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  1. Yea nice isn't it was a mate that knitted it think he used all his spare left over bits and joined um together only got the one like it though shame
  2. Sounds a good start you should have some great fun out and about with him all the best
  3. Yep there could be anything in there really as well as some sighthound.. this one of mine has literally 8+other breeds in the mix as well as whippet and is also 19tts.. he shows mainly collie traits in a small running dog type frame.
  4. The clown world assholes we have to live with and deal with every day (a short video) WWW.BITCHUTE.COM I would have skipped that phone out into the ocean like a flat rock. Source: ConspiracyDW:...
  5. reddog70

    Pet hates.

    Jobsworth cnuts that cant use their own brains (sheep)
  6. Good on you for trying mate i hope that it makes it through i recently did the same with some rabbit kitts, they unfortunately only lasted 3 days, im also getting soft in my old age
  7. Rip.. she looked a real cracker mate and sounds like she lived life to the full I got one here at 17 yrs i know it wont be long now
  8. can see the future being non discript Mongrels Ferret bags and big trench coats with a lot lower expectations being the new order of the day not before giving it a fight though.
  9. Brilliant you must be real proud of her!
  10. Could be a release, maybe someone couldnt bring themselves to butcher it Have seen cockerels in a wood when I've been out ferreting
  11. Had a nice Morning out with mate and our dogs and it was nice to see another place holding a few rabbits we took what we needed and before heading back had a nice easy dig accounting for another 2
  12. Thanks mate, Yea it was quite warm out think most the rabbits must of been out and about in the cover Hes just a mongrel really Collie both sides of the parentage just under a quarter whippet a good dose of beddy and various other terriers and lab and spaniel way back hes the raciest out the small litter i kept
  13. Nice job mate looks a tough net that!
  14. Being a nice morning i decided to take my little 11 month old pup for his first ferreting foray he seemed quite keen and is starting to pick up whats expected of him We ended up doing a nice little 8 holer and we got the one hoping for some more good days ahead with him
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