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  1. Yeah, Herring gull and Greater black-backed gull licenses are going to take a while because they are committing to rush through the general license applications first. I also have an application in for Herring gull and Greater black-backed gull but because they aren't a species affected by the revoking of the general license they have put them to the bottom of the pile for some reason.
  2. Yeah, covers rooks, crows, jackdaws, jays, magpies, feral pigeons, lesser black-backed gulls and canada geese.
  3. That was the original application form they released. But the flora and fauna license is for all conservation purposes, whether that's predation or plant damage.
  4. You can be granted a license for protection of flora and fauna for all of the species on the previous general license. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wild-birds-licence-to-control-certain-species Mine took less than a week to be granted
  5. They have only allocated 3 staff to assist with license applications, as of tomorrow, and that will be 9-5 ,(if we are lucky). When the first license was required for herring gulls and greater black-backed gulls, it took nearly 6 months to get a license then. The scale of applicants for those licenses, in comparison to these, will be miniscule as well.
  6. That's been the biggest reason for it's ferociousness and difficulty to control. Even on our well maintained and controlled moors, a fire when it is as dry as it is, would be difficult to control. But when there are no breaks in the vegetation or controlled burns, then you are just hoping to contain it until the weather breaks.
  7. If the fire is burning down through the peat, it won't be lush green anytime soon.
  8. If they go head first from the get go, happy days! All I'm saying is, if they aren't 100% at 10 months, what's the rush to make a decision when the hard work has been done. When in 6 months time they may be spot on and saves the need to rush into another litter to fill the recently and potentially unecessarily emptied kennel.
  9. Can't see any sense in that. Of course culling is necessary to ever get a line worth having. But, when the most important work you put into a dogs foundation is in the first year, why would you give up on them before they even reach their first birthday?! There'll be countless dogs that wouldn't be capable single handed before a year old, but will comfortably hold their own against the best from their second season to their last run
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