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  1. Yerr, weihrauch got it right with the 100, brilliant design for sure
  2. Looks more like a dreamline lite to me, but I think it’s a bit expensive to take a punt on. I’d chuck a bit more money in and buy fx instead personally.
  3. “6 years later” lol….I know you love these resurrected threads Phil
  4. Sorry to maybe rub salt into the wound but £15:00
  5. Yerr, it’s no Bentley…….
  6. Yes I’ve used them before as well as their .22 shorts, in fact I still have some s&b .22 shorts. The subs were pretty good in my anschutz, never tried them in the cz though. Well worth a try I’d say
  7. The .22’s are what I use the most. Anschutz 1417 bolt & CZ 511 semi-auto and ammo from bb caps to hyper velocity with everything in between makes them very versatile vermin tools.
  8. Good shooting, what calibre is the R10?
  9. Goods results there fella, well done ?
  10. It only takes you a few minutes to fit them Phil, an’ that’s becoz you are cleverererer than [BANNED TEXT] most of uz r……
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