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  1. Anyone know much about this VHD2 virus? My dog 9and me) eats most of what he kills. Are rabbits (and hares) now off the menu?
  2. Anyone know much about this virus that is being spread? VHD2. aPPARENTLY IT'S killed loads of rabbits and hares to boot. My dog is a pot filler. We eat what we catch. I don't really fancy him or me eating anything riddled with a virus even if it is not supposed to be able to be passed on...or is it?
  3. Yep, thanks. He had the legs on the bone. Feckin loved it.
  4. Hello. Is pheasant ok for dogs to eat? Also woodpigeon? Someone told me that wood pigeon can harm dogs. Any truth in it or just waffle?
  5. Hello. Does anyone know much about smoking out rabbits? I have'nt got ferrets. Will probably get some one day but for now the landlord does'nt allow. Tried lighting a little fire in a rabbit hole and covering it but nothing came running out the exit. If anyone knows much about smoking out rabbits I'd be interested. Thanks.
  6. My dog gets dandruff too. And gets itchy. Diet is the main cause. Chicken does'nt agree with him or sardines (mackeral and turkey is good). Too much protein/rich food does it. When he was young I made the mistake of over feeding him on raw tripe/beef/veg. Its good stuff but so protein rich he had bad itching/dandruff for a good few months till we chopped and changed his diet till we got it right. You might not have to cut anything out completely but cut down on certain foods. Can have too much of a good thing. BUT, certain shampoos give my dog dandruff too. Not that he gets shampooed much. Just rubbed down with flannel and warm water once a week and he's clean as a bean. But then he's short coated so that's easy enough. Each dog is different. See what works/does'nt work through trial and error. atb.
  7. ok, thanks for those comments. Very useful. M
  8. Hello. Does anyone know anything about "carpal pads"? Apparently thats what you call those pads on the front legs, above the foot by the dew claw. Both these pads on my dog keep splitting. Does'nt seem to cause him a lot of pain except when touched he whinces a bit. But they are basically open cuts. It's happening a lot and I don't know why. Any ideas? Appologies for no photo of the cuts. Will try and get one. M.
  9. Anyone know anything about smoking out rabbits from the hole instead of using ferrets? Is it totally illegal now? I can't keep ferrets. Got a dog mainly for lamping but wandered if there was a way of pushing rabbits out their hole without ferrets?
  10. What do you use for carbs? My 4 month pup is on raw meat. Put spinach and carrot in there. Bit of apple now and then. What for carbs?
  11. ok, thanks poxon. Will look into the working beddy fb thing :-)
  12. Hi. the 5 day old litter might be of interest. Are they 1/4 x's? How far north are you?
  13. Hello, Any good 1/4 cross litters coming up in the near future? 1/4 Beddy or collie. Also, what do people think of Hancocks lurchers nowadays? Some are used in shows and that worries me a bit. Want a dog bred purely for work. Only want to hunt what I can eat. I'm in Wiltshire.
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