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  1. It said on the news that all current fac/sgc holders are being checked. If any skeletons from the past come up they’ll maybe get revoked? The emphasis is on not letting certificate holders who shouldn’t be slip through the net, like what happened in Plymouth. Probably checking social media as well?
  2. Always the same mate. Any lunatic can have a car and could use it on a killing spree if they wanted to.
  3. You could be right Mark, just been out on a walk and called for a swift one. Black Sheep and Nobby’s Nuts, didn’t enjoy them at all really…..
  4. Those frangible 35grain v-max .22 hornet pills make for a nice minced squirrel
  5. Well done Mark, I take it the squirrel is showing it’s “best” side ? ……..
  6. It states greater than or equal to 5.6mm. .22 is 5.588mm so is smaller than 5.6 so would this not make .22 exempt? Reading that it would seem .17 would be exempt if not .22
  7. Every time anything like this happens it’s due to the police not following “guidelines” properly, it should be protocol, not guidelines, that’s the real problem. Then of course, when it goes wrong, it’s all put down to the licensing system not being tough enough and they miss the point and sooner or later it happens again. Legitimate shooters bear the brunt of it and it’s not their fault. Labours Yvette Cooper wants all private ownership of firearms banned, if she’s the next home secretary who knows what will happen?
  8. Yerr, time to get on the maggies Ben. I’ve only got two atm that I caught a while back, I’ve seen plenty paired up and building this last couple of weeks. Hopefully catch a few soon and get some more larsens up and running.
  9. When did you change your name Terry ?
  10. Hadn’t thought of that Tim. I get loads of weasels mind…
  11. Got a weasel with a mouse in its mouth and also a bonus size rat…
  12. Mentioned it to him? He was with me when I shot them…..
  13. Did I tell anybody about those unicorns I shot last week? Three with one shot but forgot to take my camera…….
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