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  1. If your missus or child was desperately ill in the back of your car and they were blocking you getting to a hospital what would you do ???
  2. socks

    Knife maker

    Griff on here can do it. He has done loads.
  3. If you listen to the two main men of this organisation they are saying that we have four years to sort this or the world will end so if the uk don’t insulate every house the world will stop … they are fukcing mad men …….
  4. Be careful this old b*****d is not sat on a road somewhere https://youtube.com/shorts/_HJiOc-qNik?feature=share
  5. You are conflating being a bullying Cnut with rightly moving some fukcer that’s in your way and stopping you going about your daily business . As born said if they were sat on your driveway stopping you leaving the house would you say ah ok and just go back indoors or would you move them so you could live your life ?
  6. I’m with born on this, no matter what your age if you are prepared to stop thousands of people going about their daily lives then you must know that you are going to monumentally piss off a percentage of those people and so you must accept the responsibility of whats going to come back to you. Obviously slapping an old person around is big no no but pulling them off the road so you can get on with your life then absolutely.
  7. Thank fukc I thought we were going to see you breastfeeding then …….
  8. Nice little chilled morning out .. perfect
  9. Congrats mate she looks a little beauty ….
  10. The bike obviously as after 30 years of marriage the bike would be a better ride …..
  11. He transferred into the met from Kent where his colleagues had nicknamed him the rapist for fukc sake. There’s some heads going to roll when the subsequent enquiry takes place …. He is that depraved that two days after raping strangling and burning that poor young woman in a woods in Kent he took his kids on a day out to the very same woods …………..
  12. In wales today at my mothers and fuel station open with no limit on what you can have.
  13. I’m not disputing the visa scheme I’m disputing that it’s down to brexit.
  14. The DVLA have admitted that they have a backlog of over 54,000 applications for new HGV licenses and renewals … that’s why we have a shortage of drivers.
  15. This has got nothing to do with brexit ……
  16. I don’t buy into all this saving for a rainy day. Last Friday was the first year anniversary of my best mate Chicky dying of a brain tumour. He was 47 years old had a very successful business and was earning real good money. Whenever I asked him about getting himself a new truck or a real nice Holliday he kept telling me he was putting it away for a rainy day etc …. Well that day never came for the poor f****r … he worked his bollox off and never really got to enjoy it. So my take on it is as long as my bills are paid then if I want something I buy it fukc the rainy day ……
  17. There is only problem to this driver shortage and that’s the fact the DVLA have a backlog of over 50,000 renewal and new applications for HGV licenses. If those useless fukctards did their job we wouldn’t be in this mess ……..
  18. Yes mate pretty much collie grey saluki as you said …….
  19. I’ve still got my c+e and my medical is in date. But I fukcing hate driving so it’s a no from me.
  20. One of my horses came as an in shoed animal as he had always been in grass and his hooves needed daily checking and cleaning … it wasn’t long before the fukcer had shoes on
  21. AJ can fight but he can’t box ……..
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