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  1. budharley

    Cannabis oil

  2. budharley

    Cannabis oil

    Nice trays I’ve seen similar before rgs pnk
  3. budharley


    It looks like both , certainly looks like there is a pellet in it’s head .
  4. budharley

    Bushing Spaniel

    Which are some of the better pages pal
  5. budharley

    Fed Up With Turkey ?

    Now that looks delicious
  6. budharley

    Attack On Chrismas Market Berlin

    Isis have claimed responsibility, police have released the suspect through lack of evidence
  7. budharley

    Attack On Chrismas Market Berlin

    Yep afghan or Pakistani immigrant , there saying the truck was hijacked
  8. budharley

    Russian Ambassador Murdered In Turkey

    I've watched it a couple of times on different broadcasts ,one said he said god is great ,the other showed the clip of him ranting ,but totally cut out the Allahu Akbar
  9. budharley

    One In The Bag...

    Spot on gaz , I love threads with the young ones in nothing better than taking them out and showing them what it's all about
  10. budharley

    This Morning

    Good shooting lads
  11. budharley

    Darcy Dvd

    I've bought my dad one for xmas but I'll watch it first before wrapping it up lol
  12. budharley

    Typp Ratcher

    The dog below my post is out of arri and polly I have a picture some where of me holding the baby stoats, he hand reared them as he did a lot of animals .
  13. budharley

    Bow Hunting

    Ye mate please do
  14. budharley

    Bow Hunting

    Looks a cracking shop that Mackem , I wouldn't mind a high end crossbow