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  1. Freezers fillers ,if you're doing teeth a drop of bull blood helps
  2. How exactly is it bred ? Is it first cross or is there something else in the mix
  3. Very nice pal Have you any info The breeding, size, working ability etc
  4. What's the something else to add for field running , surely not any terrier blood
  5. I've a warrener dvd and there's a black dog on there looks almost full Collie ,I think it belong to the Stanleys ,it was a good ferreting and mouching dog ,any one else seen the film?
  6. You could be right pal ,I did pick the most whippety bitch pup in the litter , the lad that bred them kept a bitch back which is around 23inch
  7. I thought she might of made abit taller Her dam is a whippet 20 inch And the dad a saluki lurcher I think about 26 inch She will be only used for rabbits and hares local to me so she's perfect size wise thats her sire and dam
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