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  1. Skinny Whip

    smoking out

    Anyone know anything about smoking out rabbits from the hole instead of using ferrets? Is it totally illegal now? I can't keep ferrets. Got a dog mainly for lamping but wandered if there was a way of pushing rabbits out their hole without ferrets?
  2. Skinny Whip

    Vitamins and minerals

    What do you use for carbs? My 4 month pup is on raw meat. Put spinach and carrot in there. Bit of apple now and then. What for carbs?
  3. Skinny Whip

    1/4 x

    ok, thanks poxon. Will look into the working beddy fb thing :-)
  4. Skinny Whip

    1/4 x

    Hi. the 5 day old litter might be of interest. Are they 1/4 x's? How far north are you?
  5. Skinny Whip

    1/4 x

    Hello, Any good 1/4 cross litters coming up in the near future? 1/4 Beddy or collie. Also, what do people think of Hancocks lurchers nowadays? Some are used in shows and that worries me a bit. Want a dog bred purely for work. Only want to hunt what I can eat. I'm in Wiltshire.