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  1. pie-eater

    Growing fast

    Looking good, I've bred 3 litters over the years all around 6 or 7 kits so that looks a huge litter to me.
  2. pie-eater

    Hemp bedding.

    Cheers I'll look into it. Really need something that breaks down fast, got a huge pile of wood shavings that dont seem to be doing anything.
  3. pie-eater

    Rayon Butchers String For Purse Nets

    I know this threads 3 years old, was looking at making a few more nets and wondering how rayon worked out? Is it as durable as spun poly?
  4. pie-eater

    Hob in season working

    Yeah the hob in my avatar is entire but is getting old and has no interest in mating, also got a jill and 2 3 year old castrated hobs which are their kits, all get along fine.
  5. pie-eater

    Hob in season working

    That's it exactly, the hob in my avatar is the best worker I've ever had but early and late in the season he was like a different ferret.
  6. pie-eater

    Hob in season working

    I've tried a couple of times working hobs in season, they don't seem nearly as keen as they are in the winter.
  7. pie-eater

    Eu Polecat, Ferrets

    I've had a few ferrets that would pass as eu polecat, how would anyone prove they have a genuine eu polecat?
  8. pie-eater

    Alternatives to castration rings?

    Thanks the grommets look like a good idea. I assume the area the line goes pinches the knot tight and holds it in place?
  9. pie-eater

    Alternatives to castration rings?

    Any good alternatives to castration rings on longnet poles? I'm after something that doesnt perish so fast.
  10. pie-eater

    Hemp bedding.

    Anyone tried hemp bedding for poultry? I'm using pine shavings atm which I'm happy with, only problem is I'm composting them and they don't seem to rot down. The hemp bedding is £1 more per 20kg but apparently it's more absorbent and it rots down nicely.
  11. pie-eater

    Melting pot

    I had a lee mould years age, used to turn out perfect lead balls and I could make 100s in no time.
  12. pie-eater

    Indian runner ducks

    I've got a pair of brinsea mini eco incubators, with the quail I get around 95% hatch rate so I think they're pretty good. Had at least a couple developing but they seemed to die in the shell in the late stages. It is a shame as I was really looking forward to having a couple of ducks. I'll try again in a couple of months.
  13. pie-eater

    Indian runner ducks

    No mate epic fail unfortunately, I followed the instructions with the incubator for waterfowl to the letter but I'm thinking humidity problems. I'll try again in the spring probably.
  14. pie-eater

    Indian runner ducks

    Cheers mate, there's a few eggs developing so I'm hoping they make it, had 1 die at 9 days not to sure why.
  15. pie-eater

    Indian runner ducks

    Some good tips in this thread thanks. I've got some runner duck eggs, i know its late in the season and fertility apparently will be somewhere between low and non existent but I thought I'd take a chance. Got 8 in the incubator and another 6 coming. If I get a pair out of them I'll be very happy, if not I'll have another go in the spring.