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  1. Why ? , i seen him doing a vid for world champ, that just been on the box, he came over ok i thought , i mean one bloke i could put his lights out the rocket Ronnie , ok he is the best ever to play the game , but feck me what arrogant wanker .
  2. yeh neal ,but that dog, was just badly trained, that could aply to any breed of dog. Dont get wrong a border collie one of easiest breeds of dog to train for general obedience , prob easier than a kelpie. as you know i had kelpiex collie x grey bitch few years back, now she was dead easy to train, do anything for me, but only me nobody else. her temp was evil though. she rip up any dog she met, i dont mean growl scuffle , she try to kill the other dog, she was 23 in fawn , very strong animal, she was nightmare to take out, she have dogs, and any person who got to close to me, she went for m
  3. fair point with herding type xs , was just thinking , why not try a dutch shepherd , ive seen a great bitch of that breeding, real good bitch, good brain, drive, stamina, not bad pace, most herders can get over ground quick, put drop sighthound in the mix , plenty of speed to catch rabbits deff, and enough grit to handle any fox. the dutch or the mal , would lot more guts in them than any collie, kelpie, beadie, you get good feet/ coat. i know most people wouldnt try these types , because there not conventional) enough , lot of people are scared to think outside the box? i know from own
  4. Lol, he mad some good knock about type lurchers, with your bitches
  5. He deff as mate, been good lamp dog, took everything I wanted in the lamp, and good in the day finding stuff, with his good nose, good pace, stamina, feet/coat, and very powerful animal. But his temp poss been his greatest asset, great with people, kids, dogs, he brill with my grandkids, very gentle with them, he like horse to them is size lol. He 10 in august, might get couple more years out of him, it be a very sad day for me when he goes deff.
  6. d 5 minutes ago Just give the dogs, some good size beef bones. Buck great temp, not a nasty dog, I could give bones with him and old bryn, and they were fine, they swap bones after 1/2 hour. He OK with little woody, with bones, but that little shit the more dominant nature of the 2 dogs.he is deff at my property, the boss, but outside away from my property he different dog, he quite indifferent to people and dogs, Buck just the same anywhere big daft thing lol. Quote
  7. me and wife , really getting into it now, hope the rocket, blast off now, he best in the world when he in form, but started slow , i like trump as well, there all sober these days, and most dont smoke, not like alex higgins lol , different type of game today ,there all sober lol
  8. My mate goes to Turkey few times a year, his mrs comes from there. He told me that up in the mountains, the Kangals are big rough buggers, who bite you no prob. These types are bred for work, and not for people outside Turkey, and there few types bred, some bred for fighting, but most are bred from fighting lines, so they know that the dogs, will not back down, from any confrontation, more so any wolves. The shepards norm have 3 - 4 Kangals loose with sheep/goats, as they need that many to fight pack of wolves. The wolves in Turkey, Spain, etc are not as big as the grey wolves =timber wolve
  9. true mate, i dont like fury , but if that fight come up, fury will deff hold the 4 belts. i just carnt see usyk handling a 6ft 9in 20st bloke, fury would use his size to whear him down then knock him out. but usyk will deff fury hardest fight he ever had, uysk really try to get into fury with body shots etc knock him out, i reckon that be his fight plan, but fury wiill know that and stop. regards Aj , he loose again in july, and i reckon will walk a way from the sport, with all his dosh he makes from his last fight .
  10. and i bet there the biggest spreader of AIDS , and every other fooking thing from jabbing them , keep your prick in your pants springs to mind. but you get some daft twat 8 pints lager down his neck , give them one up the arse, then end up in the pox clinic.??
  11. OK, it might be him, but feck me, he got sex convictions, he burglar, and in area. More than anybody else, it swings to him deff. He said it nothing to do with him, is he still in jail? Let's hope they keep the fecker there. Regards the parents, OK they done wrong by leaving the kids then going out for a meal deff. Me and my wife went to Spain in 84, with my son, he was 18 month old then. Now every night we stayed in the hotel, had few bottles in the fridge, we ate out in the day, so just light meal in the apartment,. Just chill on the balcony at night, and could still see our son from his
  12. Yep, have good one all you English people out there
  13. Could with couple to kill the fooking rats by me, OK I've got a bird feeder hanging up in my garden, and the rats come after the fallen seed in the gravel on the floor. But even if didn't feed the birds, that's only once a day in the morning, that's only 1/2 full. The rats would be around anyway as my neighbours got few sheep, alpacas, horses so there be food about. I've tried every thing, traps are no good as they don't go in them, there nervy, you can see that, the way there quick eat and scarper quick. I did kill few, couple years ago with my 177 air rifle, but you got get them relaxed, t
  14. He be gone in the next Election. Sorry just hang back till then, and the party should be looking for new leader and No11 both be gone.
  15. You got a male lurcher as well Paul, or just that lurcher bitch. I've never had lurcher inside. I suppose looking back, old Bryn would have made good house dog, he was laid back, and been no prob. Buck would be a pain in the arse in the house, could never trust him with any food about, and I wouldn't leave in the house on his own, if you went out to shops etc, he a fookin chewer = wood, had to wire mesh inside his kennel, know he better of outside out of the way, lol.
  16. He was good 1x, good lamping dog, that was his main job really. That gsd added bit more grit to the x, than a collie. But being honest it be waste of time really, as nobody would use the dog anyway, people prefer the conventional type lurcher that about today, they don't think out the box, that's what I think.but we all different as they say.
  17. Yeh mate, he was 14 and getting weak not eating, vet said he get more weak, so said pts then. Yeh it bloody shame not getting any pups from him, he deff was great rabbit dog day/night, not many good 1xs about today, same as Buck he been a good 1x, he caught every thing you slipped on when lamping. He near 10 now, I think he go quick the Bryn. As big dogs go quicker than smaller dogs, if get another dog be small to mid size, just for mooching in the woods etc, no rush as yet,
  18. Yeh Dave, last Nov I had to pts, he was 14, he stopped eating really, went thin and lost his strength. Vet said he only get waker, so said pts then, had the fecker 14 years, big Buck missed him deff, it to took him good 6 weeks to realise that he not at my property no more, he kept looking for him, I took Bryn out of his kennel 8 months before, as I knew it be better for Buck long term.
  19. deff mate, she smoked all her life, right up till she died. fookin me stopped smoking 33 years ago, and my lungs are scared from the 15 years i did smoke?, but Christ you think that not smoked for 33 years they = lungs have been back to normal as near enough? so god knows what old dot lungs were like, i know i wont make her age, i just keep plodding on day to day .!
  20. thats good that , more so with smooth coat, that the beddyx whippet that 6 months old ? me self i always like a dog with good coat, both my 1xs had great coat thats 1x collie x grey old bryn dead now, and big Buck my 1x gsd x grey , both would dig down to what ever there lol, old bryn marked all these one morning, great nose he had so as Buck got great nose as well . all ways thought a beddyx whippet or beddy x grey x collie x grey make great rabbit dog day/ night.
  21. bird

    First Trans MP

    Spot on, they should be banned from women's sports, let's face it if he was Doctor, not many people would want to see him/her, they rather see a man doctor or a woman doctor. These freaks, wants be happy with body there born with, there poor feckers who got cancer, not long to live, would love to be in a healthy body, given the choise.
  22. I think the hunts with fox hounds etc will deff go in the next 10 years, maybe fishing, but shooting will stay. There far to much money rapped up in it. Lurchers and terrier work gone anyway, a farmer carnt even use a terrier or lurcher to kill a fox, that killing his lambs etc, only a game keeper can kill foxes, that killing his bird's, I was surprised by this myself
  23. The wife latest painting, not bad I think.
  24. spot on gnash, any breed can do damage t a child or young person, just watch average size collie type dog, 23in 40lb thats not over big dog crunch a good size beef marrow bone , never mind a child's face , bloody hell my big lurcher Buck , cracks them bones and eats the bloody things , he daft as brush with people/ kids and dogs, but he ever tried to bite a person he do massive damage. i tell what few years back , i told you gnash , about a bloke who got a bulldog= apbt he thought it was just leggy x staff, but i knew it was pure pit. well its temp was ok young dog not switched on yet,
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