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  1. Yea right! im sure they are ? and if there not then they should be hes proper old school ?
  2. Does anyone else follow Richard Vobes on youtube, he covers some real Interesting topics and interviews some great and insirational guests Puts out a video or two a day he Covers loads of relevant stuff country side issues etc Worth a watch if you haven't already seen him
  3. Nice one mate, i did the same with a hob kitt last year, fella had sold all the other kitts and was left with this bitting nervous little hob kitt and advertised it free to good home , i give it chance and it came good has been working well for its first season ?
  4. Maise the most beautiful and loyal companion i miss her loads... never did know her true breeding.. but thinking saluki/ whippet/ greyhound
  5. Vaccine Damage? It’s A Coincidence WWW.BITCHUTE.COM Condolences to the family there all shook up!
  6. Found it good for cleaning the limescale off old fishtanks and the lids they come up like new
  7. Hope she makes a full recovery mate, she looks like shes in good hands?
  8. Yea nice isn't it was a mate that knitted it think he used all his spare left over bits and joined um together only got the one like it though shame
  9. Sounds a good start you should have some great fun out and about with him all the best?
  10. Yep there could be anything in there really as well as some sighthound.. this one of mine has literally 8+other breeds in the mix as well as whippet and is also 19tts.. he shows mainly collie traits in a small running dog type frame.
  11. The clown world assholes we have to live with and deal with every day (a short video) WWW.BITCHUTE.COM I would have skipped that phone out into the ocean like a flat rock. Source: ConspiracyDW:...
  12. reddog70

    Pet hates.

    Jobsworth cnuts that cant use their own brains (sheep)
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