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  1. I've had my bsa scorpion 177 for about 10 years, never been serviced and only started leaking recently. If I find someone will I have to post and collect through an rfd or can it go through a normal courier both ways? Anyone on here service bsa rifles? I've emailed bsa and a couple of local shops but heard nothing so far.
  2. I posted a month or so about the rats around my compost bin, caught one and not seen anymore so I'm hoping I've sorted them. Also had a couple of grey squirrels and a few unintended mice. How rare is 2 mice in one trap? The trap was baited with peanut butter on the roof of the tunnel which explains the way they were caught. What is considered a good clean catch with a fenn? Around the neck or the chest maybe?
  3. I'm in Kent, I'll go £2.50 if you'll deliver
  4. That was back in 2020 though wasn't it? They still selling them at that price?
  5. Thanks all, I've ordered off of fourteen acre, not the cheapest but I didn't want to end up with Chinese copies.
  6. Can anyone tell me the cheapest place to get genuine mk4 fenn traps? Only looking for 2 or 3, got rats around my compost bins.
  7. Yeah the covers terrible in kent, had a couple of good frosts but the nettles aren't affected.
  8. It's a shame, I've never been into big numbers, happy to take enough for the table and my animals but this was a shockingly bad day, walked miles and worked bloody hard for 4 rabbits. I'll have a look at another couple of local spots and if its as bad I'll leave them alone I think give them a chance to recover.
  9. Is anyone still using this forum?
  10. First day out of the season a couple of weeks ago struggling to find a few rabbits, spoke to a couple of other hunters that are saying the same. Do we have VHD in kent? This is the lowest I've seen the rabbit population for 25 years.
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