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  1. beany01

    Good Cheap Food For Ferrets

    none of mine will touch dry food, but you look at the ingredients and they all have plant protein in them, so its not exactly the best for them. A localish butcher sells 500g bags of minced chicken carcass, beef trimmings and liver for 60p, so they get half a bag of that in the morning that they soon eat as its soft, then I put a chunk of rabbit in the evening. Its got to be far better than that dry crap for them. Also I feed the hearts and kidneys from the rabbits too, So 9 ferrets cost £2 a week in meat and then they each get a egg yolk a week, so another £2. Its cheap as chips, and is far better than any dry crap. If you get out shooting and ferreting, why feed the dry crap to them?
  2. beany01

    sea fishing.

    There’s someone in lowestoft selling a set on facebook for £125. It’s got to be worth that.
  3. beany01

    sea fishing.

    Generally around our coast you want 12ft beach casters and a fixed spool reels. Then a tripod so you havent got to hold your rods! 15lb mono on the reels with a 60lb shock leader. Lead wise, 5oz grip leads will cover you for 90% of situations. A two hook paternoser rig for your trace. You can buy them already made, but they are easy to tie (see google) and use a size 1 or 1/0 hook will cover most of it. That will do you for beaches and piers. Just use the handrail for a rod rest on the pier if you can. Gear can be cheap as chips or a fortune, depends what you want to do. You can get a really cheap rod and reel for £50, but it wont be the best, and it will only last a couple of years.
  4. beany01

    A days ferreting

    Its like anything, too much can be a bad thing. Still, it must be nice to do it now and then. I dont fancy skinning all that lot, it must be bad enough gutting them all after a long day
  5. beany01

    A days ferreting

    Them numbers are crazy, something I could only dream of. We dont seem to get the numbers around here, 20 is a good day.
  6. beany01

    A days ferreting

    I think you are right, its a location and cultural thing. Some parts of Britain, ferreting has always been carried out, and always will. Everyone knew someone with ferrets, and when you're a kid, it was no problem for the old chap to pick up a kit or two from the neighbour down the road, so you had something to do as kids and keep you out of mischief. Im right on the coast, so a lot of people fished, its seen as the norm, but it is a dying art, telling people you have a tractor and boat gets a few odd looks. Ferrets are seen as odd, viscious, stinking things. Even my mother said a couple of weeks ago, why do I have them hairy things in my garden, its not the norm around here. Im 39, I only started around 3-4 years ago, and it is an easy sport to pick up, its not rocket science, you soon get in the swing of things.
  7. beany01

    A days ferreting

    Well I didnt know anyone who ferreted at the time, and still only know a couple of people in my area who do it. I had read a fair amount on here, and watched loads of youtube videos, but its not like doing it in the flesh. I thought the £50 was well spent, it gave me a good bit of knowledge to work on. I didnt want to turn up on a farmers field and make myself look a right tit. Its hard enough to get permissions, as farmers are a suspicious bunch, and you cant blame them for being suspicious when they open up their land and livelyhood to a stranger. If I knew someone who did it, I would have asked them if I could tag along. I think a lot of people have the knowledge handed down to them from generation to generation, so its second nature to them. Trying to get in to a 'foreign' game is hard for an outsider who doesnt know the ropes. I got handed down commercial fishing from my father and grandfather, and someone has asked me how to go about it, and you try and explain it to them, even silly things like just nipping to the fish market to drop off the fish, which I dont even think about, as I used to sit in my old chaps van from about 6 years old, and couldnt wait to poke about in snotty fish boxes and sling chunks of ice in the harbour and watch the seagulls try and dive for it, takes half an hour to explain in detail of where to go and what to do, and they still look bewildered at the end.
  8. beany01

    A days ferreting

    Maybe not, thats your choice, and I respect that, but to do it for a living, with so many people like us doing it for free, you have to publicise yourself well, and try to get a few quid at every turn you can. You have to stick your head above the parapet, be seen as someone in the game. If he didnt do that, do you think the producers of tv programs would have him on? Putting yourself in the frame opens up opportunities, but also opens you up to flack, its the nature of the beast. I would love to do ferreting for a living, but I wouldnt pay my mortgage at the end of the month. Im sure hes far from perfect, no one is, we all have our moments, and we all have off days. We can all look back and think we have been complete knobs at times, but thats being human. These old school, niche pastimes like ferreting, only have a very small market, so its hard to eek out a living. If he can pay his bills at the end of the month by ferreting, I respect that, as it must have taken a lot of work to get in that situation.
  9. beany01

    A days ferreting

    sounds like you are a little bitter to me....lifes too short!
  10. beany01

    A days ferreting

    He maybe not be better than a lot of lads on here, but you cant argue that he has done well in ferreting. How many people do you know that have been on tv upteen times, is a regular writer in the mags, written several books and does a tour of the game fairs etc in the summer? If he was a no-one in ferreting, this post wouldnt even exist!
  11. beany01

    A days ferreting

    Well I went out with Simon for a day before I started ferreting, just to see what it was about and he was good as gold. It cost me £50, whats peanuts in this day and age. I dont know how they can claim it was £350, unless he had to drive miles from home, stay in over night accommodation etc, thats all got to be paid for. If you do it for a living, you need to pay your bills, so everything it costs has got to be budgeted for. Everyone who is high up in their chosen profession, whether it is ferreting, football or tv, always get criticised whatever they do. They can never win, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon saying they are this and that, and my mates mate heard he done this, when most of the time its a load of hogwash made up by some bitter or jealous individual. Dont believe nothing you hear, and only half what you see, then you will be closer to the truth!
  12. beany01

    Ferret disorientated ?

    my ferrets occasionally get ear mites, you can see their ear go brown. Use beapher spot on, its a fiver from pets at home for 4 tubes. It contains ivermectin, and always clears it up with one dose.
  13. beany01

    Ferret problem

    My vas hob is rough, so I only put the jills in for 2-3 hours. Its all thats needed to take them out of season
  14. beany01


    Well ferrets are out if you cant access the other side. Best bet is an air rifle with nv
  15. beany01

    Super 10 or s200

    I will have to put some air in the s10 in the next few days and give it a go!