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  1. Yeah the covers terrible in kent, had a couple of good frosts but the nettles aren't affected.
  2. It's a shame, I've never been into big numbers, happy to take enough for the table and my animals but this was a shockingly bad day, walked miles and worked bloody hard for 4 rabbits. I'll have a look at another couple of local spots and if its as bad I'll leave them alone I think give them a chance to recover.
  3. Is anyone still using this forum?
  4. First day out of the season a couple of weeks ago struggling to find a few rabbits, spoke to a couple of other hunters that are saying the same. Do we have VHD in kent? This is the lowest I've seen the rabbit population for 25 years.
  5. I've just ordered one, I notice most people using single theraband on these, I usually use 20mm tapered to 15mm double bands for 1/2 steel. Are these catapults strong enough for double theraband?
  6. Cheers Mr Wilkes, when you say short range are they ok out to about 20yds? I've just been smashing cans at about 10yds with them so far.
  7. I've started using hex nuts instead of 1/2 steel, I'm finding them more accurate I think its probably because of better release. Cheapest I've seen them online so far is toolstation £2.26 for 100, is there anywhere cheaper? Anyone fill them with lead or is it not worth the bother?
  8. Great thanks sindasox, I see they're not to expensive to buy either.
  9. Ok, what is the point of collars on sticks? I assume it's to hide a bad fit between an antler and the top of the stick? I've seen a few sticks that had a white piece in between the antler and the top of the stick, what material is this? Only made 1 very basic stick so far just a hazel stick with a thumb groove, brass ferrule and finished with a boiled linseed and beeswax mix, so I'm not to clued up yet.
  10. I've got a single poachers box that I bought on ebay years ago, looks identical to the one on gone to grounds site. Very solid comfortable box, good for a big hob or a couple of small Jill's.
  11. That was what I was going to say, mine have had it twice over the years, look around the ferrets genitals and butthole, if there's orange stuff there it could well be harvest mites. Edited to say I used beaphur for small animals and it cleared it up both times.
  12. Happened to one of my hobs years ago, x rayed and it was an extra bit of bone on the spine caused by a possible trauma when he was a kit. It could be a million different things though. Good luck with it.
  13. View Advert Royal Mail Ferreting net bag I've got a few grade 1 royal mail bags here, best bag I've found for carrying purse nets, holds up to 60. Looking for £12 each posted, payment through paypal. Advertiser pie-eater Date 25/08/18 Price £12.00 Category Ferreting Equipment
  14. Looking good, I've bred 3 litters over the years all around 6 or 7 kits so that looks a huge litter to me.
  15. Cheers I'll look into it. Really need something that breaks down fast, got a huge pile of wood shavings that dont seem to be doing anything.
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