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  1. beany01

    Longnet making

    A lot of nets do shrink slightly, especially when they get wet and dry out. My father has some old sprat nets that were boiled to shrink the mesh size, when the sprats one year were small
  2. beany01

    Longnet making

    Lint is the proper term for the mesh. A softer lint is more flexible and will enmesh the rabbits better. A binding agent is a chemical used to bind the fibres in the twine together
  3. beany01

    Longnet making

    Im a commercial fishermen, so have a fair amount of experience rigging nets. I brought a sheet of netting from advanced, and its ok, but its not as good as Nelsons lint. I dont know where he gets such a soft lint from, but advanced lints have a lot of binding agent on them. I gather Nelson buys 100 lints at a time, so he can get them made to his exact requirements. The advanced netting lint has started to soften now after a couple of years, but I would still buy all my longnets from Nelson. Hes an ex fishermen and knows how to rig gear properly, I have seen some hash ups by so called longnet riggers.
  4. Hello, a mate has two mk1’s that need the depth wheel swapped, which isn’t a problem to do. I have checked one of the boxes and it’s an early version without the screw in the dial. I have seen the variable resisters for sale with the screws, but not the older switches without them. Can they still be brought? Or can the newer switch be retro fitted? Cheers Beany
  5. Well after ferreting Friday morning, and getting back in the swing of things, I picked one of the jills up on Monday night and it looked like it had a bollock! A closer look, and it was a marble sized ball in the anal glands. Luckily, she’s a friendly bugger, so I gave it a good squeeze and loads of pus came out. Well it left a bit of a mess, so I put her back in the run for half hour and she cleaned it all up. So I was now left with a deep 6mm hole. I’ve packed it with savlon morning and night, the swelling has gone down, and luckily it’s healed up lovely. Not what you want at the beginning of the season.
  6. beany01

    First trip out

    Thats hard going. I know its not all about numbers, but I couldnt feed my ferrets with that amount. Hopefully they will pick up in numbers sooner rather than later
  7. beany01

    First trip out

    Well I thought I would dust off the gear and have a go Friday morning. The local golf course gives me an extra couple of months ferreting, as everywhere else is still horrendous with growth. Thursday night, I checked all the collars and mad sure everything was working fine. I decided to just take my two older Jill’s, as it would only be a short session. I have had a good look round over the summer, as they had most of the gorse dig out by a jcb, so most of the usual warrens had disappeared. So I walked half a mile to a good looking Warren I spied in the summer. The long net was soon around it, and the ferrets down. Over the next 10 mins, 3 bunnies popped their heads into the Longnets and were quickly dispatched. Before picking out the bits of gorse from the longnet, I had a quick look over a ridge, and could see a few bunnies had dug out the old warrens and were laying in the sun. The net was soon back in the basket, and it only took a few minutes to get to the far ridge. Well the warrens here were a good size, so I’m glad I brought plenty of longnet, I just wish I had brought more ferrets. I didn’t have enough longnet to do the lot, so the west end was soon covered with the 200 yards I had with me. There was 170 yards around the external, with 3 x 10 yarders in the middle to divide it up a little. There were roughly 4 warrens, so with only two ferrets, I worked each one at a time. The first warren wasn’t that big, only 5/6 holes, but produced 4 rabbits pretty quickly, but the middle two warrens that were close together, had around a dozen holes each didn’t produce a thing, which I though was strange, maybe they were just getting the run around. Well after 20 mins, they were soon out, but the youngest Jill minus its collar! Well they were soon both back in the box, and search for the collar then started! On this sandy golf course, it’s common for the pipes to be 12ft deep, and regularly go off the mk3 at 16ft, so this could be interesting! Luckily, I soon found the collar at 5 ft, so the digging commenced! This sand is so loose, it had to be a good sized hole, but I was happy to get the collar back in my hand! Well back to the jills, I put the collar back on and it was a little loose, she wasn’t quite up to her usual winter weight, but there wasn’t anymore holes left. I then got another collar from the bag that I usually use for my small jills, and this wasn’t coming off! I then put both ferrets back in the last Warren, and soon three more bunnies were quickly dispatched. Well now was then fun part of picking up 200 yards of longnet full of twigs and bits of gorse, but it’s part and parcel of the job. I then had 10 rabbits in the bag, so I decided to head back towards the car park, and save the other side of the ridge for another day, with more ferrets. Halfway back, there was a four holer under a patch of gorse, not huge and 50 yards of longnet soon covered it. In went the ferret, and one bunny came out in a few minutes. I then got right near the club house, and put the nets out one more time, the Warren didn’t look that active, but I thought a few bunnies hanging off the barrow where there was a fair few golfers looked good for business, as it gets them talking over a few pints! So no surprise, but there was nothing at home! As I walked back to the car, a few golfers gave me the thumbs up, and said good job etc. I then text the groundskeeper to tell him what I had, which he asks me to do, and he was happy. So only a 3 hour session, and a good walk topped up the freezer nicely. I will never get numbers like they do up north, but 11 is a nice number for around here. Next time I go up there, I will bring 5 ferrets to clear out that whole ridge properly! After gutting and skinning them, I found a .177 pellet in the back of one rabbit. I know they let all and sundry shoot here, I have even tried with the nv and air rifle, but because they have been shot at so many times, you can’t get anywhere near them! That explains the pellet in the back, a long range shot decided on excitement and not brains!
  8. beany01

    Topping up the ferret food.

    I haven’t seen any mixi so far.
  9. beany01

    Topping up the ferret food.

    ive had that s200 a long while. It sat in a cupboard for 12-14 years not used. I bet its never had more than 3-4 tins of pellets through it, but it could do with a service, it weeps air from the bottle over 160 bar.
  10. beany01

    Topping up the ferret food.

    It’s just a diy build nv add on, with a ir T50 with a 940 pill from customriflescopes if I remember correctly???
  11. Well as rabbit numbers were getting low in the freezer, I thought I better dust the air rifle off and charge the nv batteries. A quick message to the paddock owner, and everything was set. I arrived to the paddocks about 10pm, nice cloudy night, but the street lights unfortunately glare over the grass a good way. Got all the kit ready, closed the car boot and stuck the key in a secure pocket. I climbed over the gate and had a quick scan round. There was a small square of electric fence in front of me with a couple of rabbits in it. A quick squeeze of the range finder, they were at 48 yards. As I don’t use the air rifle enough to be a good shot, I crept towards them until I thought I was less than 30 yards. Another squeeze of the range finder, and the rabbit to my left was 26 yards. Zoomed in on the scope, aligned the shot and it rolled over. Another scan, the rabbit to the right had moved outside of the electric fenced area, so I crept over and he rolled over too. 50 yards in front of me was a few tyres and jumps. I could see 3 rabbits feeding together, so that had to my next destination. I hoped the electric fence wasn’t turned on, as it brushed over me as I crawled underneath. The 3 rabbits were still there, and their escape plan would be to the cover on the left, so I rolled the left one over, hoping they would spook to the right. Well the middle rabbit didn’t flinch, so he rolled over pretty sharpish. The rabbit on the right was darting about, wondering what the hell was going on. He finally stopped, 15 yard further to the right, but I couldn’t get a clear shot because of the long grass. A little shuffle along and he joined his mates. I scanned around and the next rabbits were over the far side of the paddock, in a 300 yard long section, with hedgerows along one side, and an electric fence along the other. The small electric fenced section was turned off, but this won’t be, as the horses were at the end I had just walked past. They are used to me at night, and as soon as they hear a shot, they go near the shelters out of the way. Well I’m 30 yards from the electric fence, and a bunnies head pops up out of the grass. I’m soon on the deck, with the rifle steadied on the tripod. A little squeak, the rabbit then pops his head up for the last time. I zoom out with the scope, and notice a pair of yellow eyes behind where the rabbit sat. Oh foxy has made a visit. Pain in the bum, as it usually scoots along the length of the paddock, sending the rabbits running for their burrows. So I give it another squeak, and the bloody thing is running towards me at a rate of knots. When it’s nearly up to the now dead bunny, I quickly turn on my head torch full blast and give it a couple of flashes. Luckily, the bloody thing runs straight for the hedgerow, never to be seen again. Well I then worked along the hedgerow, a rabbit here and there getting bowled over. I came to the far end of the electric fence, squeezed underneath and worked back along the hedgerow to where I started. I look at the time it’s 23.15. I have a quick fag, before walking back on myself, picking the rabbits up, squeezing out the pee and putting them in the game carrier. Well I need another game carrier. I ended up with fourteen rabbits that I can find, but I’m sure there was two more, but I couldn’t find in them in the long grass at the far end of the paddocks. Well that will do for the night. Everything was soon in the car, and the half hour journey home was uneventful. I always prefer skinning and gutting them while they are still warm, it makes the job so much easier. So the 14 bunnies were soon wrapped in bags and put in the freezer. I kept a few of the livers separate, as the ferrets were bouncing about their cages from the smell and commotion. They all enjoyed the nice warm liver for a late night snack. Well another enjoyable couple of hours, I should go and thin some more bunnies there before the ferreting commences in the next month or so.
  12. beany01

    Good Cheap Food For Ferrets

    none of mine will touch dry food, but you look at the ingredients and they all have plant protein in them, so its not exactly the best for them. A localish butcher sells 500g bags of minced chicken carcass, beef trimmings and liver for 60p, so they get half a bag of that in the morning that they soon eat as its soft, then I put a chunk of rabbit in the evening. Its got to be far better than that dry crap for them. Also I feed the hearts and kidneys from the rabbits too, So 9 ferrets cost £2 a week in meat and then they each get a egg yolk a week, so another £2. Its cheap as chips, and is far better than any dry crap. If you get out shooting and ferreting, why feed the dry crap to them?
  13. beany01

    sea fishing.

    There’s someone in lowestoft selling a set on facebook for £125. It’s got to be worth that.
  14. beany01

    sea fishing.

    Generally around our coast you want 12ft beach casters and a fixed spool reels. Then a tripod so you havent got to hold your rods! 15lb mono on the reels with a 60lb shock leader. Lead wise, 5oz grip leads will cover you for 90% of situations. A two hook paternoser rig for your trace. You can buy them already made, but they are easy to tie (see google) and use a size 1 or 1/0 hook will cover most of it. That will do you for beaches and piers. Just use the handrail for a rod rest on the pier if you can. Gear can be cheap as chips or a fortune, depends what you want to do. You can get a really cheap rod and reel for £50, but it wont be the best, and it will only last a couple of years.
  15. beany01

    A days ferreting

    Its like anything, too much can be a bad thing. Still, it must be nice to do it now and then. I dont fancy skinning all that lot, it must be bad enough gutting them all after a long day