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    Pussy no more

    Yeh very sexy in goldfinger had good long life rip pussygalore
  2. will have look later on tonight .!!
  3. +2, really like the bandog , as a guard dog .
  4. true that because , the you use Rottie x labs on pigs in New Zealand , or at least dogs with good lump of rotties in them , rotties have very strong jaw for a start, power/ weight , so out x them to other breed , same as apbt been use to there breeds , give guts drive . ive always thought rottie make great guard dogs , but not over keen on there temps, rather trust a gsd than rottie , but thts just me .
  5. just got back from morning walk , i pick up my news paper , and quick walk only about 5 mile from where i live , it bridle path walk , but you dont get many dog walkers , the odd rambler , but on average not many people , plus they got sheep on there , maybe that might deter few dog walkers . i go o n the walk every sat, nice was with river by the side of it put few pics and post before . There 2 lots of sheep , one lot with lambs , both in different fields i have to walk past, well both my lurchers are very good with stock, they dont bother with them , and ive lamped Buck in alot of places with stock, when chased his quarry , and he great , so is old bryn the same . Now little woody different ball game , carnt trust the little shit no way , so he stays on the lead deff. Woody was my son dog before i had him, he was a rescue dog, not really sure of his age think he prob 10 , he never been round stock, like my 2 dogs, they seen sheep from 10 week old pups . Got to 1st field woody pulled a bi ton lead with sheep no lambs, Buck and bryn no leads , they just walking behind me . Got to 2nd field with lambs , woody seen the lambs moving about , he started pulling yanked him few times , stopped a bit, but fookin clocking lambs lol . i didnt get to close to them , didnt want to upset the Ewe's . but 2-3 started to walk with Buck lol couple behind old bryn , which was nice really . didnt take any pics , didnt want to piss about holding woody , you not going to change him now , i only go one a week but ill keep taking him, just to show him if nothing else .
  6. fair enough mate, not knocking any type dog myself, as ive got 1x gsdx grey, that most people wouldnt like purely on a appearance , yet as working dog he prob me best lurcher ive had in 30 odd years , great in the lamp, good pace / stamina , temp you want beat it , great with people/ dogs . i know where you coming from regards very stressful with other dogs, had kellpiex collie x grey bitch , would attack any dog in sight fookin nightmare only 50 lb but very strong for her size , if she had Buck size / power they be dead dogs deff , so somthing like you had you done the right thing . to me really , i rather have well line bred 1 x pit x grey 2nd 1x from proven parents doing what they been bred for. the onlything with the Alunt you might get is maybe better gusrd dog than a 1x bull x grey, my bullxs were ok with people and ok with other dogs if they were ok with them . with genetics in dogs you never really know what will come through , just take my dog Buck 1/2 Alsatian , now there a guard breed dog, yet he loves people, he dont guard lol, but he full on hunting , thats deff come from his sire the greyhound razzmatzz , he knew what rabbits were lol . the bullmastiff in alunts i know that , they guard alot more than a greyhound or a pit would, but bullmastiffs got lot of health issues , i wouldnt like to put that in a greyhound , but fair play trying recreate a extinct breed, as the alunt was from reading about them a top class guard / hunting / wild pig dog .
  7. bird


    trying to get these , there on ebay , but small size, any where else i might get them in size 11 (45) , there be spot on for me with 8 hole/ zip Black Full Leather Army Patrol Combat Mid Boots SIDE ZIP Security Military 917 ( £ 27 quid )
  8. Very true mate, she went for my son, was the last straw, before that, she cornered my neibour in the garden a old woman, and ragged a jack terrier, and a lab, nightmare she was having big soft dog like Buck is heaven
  9. You prob right, but huntsman, kill few hounds every year, old age, injured, or nasty fookers up setting the pack. It was done as favor for me.you have know him. Quite well for him to do it. Even that' bitch was a bad'un it was still upsetting, as she was very loyal to me, if I had lived on. My own I would have kept her, even though she was nasty fooker with people and dogs, muzzle job when out only way, but good lamp dog , never want another nasty dog like her again
  10. yeh never know he might go couple more years, he eats well, and loves to go out, but always with a limp , like say 13 in sep , just think back of me mind, that this could bring his age in more quicker , and finish in the end, but he ok at moment .
  11. well she big enough mate, its if she got heart for the job you want, you know me and collie temps , never liked old bryn temp, think to much about the job , instead of just doing it, where Buck will just do it . but early days mate , she might have bit of grit in her from whats in her , minus the collie .!!
  12. feel for you mate, it always gut wrenching to put a dog to sleep, but why dont you take her to you local hunt man , and let him shoot her, it quick , there relaxed not stressed up etc , just drop few quid for couple pints. i did it with that kelpie xgrey bitch i had, she was nasty with strangers etc, nightmare with dogs, she try wreak any dog big or small a very strong 50lb dog , i told you about her few posts back. took her walk round the back kennels with the bloke, she was clam then , then job done. i will try and do the same with old bryn when he carnt run or walk no more he got artist in his front lef twrist , got a permanent limp now. but he he ok he out every day couple hours with Buck and woody, he 13 this sep , Buck 8, woody 10 - 11 not sure lol. it new huntsman different area town now, but will ask few questions when the time right, before i go to a vet .!
  13. Well, she should be OK with that breeding the dogs in her, what size is she, 25in 60 lb, looks about old Brin size in pic?
  14. Fair enough mate, you give him plenty of time, how that bitch bred? If any good for what you do, put Buster over her, and get your own dog pup or bitch pup. She looks nice size in pic like buster strong but enough pace.
  15. what about a ( legitimate poaching ) mate are we ok with that ? be dark, nobody about only other poachers and we not going to be by them, or farmers or keepers , with lot of luck haha
  16. nice pics jon, bloody hell the kids are growing up mate , and nice to see your mrs out as well getting bit fresh air. Buster looks older now , what is 9 this year ? , and looks like you got a ( new dog)there as well, less me eyes are playing up, well i fookin deaf as you know , so maybe me eyes gone with them as well. i just pop over the field with mine when it quite at dusk lol, as long as Buck dont see a cat or fox , as piss off after them, no rabbits or hares , was 5 years go, but nout now only the odd munjack and few foxes, keeps Buck ticking over lol, bryn 13 this sep, Buck 8 in august, and that little shit woody about 10-11 we think not sure as he rescue dog if you remember Ray
  17. back to the post lol, is that pup a coursing type , as you get few with that type coat. personally mate, getting back to it from a long lay off , 1st having permission really helps, as your not looking over your shoulder , if the shit it the fan. 2nd if you look on here lot of people struggle to find enough rabbits , to work there dog or dogs proper. And it be shame if these things ive said came true , if you got your lad a lurcher , and it not got enough work for it . ive had 30 odd year messing about with lurchers, it was never really easy back then getting legal ground lol, most never wanted a running dog on the ground even back then, but at least there was enough rabbits to go at, and plenty of other stuff to knock over as well. if you still want to get a dog, well go for a dog , just lurcher x lurcher i look for , maybe wheaten x greyx salukix grey type, i quite like bull x grey x saluki x grey thats another handy dog to have .
  18. ive done it in the past, with my lurchers , just 3 mile aday , at riding trot as it called, just nice steady pace. well never had any probs before with my other lurchers running with the bike, even if say a tree rat or the odd rabbit moving in bottom of edge as rode past, they have look little pull to them, but not to bad to handle . Well when Buck my 1x gsd x grey was younger 18 month - 2 year old , i tried him with ruining with bike, went great at 1st got great pace with he looked brill great movement , this by the way where i lived before down the country lanes where i lived. well going nice pace done 2 1/2 mile, nearly home , when tree rat ran down bottom of tree , Buck seen it went right for it dragged me , put me breaks on feet down on floor , couldnt stop the twat, pulled through bottom edge . 2nd time , week after a brown cat ran across the track , towards a farm dragged me good 35 yds before i could stop, he must thought it was fox . but i t was to dangerous as you get few cars and tractors use these lanes as well, so fook it i just walked after that lol
  19. bloody hell , thats a big fooker , said he went and got 3 wolf dogs to help catch kill it , no mention of shooting it , unless ive read it wrong. But dan on here said , wolves kill plenty of dogs , if the dogs dont keep as a pack in the run after wolves, said take good dog to kill 30-40lb yote , never mind 12st timber wolf. them staghounds dan got are very old line of deerhound x grey with drop of bulldog in them few generations back , big 28-30in 80-100lb dogs, norm ran 3 on yote , 4 on wolf, you feckin need them, with that wolf in the pic . But got to honest , when ever i see wolfs are bears killed , i always feel sad to see great creatures like these , killed for a rug or coat , in 21st century , plenty of other great coats etc to where that just as good and warm, and prob more waterproof . it old pic fare enough , but the 2 animals above still killed more for sport than pest control today.?
  20. they prob been knocked about by various people, so dog shit scared . the thing say with a lamping dog , if the shit hit the fans and you got to get out quick , which does happen a lot. thats when the dog dumped, maybe not on purpose , but panicked to get out quick. it hard one say if you dog pulled somthing down , chased it and your wating for it to return , we all been there, and its ffkin horribly feeling , more so if you got very good dog . but to just dump a dog , for no real reason, other than it not doing what you want, you should put the dog down , and not pass it around, and deff not leave it. i had bullx once leg it after a hare i the day, couldnt find it no here looked for 3 days, then phoned few rescues , and he been handed in 20 mile from me , got him back , never slept proper for them days , funny thing 6 months after he hit iron gate after a fox lamping , bust his shoulder up,he never ran again had to put him down, bloody dogs they knock years off you lol
  21. bird


    No not really, on a downer with people, this situation that's gone on shops with these panic buyers, will never leave my mind, even say come Dec, nope fook'um got no time for people, this is about as far get involved with another human, on here or moochers. A dog better and honest, not selfish no not happy no more!!
  22. would you say, there more hyper than a collie, or jack Russel , as both these breeds , never really switch off . , once they had there kip say 6-7 hours sleep , there up for anything rest of the day .!
  23. very very true mate, i tell you what ok there are few decent people about, not panic buying , and helping the old and sick , the NHS are doing wonderful job. but fook me there some selfish pigs out there , and slowly but surely it putting me off people in general , you better off with a dog for honesty / loyalty , never thought i say that in my 67 years regards other human beings , but this virus that we got now, made me see people for what they really are CU#TS deff .
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