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  1. that is a shame mate. sorry to hear that ATB for the future
  2. Aye and the old bsa Bantam headlight with a cut off brush stale for a handle
  3. Rip kass. Can't take your memories away
  4. It Will get easier mate given time, had to have my old lad put to sleep last year, vet came and did it in the garden. we were all there. i was a wreck. You still have the memories and looks like she had a real good life with you all. Rip Fly.
  5. Rip Murphy, had to have Jake my old lad put to.sleep in May 13years I completely lost it, I was bawling my eyes out. Never affected me like that previously. Just goes to show what a strong bond we can develop with our dogs. Keep your pecked up.mate, it gets easier with time
  6. That was an excellent article, thanks for sharing it
  7. i always go out on my own mate, to avoid the very situation that you have described. What a nightmare that must have been. only ever made one exception and that was taking me daughter out, with one dog each, slip each one individually, just to get a young dog some experience really. still laughing thinking about the young un spinning about on the lead watching the old lurcher coursing the rabbit up the hedge. Looking back i was lucky he did not open up. He caught his 1st rabbit that night actually.
  8. Looks a nice sort Ross.Bedlingtoncross?!
  9. .I've got one here, 13 now . Collie greyhoundxbeddlington whippet. She was a very sharp bitch in her younger days, good nose, turn on a sixpence and a very committed strike. So committed in fact I could hardley bear to watch when the rabbit was close to cover when in pursuit. Sadley had to retire her at 5 years. Hit some sheep wire as she struck a bolted rabbit . Broke a bone in her neck. Carried her 1.5 mile back home,she was paralyzed, vet said leave her here ,give her a week if she's not up by then she's not getting up. Went back on day 6 , vet came out looking a bit glum, gave me the b
  10. it wants shutting down
  11. Very very nice. Looks like your doing a good job with rearing them. Is this the 1st litter you have bred?.
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