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  1. Always used shavings, never had an issue. I cover the whole hutch with shavings, then put shredded tissue on top of them in the bedding area. I dont used anything in the court, apart from the corner they crap in, which is also a pile of shavings
  2. There was a different nurse there when I picked him up, she was very apologetic as she was too nervous to get him out of the cage he came round in and put him in the carry box. Hes quite big, about 7 months old and I was surprised when he weighed 2.35kg. I said I dont blame her, as you hadnt met him before he was knocked out, and didnt know if he was aggressive or not
  3. Yes, it is an independant vet, a lot are now owned by cvs, and they are on the stock market. I looked a couple of years ago and their profit was in excess of 300 million from 350 vet surgeries. My last hob was snipped there about 6 years ago, the last owner told me it was 60 quid then, but everything goes up in time. Still, I think its a good price
  4. My local golf course which I ferreted for a few years got hit hard September 2020 with mixi, it wiped them out big time. I went back to the usual warrens that always produced last September and they were as dead as a dodo. No fresh marks anywhere.
  5. The vet did say a lot of people overcharge because they dont want to do it. He said its not a problem to do, so charge reasonable prices
  6. Hello all, Just for a bit of info, Ive just taken my hob to get the snip today at Wroxham Bridge vets. My last hob got snipped there with no issues, so his replacement is getting the same. The price is reasonable (£100) and the vets arent scared of ferrets like most. He also only makes one incision, instead of two, said he takes a large section of tube out and stores them, incase of any issues in future, then buries the stitches, so they have less to bugger about with when they are healing. Seems to have done plenty before and knows what he is talking about.
  7. When you are ferreting for farmers or paddocks, if you dont thin them out, then they will get someone else that will.
  8. I went to a perm a couple of days ago that was throwing up 25/27 rabbits in a few hours last year. I looked around and a lot of the warrens looked hardly used. I netted up 3 warrens and had 3 rabbits. I left it as that. There is still a few on there, but they deserve a rest and hopefully numbers will return. No point in annilating all of them.
  9. What gun shops are they??? Ive tried several and everywhere has sold out because they are discontinued
  10. Well operation sort out Longnets has started. They now look far better. More finesse, precision and nothing to catch up on. No comparison is there really! I dont know why people fit such heavy braided nylon, 1.2-1.5mm is plenty.
  11. Hes a good bloke and knows how to rig gear properly. He imports his lints to his own spec, they are far more supple due to less binders than any other lint I could get myself. It may take a while for his nets to arrive, but its worth the wait.
  12. Yes the nets will work out cheap, I dont mind spending time rigging nets, its quite therapeutic. I would rather spend a few hours rerigging them now than constantly untangling meshes from the knots, it would drive me up the wall. Grommets should be arriving in a day or so, and I'm going to put lead line on the gate gets, Ive got about 1000m of it in the garage, so thats not a problem. Long netting and dogs is the perfect combo, you will wish you done it years ago. I havent got the time for a dog, so I have to run myself.
  13. beany01


    Yeah, they are hooked carpet blades, but instead of carrying a stanley knife about, that small little holder fits in your trouser pocket, looks a nice, simple bit of kit.
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