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  1. Where abouts are you please Adam?
  2. As Kalibrgun says, It's a standard 2250, The XL I believe should have the Crosman steel breech that has dovetails cut in for a scope to attach instead of pro blocks.. The top one has the XL breech.. Good luck with the sale, They're smashin guns John
  3. Hi Adam The saw is actually a scroll saw, A kind 9of electric fret saw and brilliant little machines! GLWTS.
  4. Here's a couple more that I recently acquired, When my mate bought the mk3, I asked for first refusal if he decided to sell it!! The stock on the Webley mk3 was reworked by the late Don Robinson of Halifax and is the nicest Mk3 stock I ever recall having! John
  5. I have a 97 that had a Vmach kit fitted, It came with the old bits that were removed, Have to say it's a dream to shoot, maybe the kits don't suit the FWB mk2 as thay have a massively long mainspring inside?, I've never had FWB rifle so don't really know Some years ago I bought a TbT drop in kit for a HW35e that I have which is really graunchy, I put it away then forgot where I put it!, It's still not been fitted to the rifle!! John
  6. Hi If you pull the underlever back then look on the underside of the machined down cylinder where the barrel enters you'll see a proper serial with two prefix letters, If the gun is a .22 then it will start with G, This cylinder is GJ which means a mk5, If yours is .177" cal then the prefix will start with 'E'.. When you've found the prefix letters, Look HERE to find out the production dates from the letters.. By the way, If you get some wire wool and soak it with 3 in 1 oil and give ten mins rubbing, It will look a lot better This is an old mk2 that I was gi
  7. I looked in my Thrale book of Webley rifles and there's a pic of one the same (Without the stock mods!), The one in the book says it's a Supertarget but mine doesn't say Supertarget on the cylinder, Just the normal stuff that's pressed in to the steel! I was told that the mk3 could be specially ordered back in the day with Parker Hale target sights as an extra, I presume this was the case with mine Cheers, John
  8. I bought a couple more! I fell for this Webley mk3 when my mate showed it to me and asked for first refusal if he ever decided to shift it on! .177" cal, Factory fitted Parker Hale PH16m aperture sights and the stock was reworked by the late Don Robinson of Halifax! I threw a few pellets downrange on monday, It really whacks those targets!! Also acquired this Cadet Major from the same mate, I refinished the stock a few years ago for him! John
  9. It is Tats, Had most of my working life in the foundry! John
  10. That's a nice view This used to be my view but I took redundancy late last year and don't have to go any more!! That's me with my back to the camera with the silver coloured helmet on, Had 42 years of the foundry, Was ready to pack in as I got a dose of (I think) covid early last year, I'm asthmatic and have copd but since then I can't even get up the stairs in one go!! Still have three years til my oap but everything's paid off so can take it easy now!! I was cleaning the downgates on a 70t ladle here, My mate must have been off as he used to do
  11. I had a wander round my local bootsale last week and picked a few bits up.. Got this book for two quid, There's more swords in it than the parson preached about! Was told to look it up on Amazon, Cheapest was £231 I also picked up eight squeeze clamps, The book on it's own weighs ridiculous and with the clamps in the same bag my fingers were almost purple by the time I got to the car!! They open to around 8" and were a quid each! Two of them are missing a plastic jaw each but still useable.. And a li'l pocket scope for a couple
  12. I recently bought a set of EPNS Kings pattern cutlery off facey marketplace for £20!, Don't look like they've been used but were tarnished, I spent two hours polishing them then chucked em all in the sink with loads of fairy bubbly water, Stuck me hand in and sliced the tip of me finger! Also sent payment today for a watch, It's the brand that everyone loves to hate!- Invicta!! It was bought new in december last year, The chap had the mineral glass crystal replaced with a domed sapphire type..It comes with the bracelet too as the chap removed it to fit
  13. Is the chap called David?, It's a coincidence but I have a friend inWales that was selling his HW55t (Think it's gone now though) Just looked through my messages, He wanted £500 for the HW55 with the correct aperture sight apparently, He sold it though John
  14. Just when I decided I wasn't buying any more guns, My mate phoned up- He always knew I admired this Anschutz mod 250 Match so I brought it home with me!! It had been on his wardrobe since the late 90's when he bought it! but it turned out that the seals in the damper unit had perished and the Dexron ATT fluid had wept out!, I have to order the seals when I get the chance as it will damage the gun badly if used! Apparently, The Anschutz aperture sight that came on the gun was plastic, This one is all metal and came off an Annie Rimfire, Much more solid I real
  15. Smashing job there I've a Vulcan but it's the last model, The Vulcan Ks.. I don't think i've ever shot it!! John
  16. This sodding thing escaped from over the hedge and destroyed my wormery. It went back fat as a pig!!, Foxy Loxy had her not much later though!! John..
  17. Hi all Yesterday I went down the garden to see to my little trees that have overwintered in the bottom greenhouse, I noticed movement down near the shed, These two ran and hid, Only took a few seconds for curiosity to get the better of them and came out to have a look at the fatty that encroached on their playspace!! I tried getting a few pics but the sun was so bright behind me that I couldn't see the screen of my phone so I went inside the greenhouse and took a few pics and a short vid of them Hmm, Not sure if vids are accepted on the forum so i'll include a link to my imgur
  18. I found that the different pellets I tried were all too large on the head dia, I could get them in to the barrel but my thumb became very sore very quickly!, When I bought it at the Boinger Bash at Mick Furniss's farm at Higham on the Hil, Another lad brough about six or seven different pellet types, Ten of each for me to try, The Marksman were the best of the lot!! A mate had a .25" Superstar that he had trouble with, He left it at SFS, They stripped it and used a tapered reamer to open the breech and little, He said it was a huge improvement after!! John
  19. Oooh!! You did a great job there AT I traded some stuff for a 77k action that was quite honestly, A mess!! I already had a 97 sporter stock spare, The action was described as being very good condition, In reality there was rust, The cocking underlever had been bent and hammered straight by the look of it and the cocking link was kaput- Also, There was no trigger with it, I had an old Rekord unit with the laminated long sear but the rifle wouldn't work with a safety, I think the trigger was made for the early guns that didn't have a safety but I lost interest. I think it just
  20. I've a Lightning in .22", Have to say I love it!!, When I first got it from a mate (Bought two from him!, T'uther was an XL), I then bought two Bushnell scopes from him and two sets of mounts new in the boxes, I set this one up and went to the range, Made a beautiful group, The only trouble was that it was five inches to the right at 20 yds!! The mounts were 11mm, The maxigrip rail requires 14mm mounts!!, I bought the ones in the pic off fleabay, Windage can be adjusted with them but I gave up my place at the range so didn't get to set it up, If I tried in my garden some git would phone t
  21. Never had one before but that stock is nicer than any Supersport i've seen!! A couple more, I wasn't buying any more but a mate offered this Anschutz mod250 Match cheaply, I have to reseal the damper unit though as it's been sat on a wardrobe for twenty-ish years and it seems the seals perished!! I can remember him buying it s/h in the 1990's!! A chap on another forum wanted to swap this Webley Hawk mk1 for an old pistol, I traded a BSA Scorpion pistol for it!! John
  22. There's an old (but nice) Mk1 Webley Hawk on it's way to me! They're not powerful by any stretch of the imagination and most have elongated crosspin holes at the rear of the cylinder with people trying to up the power with ox springs, The walls of the cylinder are fairly thin and the pressure on an overpowered spring makes the holes oval, I've never heard of a cylinder letting go but have seen some so bad that I daren't shoulder them in case I lost an eye!! This one is fine, It's had a conversion to the piston head and has an O ring seal now rather than the ptfe/Plastic seals!, I bel
  23. If they're sited where they catch plenty of sun, The colours can be spectacular!! John
  24. Dragging an old thread up as I couldn't find anything newer when I searched!! Anyhow, I've been in to Bonsai for well over 20 years!, Here's a few of mine.. This one is a Juniper with shari (Dead trunk part that is lime sulfered).. This one is a slanting Hawthorne, It wasn't doing well in the com[post that was too heavy so an old trick is to lift the tree from the pot and plant it in to Sphagnum, moss, It seems like a tonic to them!, This actually seemed almost dead but in two years turned around smashin!! Another (Smaller) Hawthorne..
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