter, (((( as they say spirit is strong but the flesh is weak,
  10. wish you luck with your young one, that cross can make very handy dogs, Happy days ahead,
  11. well done Minkenry, great video, + a very good team,
  12. Mick the miller was in fantastic condition, he looks like a well grafted coursing dog, great photos, thank you,
  13. Nice photos and dogs looking good, The dog has a nice length about him, what is he like with Mr, long ears????
  14. Well Lads after rearing your pride and joy, for the best part of 2 to 3 years, Then in a rush of madness, you slip your pride and joy, on to one of those big fellas, your dog is going to have a night mare of a run, As said the Rough terrain, ruts of heather with those dangerous rocks jutting out, then in seconds, he is up to his shoulders in the peat bogs, and there is plenty of those were those fellas rome, and then he lowers his mighty head, with at least 14 pointed daggers just waiting to lift your pride and joy, In reality, leave well alone, Again some one some were has probably,achieved Taking out the Monarch of the Glen, ((((( I am pleased to say it is not my cup of tea,
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