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  1. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the buzzard incident in Kent .
  2. Can any body she any light on these flys . What where they used for ? I know nothing about fly fishing.
  3. A lot of councils have interactive map portals you can access to see what trees have Tpo and what doesn’t . You can also check for conservation areas and the like .
  4. Looking at putting some poison down at my small holding .Which poison is best to purchase over the counter .i have got traps set in tunnels etc just looking to hit them with something else . I’ve got a few bait boxes lying around just don’t know which poison to get . cheers
  5. Nice trays I’ve seen similar before rgs pnk
  6. It looks like both , certainly looks like there is a pellet in it’s head .
  7. Which are some of the better pages pal
  8. Isis have claimed responsibility, police have released the suspect through lack of evidence
  9. Yep afghan or Pakistani immigrant , there saying the truck was hijacked
  10. I've watched it a couple of times on different broadcasts ,one said he said god is great ,the other showed the clip of him ranting ,but totally cut out the Allahu Akbar
  11. Spot on gaz , I love threads with the young ones in nothing better than taking them out and showing them what it's all about
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