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  1. Nice one mate, one less nest robber.
  2. Hi Neil, have used amber belt and also use the constrictor knot, find the constrictor knot quicker to tie, never had it cut into the band or had one slip hope this helps.
  3. Used ttf bands on ott shot fine.
  4. That catty is a copy of a dankung axe hunter.
  5. Sand the edges of the jaws mate the one i had were very sharp.
  6. Gzk ttf mini hammer, i shoot one great bit of kit.
  7. Been using the .7 snipersling black today, 23/18 with 9.5 steel, very powerful, not a heavy draw, should sling 10mm lead really well.
  8. Have used .55 black for 8mm steel cut 25/20 its really fast, used it 30/25 with 9mm lead go straight through pigeons upper chest shot, .66 cut 20/15 will zip 8mm steel.
  9. Good shooting mate, what bands and ammo you using?
  10. Cut the sight bar so theres just one optic level with the tip, works for me but may not work for you, it depends on your anchor point mate, what bands and what cut you using mate?
  11. Got one of them me self mate crackin little cattys, are you using the optic sights mate? Good shot on that squizzer mate.
  12. Hi folks, anyone know whats going on with celtic cattys the websites been down for weeks.
  13. Good shooting mate, have one of those catties myself, what bands you got on it mate?
  14. I dont use a torch, just go out when the sky is grey overcast,birds stand out a mile against a grey sky.
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