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  1. Smashing job there I've a Vulcan but it's the last model, The Vulcan Ks.. I don't think i've ever shot it!! John
  2. This sodding thing escaped from over the hedge and destroyed my wormery. It went back fat as a pig!!, Foxy Loxy had her not much later though!! John..
  3. Hi all Yesterday I went down the garden to see to my little trees that have overwintered in the bottom greenhouse, I noticed movement down near the shed, These two ran and hid, Only took a few seconds for curiosity to get the better of them and came out to have a look at the fatty that encroached on their playspace!! I tried getting a few pics but the sun was so bright behind me that I couldn't see the screen of my phone so I went inside the greenhouse and took a few pics and a short vid of them Hmm, Not sure if vids are accepted on the forum so i'll include a link to my imgur
  4. I found that the different pellets I tried were all too large on the head dia, I could get them in to the barrel but my thumb became very sore very quickly!, When I bought it at the Boinger Bash at Mick Furniss's farm at Higham on the Hil, Another lad brough about six or seven different pellet types, Ten of each for me to try, The Marksman were the best of the lot!! A mate had a .25" Superstar that he had trouble with, He left it at SFS, They stripped it and used a tapered reamer to open the breech and little, He said it was a huge improvement after!! John
  5. Oooh!! You did a great job there AT I traded some stuff for a 77k action that was quite honestly, A mess!! I already had a 97 sporter stock spare, The action was described as being very good condition, In reality there was rust, The cocking underlever had been bent and hammered straight by the look of it and the cocking link was kaput- Also, There was no trigger with it, I had an old Rekord unit with the laminated long sear but the rifle wouldn't work with a safety, I think the trigger was made for the early guns that didn't have a safety but I lost interest. I think it just
  6. I've a Lightning in .22", Have to say I love it!!, When I first got it from a mate (Bought two from him!, T'uther was an XL), I then bought two Bushnell scopes from him and two sets of mounts new in the boxes, I set this one up and went to the range, Made a beautiful group, The only trouble was that it was five inches to the right at 20 yds!! The mounts were 11mm, The maxigrip rail requires 14mm mounts!!, I bought the ones in the pic off fleabay, Windage can be adjusted with them but I gave up my place at the range so didn't get to set it up, If I tried in my garden some git would phone t
  7. Never had one before but that stock is nicer than any Supersport i've seen!! A couple more, I wasn't buying any more but a mate offered this Anschutz mod250 Match cheaply, I have to reseal the damper unit though as it's been sat on a wardrobe for twenty-ish years and it seems the seals perished!! I can remember him buying it s/h in the 1990's!! A chap on another forum wanted to swap this Webley Hawk mk1 for an old pistol, I traded a BSA Scorpion pistol for it!! John
  8. Canal at Chesterfield Canal at Sheffield (Attercliffe) Trout lake at Chesterfield, The first and only time i've cast a fly!!, Loved it and now I don't have to go to work I plan on doing more!! Edit, Just remembered the name- Press Manor! My sons swim at Ulley Res. He had a few out! There were some nice Bream among them.. John
  9. There's an old (but nice) Mk1 Webley Hawk on it's way to me! They're not powerful by any stretch of the imagination and most have elongated crosspin holes at the rear of the cylinder with people trying to up the power with ox springs, The walls of the cylinder are fairly thin and the pressure on an overpowered spring makes the holes oval, I've never heard of a cylinder letting go but have seen some so bad that I daren't shoulder them in case I lost an eye!! This one is fine, It's had a conversion to the piston head and has an O ring seal now rather than the ptfe/Plastic seals!, I bel
  10. If they're sited where they catch plenty of sun, The colours can be spectacular!! John
  11. Dragging an old thread up as I couldn't find anything newer when I searched!! Anyhow, I've been in to Bonsai for well over 20 years!, Here's a few of mine.. This one is a Juniper with shari (Dead trunk part that is lime sulfered).. This one is a slanting Hawthorne, It wasn't doing well in the com[post that was too heavy so an old trick is to lift the tree from the pot and plant it in to Sphagnum, moss, It seems like a tonic to them!, This actually seemed almost dead but in two years turned around smashin!! Another (Smaller) Hawthorne..
  12. I have an old 1hp Wolf buffing machine, I made a leather wheel from a pile of old leather aprons at work!!, I noticed that when I buffed blades up, It edged them up better than I could on my Arkansas stone!! It's the right one and is switched on in the pic as it just flops over when turned off due to not being stitched!! John
  13. Sounds like a plan!! I don't use them, I just have a small collection of old pellets! Cheers, john
  14. That looks a cracking catty!! I'm left handed when it comes to catapults and bows, Left handed but right eye dominant, It's not too bad with slingshots but terrble with a bow!! John
  15. Hi all I bought a Swallow 20x80- binocular last year, They're a bit heavy and high powered to hold still, I have some 1" square tubing and hope to make a weighted parallogram to hold them! They're a bit chunky against my Monarch 8x42! This is what i'm hoping to make! I did a few moon pics with a 500mm lens fitted but have to use manual settings, I find it difficult to tell if i'm fully focussed through the camera so the pics never come out too well! It has a 2x multiplier fitted in this pic so the lens is in effect a 1000mm lens!
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