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    Aj. V Uysk

    Anybody buying the fight, think its going £25 quid. I don't think I bother, Aj will get knock out early in the fight I reckon, Uysk knows he can beat him, and knock him it, seen the pics of him, he looks bigger stronger., than last time. Aj got new team coach, OK changed few things, but it won't help him against Uysk 20 august.
  2. Well done Lionesses, great win on home soil.beating the Germans lol. Reading some of the threads on this post, is amazing really, just enjoy the win in a English shirt, OK the football on different level to the men, and it always will be. Men are, faster, stronger, more agile in any contact sport like say just enjoy the win. It my birthday today 1 8 52,=70 today yeh old fecker, but in good mood, the win deff put me there, just need my team Wolves to get some wins, and good start this season, and I be a old happy bloke
  3. Dont think any hives by me, but as you say prob wild nest. Thinking about, they were not aggresve at all, couple birds were drinking out bath, and they were OK, not like a wasp that will have a go at you.
  4. Thanks mate, you live and learn every day, even in old age. Lol
  5. Not sure mate they look bit small, plus they don't go to any flowers etc. They just stay around thee bath, seems bit strange?
  6. What these bloody things, they gather all a round the bird bath. They look smaller than a normal wasp, I tried to move them off, but cam back. Not aggresve, but wouldn't leave the bird bath mot seen any birds use it, for awhile. Hope they come back
  7. i always stretch / pull there shoulders/ thighs , then massage the spine, after nights lamping, thats with all my lurchers ive had in the 35 years ive kept them. my big dog deff need it, stretch him abit, then back to the car, then when back home , same again , he had shoulder injury when he was 12 months old, jumped of a wall, and prob not landed right. he was ok with worked him plenty of long hard nights up to 8 year old , the stretching really helped him, i think it a must with any working dog big or small .
  8. True on the, they never forget if they had a wallop, even if it last year etc. So you have try to keep as calm as you can, when things have gone wrong. I've learnt alot in 35 years with dogs, drop bollocks with dogs, and try to learn from them if I can lol. Like been said all dogs are different, even out same litter, I think you have to keep this I mind. My last 2 dogs I've had, both were sensitive temps, Buck more than what Bryn was deff. I've had go the kids gove approach with Buck, the only time I give him a good hiding, was when he was about 14 months old, he been brill sheep from a pup
  9. I think what will happen with these type bull breeds, they will go on the DDB list, just like apbt did, it prob take few more deaths unfortunately, before it happens. Any type dog can attack, bloody, collies on farms will bite you. I told on here about my younger brother, when we were teens, our dalmatian, bit him on the wrist, he told me the pain, like having your hand slammed between a feckin door, still got the scar now as 64 year old bloke. Now that was just of a 65 lb dog, with normal type head/jaw power. So these big type bull things, with head like bucket, the bite jaw power, be terr
  10. Or a 6kg black terrier, many pats in Oz?
  11. True, but what alot people don't do, is get them one at a time. Say in my case I go for males, if there 4 males in the litter, the rest bitches. Well easy really, you see then how they react to you and others etc, out side the kennel, and there litter mates. I knew a bloke who was dog handler in the Ra, and helped the police to choose pups as future police dogs,. He keeps gsd at home, and Bel Mal. The mal cracking dog, quite big 25 1/2in and strong build, he done bit sleeve work, it had hell of bite, wouldn't fancy it on arm or leg lol, yep see your pup on it own deff
  12. haha , yeh tell her sister did great blow job, she either suck it , or teck a bite out of it lol
  13. ive only ever see 2 in the flesh, cropped ears , big heavy things, got to 90- 100lb looked unfit , my big 1x gsd x grey Buck would piss over them for agility, speed , and he got good jaw power and he near 10 year old. i really do think if wanted a macho type dog, but a fit/ healthy one i go for a proven 1x or 2nd 1x pit x grey , you get real good dogs there, and temp be lot better than them xl type bull things. you right there bred for just money nothing else. regards the kangals my mate goes over turkey few times ayear his wife was born there. he told me he seen them up in the mountai
  14. well for me, its just good recall, and good with sheep, and re call deff a must regards around stock. one thing that i never really trained Buck to do was go down, i dont know why i didnt , as i know it good thing to have. one night was out lamping with black 1/4 pit 3/4 grey, when the keeper was coming down the lane, he must have seen my lamp in the field, so rushed quick in to the thick hedgerow, got my bullx to lie down between my legs, i crouched over him put my hands over his eyes , so keeper didnt pick them out in his lamp, and i looked to the floor. well he scanned the feild few tim
  15. true mate, old bryn lived till he was 14, he had tumor by his arse , had it couple years but was ok with it. but he hit 14, went off his food , lost weight, never put it back on, got weak , so pts, jus enjoy the time with it Dave , while you can. Ray
  16. I always fed my lurchers, a tin of pilchards in Tom sauce, with few biscuits, before I went lamping. And it deff give the dog, that bit more energy, Buck always did well on them.
  17. Deff, I've done all that stuff in the past feeding raw, but I have often my self scrambled eggs on toast, and I always knock up a piece of toast with big dollop of egg on top for them.
  18. nice little dog that ken, i think they make great little knock about type lurcher. i did see a great vid , of this x pat x whippet, the main vid is killing rats , but the blokes on the vid, say they very good rabbit dogs , plenty of pace for rabbits, and deff pile in to any fox that that they might bump into . suppose you could get a pup this x , if you got the dam = whippet, or whippet x grey dam, now that be worth a go if you was more of a lamping bloke than just rats and rabbits . but like say if you not got a whippet or whippet x grey bitch, you struggle getting a pup. i did say few y
  19. true, and they prob have few bust toes as well , how hard the ground been of late. all you can do with your lurcher, is hope there bit of stuff to run about by dec, when its cold windy weather, but by then most rabbits and foxes are lamp shy by then , with them daft idle fookers shooting, and running dogs in june to sep, i am glad iam out of it now, done my little 35 years at lurchers, i keep them now as pet/ mate to get me out of my bungalow foe fresh air/ exercise ."
  20. thats spot on that, bring them up with sheep when a pup, ive always done the same with all my lurchers that ive had, where i lived before, they 120 acres , i know that nothing to what you lads have got over there lol, but they had 250 sheep on it, and few cattle, it was just small farm, but i had all the rabbit permission on it back then. So i take my pups out every day from 9 weeks old , in with the sheep, and having a old dog showing my pup, it made the job very easy with my pup. But he only ever had one blip, and that was when he pulled few munjack over few times , he was ok , came down
  21. it fooked up Ian Dury who was with block heads . a terrible thing to get , send it back to Africa etc where it came from in the 1st place.
  22. nice dog that , plenty of grit in with bull, and the other 2 terriers , what it height 25 in ? what it like with sheep , as there be loads over in your country .
  23. Yeh how old is it, just out of intreast, my next dog will prob be mature dog, once Buck gone.
  24. Just read that, sounds a real good litter, be good for most stuff, and not bad size, the whippet will drop the size Down, if it bit of beddy, or wheaten in them, it be the type I look at. And sensible price.
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