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  1. Yerr, flat heads Phil, work very well on rats and don’t penetrate too much. They flatten and expand quickly. They’re fast as well, doing about 660fps in my .22 hw99. These are some hobby and rws hollow point that I’ve just found in the shed while looking for garden canes. I could send you some to try Phil? I think they’ve been there for some time
  2. Well, I’ve got a Simmons WTC 3.5-10 x 50 on mine. Set up at 100, point and shoot out to 120. Hmr isn’t a 150 yard fox calibre, 100 yards maybe, head shot. I don’t rate them for anything other than head shot on fox. They will work but tend to run on engine room shots. 20 grain are your best bet for that. WMR is a better rimfire for fox imo.
  3. I’m interested in how they perform at 12ft lb and it would be interesting to see how they perform at around 20ft lbs. I don’t think .177 fac is very popular though, rightly or wrongly I don’t know, but it would be interesting all the same.
  4. My little brocock contour likes them, it’s mag is very pellet fussy, but it loves the field heavy. I’ve never tried any rs though, but my hw99s doesn’t like jsb express at all, strangely, but likes those cheapo bisley wasps.....
  5. Those jsb heavy are absolutely spot on in my hw100. Pellet on pellet at 40 yards, pretty much bang on at 50 yards as well. They’re heavier but don’t seem to drop any more as distance increases than the 8.4 jsb’s.
  6. Nice Phil, I’m still waiting for them to do the 110 in green synthetic
  7. Yes, they can’t resist peanuts
  8. Hope you’re right regarding the lead shot Ian. As for .410 days, that’s great. I’ve still got a little .410 sbs
  9. So you’ve actually got to run out before you can buy another 500 brick?
  10. I fancy a 612 or 620 myself, the only thing stopping me is that I can’t justify it. I already have two semi autos, one 12 one 20, and two pumpers one 12 one 20, so why would I need another? .........hmm
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