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  1. We’ll, that depends on pellet weight. Average weight pellets in both calibres come out at around 6.5ft lbs at those velocities. For 450fps velocity to reach 10.9ft lbs the pellet would need to weigh over 24 grains.
  2. I think they’re only about 6ft lbs energy so might be worth checking out if it’s for shooting live quarry?
  3. Keep getting the odd squirrels and stoats but there’s natural food everywhere still. Anybody got squirrel feeders running yet? I’ve been holding back with them this year.
  4. As vm says, if it’s working ok just shoot it. Unless you like wasting money ? Spend it on pellets instead….
  5. I’ve got loads of those in the loft. Makes me smile when I look at them.
  6. Brilliant result Tim, well done fella
  7. Looks like he’s good at his job. He can sell them in his sleep…..
  8. I think this is the closest you’ll get to a cowboy (Stetson) hat wolfie…..
  9. Yerr, I have a cz452 in .17hmr, had it for many years
  10. I’ve read that the anschutz .17hmr barrels have a bit tighter bore than most. They are very accurate but consequently probably more susceptible to copper fouling maybe?
  11. Nice one vm, are you making rabbit and cabbage casserole?
  12. I’ve had my 1417 for about 12/13 years and it’s been brilliant. If you want to try it out let me know Ben, I’ve also got a cz .22 semi auto if you want to try that as well.
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