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  1. countrymon

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    Nice post lads,enjoying it. Some very interesting points raised and observations made.many thanks
  2. countrymon

    New Arrivals.

    Well them pups look well cared for john. I hope that they go to good homes that will continue to look after them as you have. I met your mate Ian Clayton at the game fair a couple of years back. Real nice fella, sorry to hear about his dog,he told me he had retired him at the time,think he said simon whitehead s dog was bred from him. Good luck with them.
  3. countrymon

    It’s all ways the good uns

    thats a shame, always enjoyed your posts showing the dogs at work. sad news , such is the life of a working dog. if its any consolation, at least you gave them a good life mate. Atb
  4. countrymon


    well i enjoyed the article, good read that, many thanks. Nice to see or in this case read about any working dog actually doing the job it was bred for. ATB
  5. I can understand your frustration mate. There used to be plenty of game around me locally. Now it's almost devoid. I look at the land and wish it were the same as it used to be. I was working for a local farmer last wk,he has been farming there around 20 years on that particular farm. We used to hunt that land 30 years ago and it had reasonable numbers of hares,partridge and rabbits on it then. In Feb you could often see 5 or 6 hares boxing regular. I have not seen a hare on there for the last 15 years. He says his farming methods haven't changed, he puts it down to predators.i.e. badges,foxes buzzards. I remember walking that land when I was younger and stepping over leverates in there forms.
  6. countrymon

    VHD set to decimate our rabbit population!

    if it carries on like this , it makes you wonder if it will be worth owning a lurcher and ferrets. There has been a massive decline over the last 2 seasons locally, where i was counting 50 plus on some fields of an evening i am now seeing one and twos. it reminds me of the seventys , used to walk for miles with the dog, only thing we run then was the hares, now that jobs buggered as well, Reckon they will see a big decline in raptor numbers now up there, its happened here with the buzzards already.
  7. countrymon

    Old Sayings

    as about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike
  8. countrymon

    Old Sayings

    if you catch a weasel, piss in his ear
  9. countrymon

    Short trip out with my lad (new vid)

    Great vid. Looks like the lad enjoyed himself
  10. countrymon

    Sad to kill rabbits anymore.

    There is a lot of truth in that Raymond.
  11. countrymon

    Sad to kill rabbits anymore.

    same story around us, just see the odd one or two, rvhd plus mixi noticed that the buzzards have gone with em.. less food!
  12. countrymon

    proper bull grey saluki gery crosses

    Hey Up lads , went to see these last friday, the same cross. suluki greyhound, bull greyhound,6 weeks old, repeat mating and the previous litter are doing very well for there owners. dam there , out of nuttalls stuff, they were advertised in the cw.A They looked nice healthy pups , well looked after. 5 bitches , 1 dog .
  13. countrymon

    New vid from the weekend

    i like the brindle lurcher you have mate, looks a nice sort, whats in her mix?
  14. countrymon

    Couple of My Wheaton x

    22ins tts mate. sire was wheaton grey 25 ins dam around 18 to 19ins ped whippet oakbark lines i believe. about half threw after the sire , rough coat and half after the dam. we bred a litter from him 3 years since to a beddy whippet. the lad who had his father had the bitch pup which was promised to me . Hes chuffed to bits with it. Said its the cleverest little dog hes ever had ?!.Made handy little rabbitng lurcher.
  15. countrymon

    Couple of My Wheaton x