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  1. Good rifles the AT44-10’s, a friend of mine has one. A bit heavy maybe, but brilliant for the money
  2. They’re very good rifles pete. I wouldn’t part with mine.
  3. I used to shoot rabbits on allotments by request of the committee, but that was a few decades ago. Those allotments weren’t owned by the council though, and are surrounded by farmland.
  4. I agree that .22 is probably the most versatile of the fac air calibres. Just thought .177 might fill a gap.
  5. I keep thinking about an fac crown in .177 but I haven’t any experience of .177 fac. I’d be interested in trying one, but it could be an expensive mistake? I know people say that they just drill tiny holes things, but have they actually used one, or is it just assumption? I suppose I could easily convert it to .25, but that’s another expense and I don’t really need an fac .25 because I’ve got three rimfires. What’s your views on the .177 fac ?
  6. Bleddy ‘ell Tim, haven’t seen any posts from you for a while. Glad you’re back fella
  7. I’ve never seen any guns in screwfix either…
  8. It’s a great offer. Do they still have the vickers machine gun?, I wouldn’t mind a go with that…… Bit far for me though…
  9. Talking of headstones Stav, have you been back to that church yard permission lately?
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