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  1. Cant seem to work out how to send those pictures via inbox ATB Ian
  2. Got a Bsa Ultra SE multishot in brand new condition if your interested??
  3. Thinking of selling my. 22 bsa ultra se if that's the route you choose. Got it new in March just don't like the low shot count as has been mentioned. Feel free to message if your interested. Iv never owned the brocock so can't compare the two but the ultra is is very light, accurate and quiet.
  4. It's a .22 I'm afraid, il keep an eye out though for a .177, if you have facebook their are quite a few air rifle selling sites, may be worth looking as they are quite busy? Atb Ian
  5. I am selling my HW97k if thats any help? Wooden version. After 300and it comes with a 4-12x50 AO IR scope, bag and pellets. Immaculate condition. Atb Ian
  6. 04 Peugeot 206 1.4 ltr 5 door, not bad as it's my first car and I'm 19, means I can drive to my permission whenever I want! Atb Ian
  7. Gun cabinet sold to Chris, still have the guns for sale but am also selling a mint con hw97k in .22 with Nikko sterling 4-12x50 AO IR scope and bag, after 300 ono
  8. I am in Northamptonshire and have replied to the inbox mate Atb Ian
  9. For Sale is a .22 AA S410F, This is in immaculate condition and comes with a hawke 4-12x50 IR Scope, it also comes with a bipod, padded gunbad and pump (with fittings) I am after £500 for this I also have a old relum tornado for sale, I have no idea how this shoots as I only fired it when I brought it, this is in .22 and will come with a gunslip that it came with, I am after £50 for this I am also selling a .22 Crossman 2240 air pistol and want £50 for this Finally I am selling a gun cabinet which holds up to 5 guns and is "crossbar proof" and meets requirements for FAC I wo
  10. I was wondering how much the V-Mach kits differ from the standard parts I.E. tolerances and materials used. atb Ian
  11. Hello all, Il start by saying that I have just started a project and would like some opinions. I have owned a Hw97k for a while now but over the last few months I have not been using it as I brought an AAS410F. I decided I could use the 97K as a project to see just how little recoil and noise can be achieved from a springer. Tonight after I finished work I got home and had nothing to do, so the project began! I started off by stripping down the Hw97k, as you do. I then proceeded to clean all of the lube off of the internal parts. I would like to add at this point that my 97K did have the back
  12. I have a whisper mod on my S410 and I am happy with it. Atb Ian
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that has a bsa meteor mk1 for sale? Preferably in bad condition as I would like one to restore. Or know of any places may be likely to source some of the older air rifles. Atb Ian
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