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  1. Fourteenacre | FENN Traps WWW.FOURTEENACRE.CO.UK FENNs are one of the three manufacturers of the ‘FENN type’ spring trap named in the Approval Order. Size 4...
  2. Nice bag of Clean Rabbits
  3. sounds like RVHD2 is creeping North
  4. Good for you you have saved him
  5. Great traps worth to much to risk losing
  6. shame they made jubys and imbra illegal last year they are to valuable to risk losing any way
  7. good to see you let young Rabbit go mate
  8. I would be very pleased with two, good to read and see pics
  9. you and your gear might spread the disease to other areas the virus lingers for months you should disinfect every thing including boots or ware others cheers
  10. Very good bag of Rabbits I would eat them my self
  11. At least you tried you need to find somewhere else if there is many Rabbits about in the south now days
  12. Take a wheel barrow to put traps in or Ferret them
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