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  1. I’m thinking about getting one myself, hope you get on with it jimmy
  2. I’ve got a 2-7x32 on my hw100 .177 and it’s seems enough to me. 3-9x50 on rapid .22, 1.5-5x20 on my Brocock contour .22 and 5-20x 50 on fx impact .22 fac. Similar on my gas ram and spring rifles. All seem fine for what I need
  3. Yerr, next thing it’ll be no deer calibres without DSC. Like this doctors letter for grants and renewals. Started off in lincs, now it’s spreading all over. A bit like bloody covid
  4. Get ‘em shot Stav. You never know, you might even get a complementary packet of seeds if you do a good job. Your new .223 should be ample
  5. Stavross even said he could’ve done better with an air rifle at the churchyard permission. I think he wants one really........
  6. Yerr, I knew it. Cack handers sticking together
  7. Sometimes a sharp blast of air from the divers bottle will cure it, as it might be sticking.
  8. Yerr, the jsb’s are hard to beat, that’s if they can be beaten? Top pellets imo
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