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  1. Thankyou but no. It'll be easier for me to just go local.
  2. ok thanks. I can easily pop to Australia. Its not far from Wiltshire.
  3. looking for 2 ferrets. Preferably a jill and hob. Or, if not 2 jills. Must be of working stock. Will be worked and well looked after. In Wiltshire. Will travel within reason.
  4. In the central bit. Come and see me and I'll show you what a good dog can do.
  5. Want to put my dog up for stud once he's past 3 years old but don't really know anyone with a decent lurcher breeding bitch. Is there a site, or part of a site for stud dogs? Has this site got one? Someone suggested Pets for Homes but I think that's probably a commercial rip off. I'm interested in quality dogs, not money. Just don't know anyone in the breeding world. Not sure if the internet is the way to go but it might be the only way...basically want to meet people, get to know their dogs and them mine. Dog is Beddy whippet Greyhound (throwback to Saluki). Fast, tough, excellent nature but
  6. Hello. Anyone know where I can get 2 ferrets. Probably hobs. Never owned ferrets before but am taking it all seriously - they'll be properly looked after and worked. I'm in central Wiltshire. Not in a great rush but within 2 months would be good.
  7. I want to get a couple of ferrets to go with my lurcher. He's nearly three and has never been round ferrets. Is it possible to introduce them and get him used to them? He's cat friendly and is steady with livestock. He's been pretty good when being trained about whats prey and what isn't but I did all that before he was fully grown. I'd keep the ferrets in a cage when introducing him for the first few times till (if) he gets used to them. I reckon when he realises that ferrets mean rabbits he'll love em. What do we think? Anyone any experience of introducing older dogs?
  8. Hello. I've a few days off work from Saturday and will be up on Salisbury Plain at some point with the lurcher. Can meet for a mooch around if you want. Free from Sat till Wednesday eve.
  9. Great looking little dog mate. I met a woman out walking her little JR a while ago. The dogs quickly made friends then found a Muntjack in the brambles. The JR went straight in there, flushed out the Munty and mine chased it and brought it down. Pretty effective pairing. That was the only time mine's ever worked with another dog. Just happened by chance.
  10. I thought about a spaniel. But my worry is - correct me if I'm wrong here - the spaniels lack of killer instinct. I'd want a dog that can flush prey out of bramble/hawthorn/gorse AND give the lurcher a hand doing the business when the prey is caught. Is a spaniel up to that?
  11. Sounds a great offer mate. I'm based in Chirton but mooch around between Westbury/Warminster and Tidworth. Fish Trout too down the Avon towards Salisbury. Would be good to meet up with a terrier man.
  12. I've got a Beddy whippet Grey (throwback to Saluki). He's more of a coursing dog than anything. I'm in central Wiltshire on the Salisbury Plain. A lot of what he hunts hides in brambles/Gorse. He won't go into it cos he gets cut to bits. So I reckon I need a terrier to flush it out. Thick thorn proof jacket and long legged enough to chase with the lurcher. I reckon a Bedlington or Patterdale or some sort of long legged Jack Russell. Never had a terrier so don't know much about them. Opinions of those with terrier experience would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  13. Woody. Sire Alfie. Beddy whippet Grey (throwback to Saluki). Might put him up for stud next Spring once he's 3 years old.
  14. Hello. Has anyone had a dog with a broken tail? My dogs tail broke when he was a puppy and he's started to loose a lot of hair on tail. I think it's because of the break but not certain. Gonna take him to vets soon but just thought I'd ask on this site first, see if anyone's had similar problems.
  15. Anyone know much about this VHD2 virus? My dog 9and me) eats most of what he kills. Are rabbits (and hares) now off the menu?
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