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    fair point Stiff, but what comes home to me is this, in the premier league , our English players have lot of top players from other countries , take them out of there teams and your left with lot over rated English players that carnt deliver against other top country. there very good chance that England go out the next group against harder teams . Southgate should bring on palmer , and rest foden , leave watkins on, then you may see more drive up front of the goal. if Southgate doesn't change his team around we loose , and southgate will either leave or he get the sack.
  2. thanks mate, got me son coming over with his wife and 2 kids, ive not seen her or grandkids since my wife died, me lad been few times, he be read sad when i tell him about old Buck.But we all sit out side in my back garden in the sunshine, and brin Buck out from his kennel, little woody be there as well. you right Buck could carry on for maybe another year or more, as lot dogs get lumps on them, and he had fair share of bangs and bumps lamping 8 years.
  3. Lost me wife after 40 years marriage , so thats done me, now old Buck got a cancerous lump behind his elbow on his chest. took him to vets Monday , had a biopsy done. Thursday vet phoned said don't know if it malignant . said only way to give him a Op (£ 300-400) , but she did say it lot to put him through at his age as he 12 in august and might be to much for his heart to take. so said leave the Op , she said he could go for another year, or be dead in 6 weeks, so got to see if it grows any more, and starts to hurt him, if so i take him in to pts . ok i knows he old, and vet said didnt think
  4. Yeh, they hurt him, and fury keep goings for them to stop fair enough. But one massive prob for fury, if he carnt stop by 6 rounds with body shots, upper cuts if you like, thats what suger tell him to do, no show boating, just take him out early rounds. Now your little rabbit at 6ft 3in near 16st, will know all this, so will his coach/team. Yusk will be all over fury like fookin rust, and know he knows drop him, he 100% go for a knock out, and this time ropes won't save him., I could be wrong as what goes on on the day, the fight won't go 12 rounds, yusk will stop him prob 9bor 10 t
  5. I suppose really, it quality of the breed in this country, as most I should think come from show lines, and not working lines, like in South Africa. My mates got a borebol bitch, prob similar situation over here with that breed as well. The best dogs in S/A stay there, and send any poor bred ones out. Like in Turkey with Kangals they keep the best there, but most Kangals I reckon make good pig dog and deff dog, my mate goes over there alot his Mrs comes from there, and hell of dog he said they are, even not the best, do anything we got in the Uk.
  6. Well what can I say, even at my age lol. Thing I do find strange, is that he didn't take his phone, or say to his wife, where he might be heading for. It does seem very strange and sad really that educated mad a doctor to act as he did. It bound to be him if a body been found after near 4 days, sad for his wife and kids,.
  7. Spot on that, because if I gone on just Buck appearance, when he was 8-12 months old, he looked like a fookin young wolf lol. But by 18 months old, he pull down big stuff, kill a fox, and get good bag of rabbits, so you deff got to give you dog time, more lot sighthound or drop of pit in them, 18-3 year old to get it full power, stamina, pace, and temp really.
  8. I,thanks Dave, I hanging in there mate, one day a time now, only way, let's hope I can get some good luck this year.
  9. Thanks mate, bloody hell, uysk really batted him didn't he. I think rematch will. Poss go the same way, OK fury try take him out early, and think he come in even heavier this time, and try using that like did with wilder, and drain him, then try to knock him out. But uysk now knows he can ko him, and I think it be fireworks in early rounds from both, but usyk will deff knock out fury this time, ropes won't save him this time.
  10. 100%, have look on Facebook, it embarrassing reading it. They say 10 month pitx grey started catching well, need smaller dog. What a load of crap. 1st it 10 month old, it still not developed physically yet, take 2 years more so bullx, it not little beddy whippet. It deff got worse with alot of these young people. Don't get wrong, you always had dog swapers even when I started near 40 years ago. But atleast they put bit graft in to the dog couple seasons etc, not 8-10 month old pup. I glad iam out of it now, the deff fooked now, and it only worse with more dreamers in it.
  11. Very true Terry deff mate. Hoping this year can improve, wife died Feb, fecked me bad knee up, hope that's me lot, hope I can with lottery, we'll say that every week lol
  12. Thanks mate, do it when you ready, you happy with your daughter dog, do that till you Mrs finish work, then get small type lurcher or grew. Funny thing really, OK my knee not right I walking with support on from hospital, and not bad, but take it off, I can tell it still injured, might take another month or longer to heal at my age. But as lot said to me on here, that when old Buck gone, to get grew, or whippet, etc. I will say this as type, that I only just come back of my dog walk with old Buck and little woody. That they deff do get you out and about, and really I prob nerd that since my
  13. Might go down that route grew, or good size none ped male racing whippet. But not as yet Buck OK for the moment.
  14. Thanks Vin, yeh big Buck nailed lot rabbits up there, best bag 38, that's great for 28in 88lb dog to do that, I remember you saying to me, bloody hell he agile /fast for big lump lol, as trig said when he seen him this year, he was sad how aged but, I had good 8 years lamping with him. Yeh mate, I've deff seen some quarry in my years, with not bad dogs, Bryn was best rabbit dog, day/night Buck best lamping dog I've had big/small stuff, some good bulls from Joe Smith from brum, couple good lurcher x Lurchers as well beds was not bad on hares in the day not coursing dog, but spin few over. An
  15. Don't think you can stop it mate, the ban never really stopped people keeping breeding bulldogs=apbt, they still. Plenty about, I always liked bulldogs, and in the right hands they weren't dog attacks. It was daft macho people having them when the attacks started in some ways these EL bullies are more dangerous, because you knew what you got with well bred bulldog, these big bullies are unpredictable I think, you never really know how there bred, so don't really what there temp be like. Our old line staffs were good with people, my pit bitch was good with people. But all bull breeds were alw
  16. Well I really hope mate that it never happens, I don't know how got through that 1st week, the pain was unreal, I had to feed Buck in the garden, after got back from walking him and little woody, I just could walk to his kennel/compound I was into much pain. He good like that, he dinner in bowl on the back lawn, then go back in his kennel him self. Buck never pulled on the lead on dog walk, but lamping was prat for 20 mins, he pull you of your feet easy, then after say 15 runs calm a bit. But always had very good stamina he runall night no prob. I walking OK with the support on, take it of wh
  17. You mean the light coloured dog, the black dog think he wrote collie x grey, well that what it looks likes less I've read it wrong.?
  18. not had a cat as he lol, are both your dogs none ped racing whippets ? i like him . yeh the males were full on down the track , i know they just skin and bone, but they were strong like your dog, look at greyhounds ok alot bigger 26-28in 60 85 lb , i worked at racing kennels for a Brum owner , was there 4 months, i picked up few things thetre from him regards running dogs and he said ped greyhound's and none ped racing whippets , are very deceiving dogs regards strength , and he was right, when i walked my 4 dogs he had 50 dogs there , me him and another woman walked them . one day a
  19. Thanks mate, I've always said on here, that there some real good folks on here, who help each other when your in the shit. And I know if did put the post up a month ago, when was really in trouble walking etc. People would tried really hard help me out even take old Buck of me for a week os till I could walk proper again, I wish done back then 5 weeks ago. OK we all live in different areas etc. Maybe if somebody near might have helped. But bit better waking with support on, be careful when I take it off, prob take couple months to heal, and hoping it does go back to how it was. Not great but l
  20. Bloody hell.you OK now with your knee. I tell you what I've had few bad bumps in fields lamping,. One night was out lamping with a mate by weston park seen few munjacks the night before away from the woods. We started lamping I had blaze my collie 3/8 collie 5/8 grey, only one there but that straight away, we lamped 2 hares, when lights was on us right away, we went flat out and split up, blaze ran with my mate, prob cause the dog with him. Well ran towards a ditch jumped and hit me head on bank, trying to knocked me self fookin out, rolled in bottom of ditch. Well the keeper and his mate
  21. No matt, it's over when Buck gone no more dogs.
  22. Thanks Phil I've did well say up to 68-69 then, it seems to gone pair shape the last couple years. I like in lot of ways, that been hunting =Lurchers, guns 12g for 45 years. And it is hard to say no more dogs. But this fall. I had really brought it home to me, when I've been in lot pain with my fooked knee, on my own nobody else with me, that I carnt keep doing this. I know if my wife was alive, she say Ray you done great for near 40 years your strenght and fitness helped you do that all them years, but now time to hang up the lamp, and end your poaching trips, and she did say similar to tha
  23. Thanks. Richie, I know your fit/agile for your age, and I really hope it continues mate I really do. As I deff know that if if the shit hits the fan as they, you really have lot to deal with. I am quite tough old bugger in lot ways, and good job, what I've had to deal with for 5 weeks deff.
  24. Has a fall on the road, coming back with Buck about 10. 30pm month ago. I go in this feild by me, nothing in it, no rabbits as such couple that's it,, odd fox. Was couple munjacks few years ago but Buck had them, so not seen a fox or munjacks for near 10 weeks now. Got through a gapnin the edge, not allowed in there but that never stopped me in 35 years with Lurchers lol. Dropped down from edge Buck in front to my right, he ran up road, thought maybe a cat, a fox top road, as watching it both went out of sight. Well carried with me, not proper looking at my feet, the road couple small
  25. No he won't, what will happen is they both sussed each other out, Fury knows he can hurt uysk deff so fury prob come in heavier, to lean on and f drain yusk, and ko true he could. But uysk knows that fury go it that way. So he be on him faster and go early ko as well, it be fireworks for good 5 rounds, but I think this time he knock fury out cold, I could be wrong, but don't think I will, it won't go 12 rounds no way.
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