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  1. Looks nice, I’ve been fancying an hw77 for a while. Haven’t had a sliding breech air rifle since my Diana 52 back in the late eighties I think
  2. As stav says, neither one is better than the other, depends on the shooting you’re doing. For me personally, of all my rifles, .17hmr gets the least use. As for .22rf for fox, it’s well capable if you know what you’re doing. I have my .22 rimfires conditioned for all legal quarry and also fac air for that matter. Not that I’m saying fac air is the tool for the job though, but some of the higher powered ones would no doubt be capable.
  3. Never seen them before
  4. I’ve had a few lately, they seem to have made a comeback. I’m going to get a couple of feeders out next week if I have time.
  5. What sight have you got on there jeemes?
  6. I can’t see what the Plymouth shootings has to do with variations. My last variation took just over a week last year. But then, who knows, sometimes seems no rhyme or reason
  7. Good luck with the weekend work Stav, I usually end up thinking I wish I’d done it myself. Like I did today in fact, after checking some feeders...I’ll spare you the details
  8. Yerr, all these have been good in my experience
  9. Lots of rats and squirrels about, got a few in the traps again. One of the squirrels had dandruff, found its head & shoulders...
  10. That’s it, and they don’t associate the crack of hmr with danger. I’ve had the the with .22 high velocity rounds as well, shoot one with subsonic and the others run as there’s no other sound but the impact.
  11. Great in a curry though..... .....the goats, not the scousers
  12. Good to have a bit of a walk about Stavross . Mice are my favourites, I prefer them to rabbit. Just the right size for a quick snack.
  13. After seeing quite a few squirrels about lately, I thought I’d take the fac .22 impact out to see if I could pick off any squirrels that might be on the pheasant feeders. I decided to use jsb jumbo express, a lighter pellet with the power turned down a bit. The first feeder I checked had a squirrel under it, so I had one in the bag in the first five minutes. I carried on, keeping an eye out and no sign of squirrel activity until I arrived at a small feeder that had recently been filled with wheat. A squirrel was already there, but it scarpered as soon as it saw me. I waited, and within a minut
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