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  1. Does any one know anything about this little machine I’ve got. Apparently it was used to emboss military dog tags.
  2. Do you fly them out rob ?do they bring other pigeons back to the loft. ?
  3. No more private prosecutions. Tim Bonner: RSPCA retires as prosecutor WWW.COUNTRYSIDE-ALLIANCE.ORG The Countryside Alliance's Tim Bonner returns to the subject of the RSPCA after the news that they will no longer be...
  4. This is a good little watch about nesting peregrines. Watch at 9.18 blink and you will miss one kill another.
  5. I love my caravan I was away a lot before this COVID . I often leave missus n kids in bed an feck off in car early doors mooching about.
  6. Everyone is on Facebook these days falconry hub etc
  7. I found a hive this week that had fallen out of a tree in a swarm trap. I called a local beekeeper and he came and collected them . I took a great interest in them so much so I ordered a book ?
  8. Oh and here is our PayPal details for any one who like to donate lol
  9. Could anyone tell me the size of these please.
  10. I can’t find the video but the rat in question makes a quick appearance about 30 seconds into this video.
  11. There’s a video knocking about on YouTube of a rat using a stick to set off traps .
  12. I walked a large wood last week and didn’t see a single squirrel. This wood was over run last year and has no active permission holders .
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