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  1. carlstoke

    Starting up.

    Cut yourself a natural fork mate nice piece of Hazel or Ash, as good as any of this flash stuff ye can buy and its free, good luck.
  2. carlstoke

    New GZk orange/yellow 1mm

    Which colour band mate and what thickness, where did you buy it from??
  3. Anyone using these bands? how many shots are you getting from a band set? Been using these for two weeks now and got through two band sets, not even getting 50 shots before they start to tear at the pouch, one set tore in front of the ties. Used the GZK 1mm white before these were much better, more snappy and longer lasting, don't be fooled by this so called new fprmulla for the price they are crap.
  4. carlstoke

    Elastic slap

    Witch dub dub are you using green or orange. 10mm steel or lead , 10mm lead goes nice with the orange, 12 mm lead with the green, cut the tubes to suit your draw length and you will get good power.
  5. carlstoke

    Elastic slap

    Hi, the main reason for handslap is your ammo is to light,could also be that your pouch is a bit heavy, what band size you using, what size ammo you using?
  6. carlstoke

    Catty companion

    Milbro with 7mm square using big roundish river stones, body shots cripple em, if not dead Springer does the deed, also Dankung double 2050 on tabs 12mm lead good hit n its lights out.
  7. carlstoke

    Rws Lr20

    Rws lr 20 is basically a Falcon Prairie B .
  8. RWS superfield in 5.51 most accurate through my compatto, give higher velocity than AA fields cheaper too.
  9. carlstoke

    Square Elastic

    Don't think bells are trading anymore mate, they were to expensive anyway.
  10. carlstoke

    Square Elastic

    Got some 6mm black from bells of hythe called asasin heavy draw and not very stretchy, the squares you get today are not as good as the stuff we used as kids, that stuff seemed to be a lot more stretchy, the stuff you want is linatex was used as conveyor belt rubber in the pit, is a pinky red colour, is cut from sheet/ two edges were smooth the other sides were textured, used to come on the sam stanley catapults, have you got yours on a milbro mate?
  11. carlstoke

    Square Elastic

    What size are the small squares then mate?
  12. carlstoke

    Square Elastic

    Send it back mate, it feels dead got no snap to it at all.
  13. carlstoke

    Square Elastic

    The neoprene is powerful, the orange 8mm square sold on ebay from a seller named billy is rubbish, no power at all, no good for hunting lads. Lynatex square is good stuff but hard to get hold of.
  14. carlstoke

    Square Elastic

    That's the neoprene square mate, the 8mm is pukka slings big ammo very well.
  15. carlstoke

    Bulk Square Elastic

    Had more kills with large stones than any other ammo, taken crows while out walking the dogs, big crow was bugging the dogs picked a nice round stone from the path and gave it to him, hit it in the chest killed it outright. Nowt wrong with stones and theyre free.