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  1. Good shooting mate, have one of those catties myself, what bands you got on it mate?
  2. I dont use a torch, just go out when the sky is grey overcast,birds stand out a mile against a grey sky.
  3. Holes in that frame are way to big for a pin set up mate, tie a constrictor knot behind the pin.
  4. Cracking shot mate, how far away was it?
  5. Same here miss above if I aim straight at when shootimg anything over 45 degrees.
  6. Got gzk green .66 longevity is crap, just snaps without warning anywhere from the pouch tie to the fork tie,gzk green .72 seems to last a bit longer, starts to rip at or just in front of the pouch ties, got .72 gzk black also prone to sudden snapping anywhere, got .72 gzk orange lasts longer than the green and black not as powerful and a softer draw, also got .70 red precise gen 1 lasts longer than gzk but if temp dips into single figures power drops right off. had lots of hard face slaps with gzk, be warned folks.
  7. Try moving your anchor point out slightly, it works pretty much like open sights on a rifle, had the same problem but kept hitting left, try drawing a biro line down the centre of the top band and try to keep the bands directly under your dominant eye, hope this helps, let us know how you go.
  8. Precise red/pink .70 25/20 for 9mm lead 23/18 9.5 steel, precise is a stiffer draw than gzk like for like in thickness but definitely lasts a lot longer, not tried the newer gen3 precise yet though.
  9. Doing well lately mate, good shooting.
  10. Good shooting mate, where did you hit it, what bands and ammo combo you using?
  11. Good harvest there mate, what bands and ammo you using mate.
  12. Nice shooting, what bands and whats the taper mate.
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