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  1. yeh , that deff helps with couple small meals a day, and let them have plenty of time to digest each meal. when i worked at the racing kennels, we all ways kept a eye on the amount the greyhounds were eating, we had 50 dogs to look after , never heard of greyhounds getting it, but suppose most dogs with a tuck up stomach , might be mote prone to get it. ive never had it with any lurchers ive had ,Buck wolf his grub down quite quick, but slowed up since old bryn been dead. R I P Freddie .
  2. was they drug related keith ? i know that some people use hard drugs , to cope with there lives, the only prob is that drugs make there probs thousands time worse , had mate who life got out of control , he hung him self in the end, real shame when life gets to much. i was in very dark place for 2 months with bad sciatica , got up in morning in bad pain , went to bed in pain , no feckin escape from it, for 8 weeks, i really felt like toping my self , i thought at least i get rest from this fookin thing, but i fought it, and didnt give in to it. i still get bad days but what ever
  3. dont know about knighted , the the twat needs poisoning like they did to the Russians'
  4. i thought BARF was raw meat anyway ? i get my raw mince chicken in 1lb bags from T .I .P .S they deliver to my door, but got to be o £ 50 quid meat, or they wont come, i have 100 bags , and some times big raw beef bones as well 20 were10 quid, but carnt get any since this feckin virus thing, i am by Hereford . but as said Buck on 1 lb raw chicken plus cup full dry meal 22 % protein , so he doing ok i think .
  5. just reading about this make off food, it more or less what you sprinkle on top of your dinner, it supposed to have nutrients in it , that other foods lack. my self i feed 1lb raw mince chicken , oil fish, rabbit when i get any, and 1 1/2 cup dry meal a day, so only small amount of biscuit . iive fed this for years , old bryn made 14 , and worked up to 11, Buck 9 now , ageing now, but ok for big dog. i just wondered if these type food brands are s good as what they say, it was a vet by the way in the vid, who said how good this stuff was, maybe he getting back hander from it all l
  6. bird

    Ed Sheeran

    i think if he fights Uysk next year Fury will win the 4 belts, and they deff have chance of winning s p o t year , people will vote for him , even if they dont like big gypo . i watched the dancing program , and was glad the deaf girl won , more so that i have only 30% of my earing, so i not deaf but i do struggle with earing deff. Ok Rose is deaf, and it prob gained her more votes than other dancers, i think if the black girl A J had have been in she would have come very close to win it , but Rose danced great , so she won on that as well. Regards the gay bloke john and his gay part
  7. bird

    Ed Sheeran

    Yeh he is talented, not really a fan, but last couple of songs have been quite good. I see Fury got no where in the s p o the year show again, he never turns up. Lol
  8. Nice pup, how it bred, how much pit in it?
  9. good old Henry, a honest down to earth bloke . he was never really a true heavyweight , think he fought at most 13st 9lb , more light heavy/ crusier weight , by today weights , when he fought Ali , think Ali came in 15st , bigger/stronger , pity he had soft skin round his eyes like above. ive been reading Fury next 4 fights for 2022 , but not Oleksandr Usyk , why dont Fury fight Usyk for the 4 belts , say xmas time next year , he really the only one to beat, Usyk will beat Aj next year , Fury beat white , so they may as well get it sorted , and be the one champion , and i think it be Fu
  10. bird

    RIP jethro

    shame that, was naturally funny man, was very funny with Jim Davidson , mind you i did struggle at times to catch what he said art times , mind you he prob say the same about me with wolves accent lol RIP Jethro .
  11. well, 1st i get in good recall, before all this of the lead stuff, meaning any pup will get its head down with all new scents thay are about. forget about it for a while keep the dog on its lead, just keep doing recall, say 4 times, then have nice lead walk rest of the time out with the pup. what people do and me in the past, is put the young dog in to situations that you know the dog will fail , theres plenty of time to get it hunting , the next thing people say the young dog fecks off when its caught a rabbit, well it will do unless the recall 100% , so get this right 1st , like above then
  12. and well bred none ped racing whippet will be spot on paul for him. ive said many time on here about them , i had 20 in 20 lb little bitch , catch rabbits , and give a hars few turns as well, but some of the males down the track were about 21-23 in 30-34 lb real full on type dogs, a lad had 2 brothers that he used on foxes , tough/ strong litt le dogs, i deff ask around where they still race them, this was in the black country cannock south staffs in the 80s
  13. yeh, had some good runs, and couple in the woods, feck knows how Buck goes though there at speed after his quarry, i fell over bloody 3 times going after him lol, he fooked today left him in his kennel all day with heat lamp, stops the stiffness more so at his age 9 year old , but he loves the old lamping job, weather was spot on black, windy night .
  14. smoking and alcohol , have wreaked many human lives, i smoked for 15 years, then stopped for 30 years , not sure where the money went lol, but feel 100% fitter, regards the booze , well it got me into some situations i have never done sober deff , i only have couple cans on sat or sunday watching the football, nothing mon - Friday .
  15. spelling bit fooked, didnt get in till 4am , still bit sleepy haha
  16. poxon right, good old tested beddyx will be good lurcher , more so with drop of collie in the mix, make it tht bit more biddable type lurcher as some beddy can be bit head strong when young lol. Regards the Vizla dogs, ive met few on my dog walks, you get rough , and smooth , say about 23 in 50 odd lb , nice size dog to manage . the ones ive met did seem bit shsarp with other dogs , had couple run up to my big gsd x grey lurcher Buck , he likes people and dogs, so no prob with him, these 2 males father and son , came round him , he just stood still and watched them , the owner called them
  17. bird


    working nights, regular deff hard on wife and kids , my younger brother done it 20 years , ok he got good money , but me and my old man struggled with it, not so much family etc side of it , but couldnt hack the physical side to it, fooked our guts up eating early hours , my old man got a day job , i left the job, we were all at Goodyear tyre company .
  18. and fecking pubs, got show id regards if you had any jabs, never mind a booster lol, regards Boris he on a slippery slope , he be gone the next Election , fecks knows who replace him though the party, Labour wont get in anyway .?
  19. it brill , if it did really happen, but this might be all bullshit , but boxing all about money nothing else , make no difference though, as Usyk will beat Aj next year , then prob fight Fury about this time next year. i think i put my money on Fury to win the 4 belts . Maybe Aj v white next year instead be interesting nw, if Aj can still beat white now, with all his set backs .????
  20. thats a good x if you can get it from proven workers, i always wanted that type x, 15 years ago, but it was either , straight collie x greys, or straight pit x greys , not many of the above, so ended up with pups from each x .?
  21. That's true, a stud dog keeps producing a enough sperms, to catch the eggs in the bitch. It when the male not used for stud, and as they get older produce less sperms, I was told its always a gamble if you use a older dog, that's not gone to many bitches, they might or might not get the bitch pregnant?
  22. didn't know hares get it as well ?
  23. 100%, suoopse them that do make it, are treated like dogs over here, by the gangers, stuck 12 to a room, just enough food, so they can work 18 hours a day. They not desperate, there fookin thick as short plank, to want that kind of life, and don't say it don't go back over to them, they must know they get a shit life lo ng term. Keep sending back, or let the seas sharks sort them out.
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