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    didnt no Boycie gone, should think Del boy+ Rodney will raise a glass for him at the Nags Head today..
  2. Haha, fook sake, take flask of black coffie, and few murry mints, you be fine haha
  3. ho do you think it will go with Prince Andrew , the yanks say the papers were passed to a copper on his door, wonder what will happen next ??
  4. Dont know about that, but feck me were they cold in the winter, had many frozen ride on my 250cc BSA starfire in the late 60s, got to cafe hands, chest/back were cold, thought fook this for game of soldiers, I getting a bloody car with heater lol, no more cold Dec for me. Lol
  5. true wilf , but greb on the money mate deff , ive become far more racist this last 15 years than ever , through this Surely they understand that in their quest to spread tolerance they are only causing more division!?!?
  6. well Allan, personally mate, i forget a lurcher , and get nice bitch black lab, they work net no prob. i not a net man, but what ive read is that most hares or rabbits get tangled in the net anyway, so dog with good nose, and soft mouth, and retriever would be my choice . my 1xs that the collie x , and gsd x both good nose, retrievers , the colliex good ferreting/ lamping , the gsd x lamping , dont get me wrong i think that maybe the 1x collie x bryn , he maybe could work a long net at night with practice , but no way Buck my 1x gsd x grey , one its dark he full on for lamping to cat
  7. fair answer sid, now ive been reading on a apbt site , where 2 well bred game dogs off lines of proven dogs in the box, and yet out of say a litter of 8 pups, you might only get 2-3 real game dogs . the rest classed as curs , but them curs would be on different level to most type dogs. so even the best dog and bitches lurchers , gundogs, terriers etc still throw crap. and in lurchers , i say up to 3- 5 year old there at there best, regards speed/strike , lets face it a 3 year old fit dog , should give you its best in the field , i should imagine that would be the same as coursing do
  8. just read it again, i might be wrong here, but said he was in coma for 39 years , he be just a shell of a human being by now, ok with this virus now, and before the jabs, people who got it who were very ill, were put in coma for 6-9 months , the woman presenter on itv , her husband just come out of his, think it was 8 months , ad he got to start to learn to walk and help with his speech etc, but feckin 39 years why keep him alive ? maybe i wrong but dont think so .
  9. Well done all Involved, makes nice post, let's see the pups then?
  10. haha , like it phil , i think we all bit unstable at times , life gets you down at times, i try to chill if i can now i am older , but nothing worse than a dog winding you up , hope ive learned from my mistakes , and next lurcher i get ( hope) ive picked the right pup , and we both can get on and gel . but knowing me i pick the wrong fecker lol
  11. this post, made me feel normal reading how these twats wind us up. with me its old bryn, that twat never ever stops staring at me, i dont mean little glance, i know all dogs will want to know where you are, but this animal carnt walk a yard with out keep looking back where i am, and in doing so he shit infront of me as well. ive had the dog 14 years now, and i really do think this manic trait deff come from the collie, Buck my gsd x grey, not as bad as bryn,Buck keeps aeye on me, but he will have mooch about , and shit well away fro , been long hard 14 years for me, lesson from this dont
  12. You dogs sound spot on, don't think you can beat lurcher x lurcher from proven parents, my dogs are 1xs, mine do what there bred for, but I do think regards the collix 1/4 plenty, you got it just right with breeding
  13. true, like the price of dogs as well, puts you off getting lurcher pup etc.
  14. whats your APBT books ? , Ive got Richard Stratton , and Colby book, both very good books on bulldogs.!
  15. good bag that, do you prefer hobs , to jills ? my mate used keep both , the jills moved them about deff, but the hobs would kill below ground, if the rabbits didn't bolt , this was to nets, but our dogs got any we missed from any holes , old bryn was brill at marking and catching any bolters, how your dogs bred, they look fare size, less its just the pics, bryn was 25 in 60lb , they similar or bigger ?
  16. I think the same mate, you deff need only a 1/4 lab to 3/4 lurcher or greyhound, and being honest a 1/4 still strong gene, I had a 1/4 pit 3/4 Grey in the 80s, he was fast, not bad wind, and enough guts for any quarry. So the 1/,4 lab would make good knock about lurcher
  17. thats true regards a full on a spaniel , ive had few years beating , and there great gundogs, but bloody hell you got to keep on top of them, my self i thought say 1/4 lab x 3/4 lurcher would have been a good type lurcher, and easier dog to train , just thought ?
  18. They deff do, woody had bone, i put him out with it in the garden, and little shit sunk it in, he OK with the kids, if you remember my lad had 4 years, and little girl grew up with him, I only had him when they had there little boy, had him now 2 years about time they took him back lol, no way me daft wife likes him
  19. As above lol, kept me on me toes haha
  20. Fair point, a well bred 1x should take most stuff, if need bit more pace, drop of coursing stuff in.
  21. That's fair point, with jails are full, and they don't seem to be building any new ones, with every fooker breeding dogs today for over the top prices, scum will always be looking to make a easy kill, and pinch dogs. Guard dogs are waste of time really, you need the dog inside, or left outside they either kill them, or pinch them as well, your better off if with jack Russell barking the place down, when the scum there, or megger light and poss camera. Then. Then go out site with baseball bat and break there legs, they think twice next time deff
  22. As above, great drummer, and nice bloke died to day years old.
  23. Not sure really, anything 24-25in 55lb-65lb.good coat, lurcher x lurcher that do few Charlie's from proven parents, that's what try to get, if poss
  24. thats true, i think it deff gone don hill, he last 8 -10years , i can remember , there were few places back then, when i started out with bryn 14 years ago , i could few good bags a week 15 a night that 60 a month, quite regular , and if i went out to places in my car which i did with jim and his dog , we get 60 in a night , couple seasons like this, the numbers soon drop down, but even up the dales , the lads dont get as many now, there old saying , you can only kill them once ." if ever got another lurcher , i deff not just get a rabbit dog , i get somthing that could take othr quar
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