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  1. johnbaz

    Shopping with the wife...

    It sounds to me like your good lady is a keeper Moley!! That looks a cracking rifle, Hope you both enjoy it immensely I all the years i've been shooting, I've only ever bought two guns brand new!!, One was a Gamo too, A Gamo Stutzen, T'uther was one of the last ever Sharp Ace to enter out shores!! John
  2. johnbaz

    Classic Air Rifles

    Sorry Jamie, I didn't make it, I had something like a headcold, Had three of the buggers in the last six months, Looks like i've developed an allergy though as Beconase stopped it getting any worse!! I'm hoping to get to the June Boinger bash!! May see you then hopefully John
  3. johnbaz

    Classic Air Rifles

    A couple more, Bought this BSA Breakdown model in .177" cal today at the Vintage airgun collectors fayre at Melbourne.. Sorry if I posted any of these pics before! .25" BSA Supersport.. This was my Original mod50 typ 01 but I let a lad have it years ago, He sold to another chap, I got to buy it back recently, It's just the same as when I sold it apart from a couple of marks in the stock!! Acvoke air pistol that I bought from a friend (Was his father in laws but he was moving to Scotland and didn't want to take it with him! Ooops!!, Av brok it!! Not sure if this will count as 'Classic' air rifle It's a Vmach HW97 that came on an ABS thumbhole stock, I had the blue laminate spare so I rubbed it down and re lacquered it, It's .177" cal, I've fitted brass cupped forend washers and stainless steel Allen bolts since I took these pics, Also had the brass trigger guard spare so I fitted that too Cheers, John
  4. johnbaz

    air rifle's

    DAMN!! I bought another! A .25" BSA Supersport!! Also acquired a couple of scopes too although I ended up fitting an old Hakko 4x32 to the gun.. The scopes are an Edgar Bros 20x42 and a Simmons Pro Hunter 3-10x44, I think both are actually centrefire scopes and probably not much use (Parallax?) for airguns! John
  5. johnbaz


    Hi I bought this rusty mk1 HW80 for £60 from a local SDS shop, I used the slack part of the belt on a 30"x1" linisher to grind down evenly until I reached the bottom of the pitting, I then polished it on a very fine belt and a friend got it hot chemically reblacked! Cost of the reblack was £25 as I did the prep work, It came out OK After reblacking.. I did actually find a .177 cal barrel that I think was cut down and recrowned for my other HW80 which has an HW85 barrel fitted!! EDIT- Forgot to add a pic straight after the chemical reblack! John
  6. johnbaz

    original 45 .177

    Hi I've two and a half Original 45's (Two full guns and a stockless action!), Have to say I think they're fabulous rifles!, One is .177, t'uthers are .22.. This one is .177cal and was a Jubilee model but a former owner removed the forestock panels that depicted the factory at Rastatt in Germany along with the badge that was let in to the rear of the stock too I also like the underlever version, The model 50, I have these three and another in bits, Must get round to rebuilding it one day!! Cheers, John
  7. johnbaz

    air rifle's

    Just when I decided I was going to thin the herd, I found it difficult to part with any! I sold four cheapo Chinese jobbies and that was it!! (I then bought six more!) I bought this old Akvoke as I wanted one for ages!! Oooops!!, Looks like I broke it! I also bought my old Original mod50 type 01 back that I foolishly sold years ago!!, It cost me more to buy it back too! This HW97k was on one of the freead sites, I put it in to watching and didn't realise it sent the seller a massage, Next thing I got a message from a mate asking it was me that's watching his Vmach 97!!, He'd advertised it in his wife's name that's why I didn't associate him with the gun!, It was £300, He sent a message saying I could have it for £200 as he'd seen something he wanted!, Nearly took his flippin' arm off!! I had a blue laminate stock lying spare for a 97 (Bought it in case I acquired a 97!! Also added a brass trigger guard I also bought a Ruskie Baikal that's had it!!, It won't cycle properly and jams Hmmm, I'm sure i've a couple more somewhere, Can't think where they are though John
  8. I sold my type 01 Original mod 50 some years ago and instantly regretted it, got chance of it back a few weeks ago, it's going in the box with me when they nail the lid on!!
  9. johnbaz

    air rifle's

    A couple more that I recently acquired.. Haenel mod1 DRP .177 Gecado mod35 (Original mod35) .177cal John
  10. johnbaz

    Old Enzo Lost

    British Blades was closed down for good by the owner (Martyn) John
  11. johnbaz

    Air Rifle

    Micky I don't know if you use facebook but there's several groups on there that only deal with the 22** range of Crosman's, Ratcatcher, Rabbitstopper etc, they rework the Ratties to get the power up to respectable (But legal) outputs as they come from the factory set quite a bit lower than the legal limit, You get a few less shots but the stopping power is better Here's two that I had, I still have the longer black one but the silver polished one went in a trade for an 'As New' BSA Airsporter mk6 Both had better breeches than they came from the factory with, Proper eye relief for scope users comes from the replacement breeches as the scope can be mounted directly to the dovetail on the breech rather than having pro blox fitted to the barrel and needing a Giraffe neck to be able to get close enough to the ocular bell! The top one has a 24" barrel from a 2260 Rabbitstopper fitted but it's a bit unwieldly so i'll swap back tio the orignal barrel.. Good luck with your quest, I really would recommend getting a Rattie (XL maybe) with a steel breech, It's so much better to use when you're not craneing your neck to get a sight picture through a scope that's too far for'ard!! By the way, If you do buy new or standard, The gun will most likely only be doing 8-9ft lbs John
  12. johnbaz

    " Show us your guns " !

    Oooh! That early 97 looks the biz!! John
  13. johnbaz

    " Show us your guns " !

    I've had that one for a lot of years Mac! That extra few inches of moderator makes a hell of a difference to the standard one, It quietens the muzzle report fully but then the bang of the hammer hitting home is heard!, There's a mod for that though, It's to epoxy thin rubber on to the face of the hammer! John
  14. johnbaz

    " Show us your guns " !

    A couple more.. A couple of HW77's, Top one is a 1983 mk1, Bottom is a later one but fitted to a HW97 stock.. Walther LG55t HW95 on an early HW85 stock! Highly tuned Chinese copy of a Crosman 160, Shoots spot on! Diana mod 27 Export BSA Meteor mk2 Webley Falcon A couple of Jackal sidelevers, Top one is Air Arms, Bottom is earlier Sussex Armouries. Chinese 'Trigon', Won this in a raffle!, It's a nice little youths gun.. John