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  1. Had a dog sire a litter at 13. Saluki cross. Some quality pups too. Made his old legs shake a bit
  2. He doesn't seem to be on here anymore mate?
  3. Yes. I looked on the pup sites. People just taking the piss. All sorts of rubbish for mental money for stuff that probably hasn't seen anything for generations. Will pm the fella now. Thanks.
  4. Looking for young bedlington dog or pup. Anyone breeding good stuff that doesn't want piss take puppy farm prices.
  5. That's how things got so bad in the 1st place. Imo. IV no love for over privileged farmers but a bit of poaching is one thing. Driving crops etc. f****d it for everyone. That's not how the old traveling lads used to do it.
  6. Im hanging in there mate. I did wonder who's still on here from back in the day. I'm getting old enough for a bit of internet hunting for real now
  7. Sadly your right. Though I did have an ol half cross many years ago that lived to 16. She could fill a pot to a very late age by running off another dog or standing herself in a gateway while a younger did the work. She's 5 generations back from the black brindle in the pictures.
  8. Second dog I ever had was a bearded Collie, greyhound x deerhound. Smart looking dog. Moved nice. Killed daytime hares. Let him off near deer an he'd just hunt up if he missed the 1st one. Ruin the day to meny trying to find him so ended up pet homed to a hipi on a piece of string. Similar with another deerhound type. Bred to a saluki.
  9. Had a Hancock once. I'm not a fan either. Lacked any drive.. I always preferred to breed my own. worker to worker. Perfect for me now having heavy collie blood though. IV got my "aim an fire" bitch but I'm not getting any younger an don't do anywhere near what I used to. Laws got insane. So an ol cur companion that looks like a mongrel kicking about the bushes an capable on a lamp is ideal for me these days.
  10. Get what your saying. Could also be said that England holds larger deer than Scotland. So to bring the size of the dog down of the original Scottish breed designed to hunt them. May also not make sense. Food for thought.
  11. Thought Dalmatians were spotty?
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