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  1. Good idea, they might be a bargain, but they might be crap. Only one way to find out really, worth a try a that price anyway. Let us know how you get on with it....
  2. David, surely you aren’t suggesting that rude vegetables (for example) are off topic?
  3. I bought one from Aldi about five years ago, works great, photos and video. I think it was a bit more than £20 though, can’t remember but I wasn’t very expensive. It’s called maginon, I’ve been happy with it anyway.
  4. Another big un ‘ere, size eleven squirrel.
  5. Got to admit, the lurpak light is shite. I’m not guilty of that one.....nudey vegetables friends though,.....maybe
  6. Nothing to do with the shoot but just preparing dinner. Peeled the spuds, anyone for parsnips?
  7. Makes sense, I didn’t know the .177’s were more expensive?
  8. What calibre did you get sam?
  9. Great write up again Stav. Not sure what’s going on in the third picture, somebody taking their pants off ?
  10. Interesting, personally I wouldn’t have paid that for the ultra. I can’t knock the ultra, never even used one. I think a side lever on the bsa’s is long overdue, especially with the new thumbhole R10 model. But to me, they don’t appeal like the crown does at not a lot more money. What calibre is your pals 12ft lb crown Phil? I’ve been hanging my nose over one for a while, but can’t decide whether it’s worth it for a 12ft lbs and I don’t have a spare slot for any more fac air.
  11. These from Tesco shooting section.......
  12. I wouldn’t know, I’m scared of the dark....
  13. I had five idiot moments yesterday, flushed five pheasants and missed them all. One of those days......couldn’t hit the side of a barn if I was stood inside...
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