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  1. Well as I’ve ran out of rabbits in the freezer to feed the ferrets, I needed to do something about it! I dusted off the little s200 which hasn’t been used since last Julyish, when I also nipped to the paddocks to stock up on bunnies before ferreting season started. I charged the batteries for the night vision, and this evening, plugged it all together to give it a check over. Well it didn’t work, the screen and camera were dead. A quick test with the multimeter, and the lead between the battery and everything else was open circuit. Well a quick visual, and you could see where the wire comes out of the plug, the insulation had a crack. This was opened up, and one of the copper cables was sheared. So out came the soldering iron, and a bit of insulation tape, and everything was working again! The van was soon loaded, and a 20 minute drive and I was at the paddocks. The forecast wasn’t right, the wind was blowing from the entrance, all the way along the paddocks, which wasn’t good for me, as they could smell me coming. The plan now was to walk to the far side, see if there were any daft ones, move along the back hedgerow to the far end, then come back along the middle of the paddock, tight to the wire fence with the breeze in my face. Well lucky for me, there were a few daft 3/4 grown rabbits along the hedgerow that soon got bowled over. At the far end, with the wind in my face, I sat there for 20 mins, had a quick fag and let the moon get behind the shadow of the trees. There’s enough light here already with the street lights, without the moon helping too! I then moved back along the middle of the paddock, getting a shot in here and there until I got back to the carpark at the entrance. The head torch was flicked on, and I walked back to pick up the bunnies. Unfortunately I couldn’t find 2 or 3 in the rough area at the far end of the paddocks, which frustrates me, as I don’t like killing and wasting anything, but I suppose the local foxes will get a good feed tonight. Well a count up in the carpark came to 14 rabbits, so a quick pic to send to the paddock owner for a few brownie points. As I turned around, I caught a few eyes glistening in the head lamp right near the carpark. The s200 was soon back in the hands, and a little walk to where all the horse jumps are only took a minute or two. A quick scan around revealed a group of two, and a group of 3 a little further along. Well the first bunny was soon in the cross hairs and rolled over. The one next to it hardly moved, so that one was also soon dispatched. Another scan, and the group of 3 was now 2, so I moved slightly closer and the nearest rabbit was bowled over. The other 1 legged it, so I decided to call it a night with 17 rabbits. It will top up the freezer nicely, but I may need another trip out with the old s200 again before ferreting season starts again. Happy with that, and so was the paddock owner. Nice little outing.
  2. My ferrets dont eat dry food. I just feed a mince in the morning thats eaten very quickly. It comes from the butchers, minced chicken carcass, beef trimmings and a little bit of liver for £1.20 a kg, then a bit of rabbit at night. I only put down what can be eaten, so dont have a problem with flies
  3. Yes, far better. If I didn’t have my vas hob, I would use them again. It would be expensive though for 8 jills at £90 a pop!
  4. I had a couple of my jills implanted June 2018 and one of them has just started to come in season. So if you get them done at the beginning of the year, they will last two seasons. I’ve now got a vas hob, so I don’t need to use them anymore, just thought it would be a little useful info
  5. Well I was asked to visit a new permission a few days ago. They had to leave for work at 7am, so went and saw them in the dark. He was a little cautious of letting a stranger on his land, so he took my phone number and pictured the back of my van. Well luckily there were plenty of rabbits there that’s for certain. He told me he was losing over 25% of the grass which his cattle grazes on. Well he’s cut the hedges while the cattle were in the barns, but Now it has taken me a lot of time picking all all the bits of twigs and thorns out of the Longnets. Well the first day, I walked 50 yards from the van and there was 150 yards of steep bank going into the same in hedgerows. Well that was all 200 yards of Longnets out, and soon the the first half o the bank was netted up. Wax jacket over the barbed wire fence, so I could get to the top of the barn quickly and easily without tearing a nut off! The first section I had 8 rabbits, so I was happy with that. Picking all the crap out of the nets was hard work though! Well I continued along, finished the bank and moved on to the hedges getting a few here and there. Well I ended up with 24, so a very good day for this area. The owner asked me to send him a pic if I get any, and he seemed chuffed. I got a text back saying come when you like. So we were both happy. This morning I was meeting the old man and going off in the boat to do some netting for sprats. It was a very small weather window, and as the seas haven’t been very settled, with a lot of wind, it was going to be boom or bust. Well we busted! We had about 85 sprats! Just enough for tea. A little different to the 97 stone last week! Well it was only half 9, so I thought I could still make it ferreting! A quick call and I was given the all clear to go. Flask made up, just 3 ferrets as it was a quick trip, 100 yards of Longnets and every thing slung in the motor. 25 mile later, I rolled up through the gates. It was 10.40. Ferrets collared up and I walked along a hedge until I see a good sized Warren. Longnets out and soon had half a dozen in the bag. Well I continued along the same hedgerow getting a few here and there, until it was done. A walked to another part of the field, there was a bank with plenty of holes, hedges and barbed wire. In went the ferrets and the rabbits were soon coming out. 3rd rabbit from putting the ferrets away and it was my first black one. I did ummm and ahhhh about letting it go, but the landowner wanted rid of them all, and there were a few people about. I doubt he would have been chuffed on only my second trip to hear about that, so on the game carrier it went. The section of bank was clear, all three ferrets were on the surface, so I walked as close as I could get to each one of them, gave them a squeak and they toddled towards me before being put back in the box. Ever since they were 8 week old kits, whenever I have fed them, or gave them some oil as a treat, I always squeak at them. It has paid off dividends getting them back. Well it was then 2.30, so a short 3.5 hour session. A quick count up and 23 in the bag, the best short session I have ever had. I soon gutted them all and put them on the game carriers before taking them back to the motor. A lot of the does had a belly full, so it’s needs thinning out sooner rather than later. A great day and a half. I can’t wait to go back. Near my motor, a farm worker had a quick yarn and said there is quite a few black rabbits there, so hopefully a few more to go.
  6. A pair of my jills do that. Mother and daughter. They never used to do it, just started this season. As soon as I put them back in the run they start having a go at each other. They settle down in 10 mins.They are roughly 4 and 5 year old, always lived together.
  7. I had this with a couple of kits. I put calcium powder on their feed for a couple of weeks and they were fine
  8. That mk4 is a cracking barrow. I used to do a lot of carp fishing, too much really, but the excitement sort of went out of it after 20 years.
  9. I’m only 39, but my back is shite. I stuffed it last year and lost the last 4 months of the ferreting season. I will take a mate next time I go up there
  10. I’ve tried rabbit cooked many ways, but I don’t like it. I eat every other animal or fish going, but bloody typical I don’t like rabbit! It always seem to have a hint of the guts in the taste.
  11. Well I got a phone call a few days ago about some rabbits being a problem on theor paddocks. Well I went up there first thing, put the Longnets out and the ferrets in. It wasn’t the easiest place to go on your own. The hedges are 10 ft wide and really thick, pushing well over 14ft tall. Only in a few places where it’s thin, you can cut a net or put donk boards through. I only managed 2x 100 yard sections today, each one opposite sides of the paddocks as requested! I’m glad I took 200 yards of longnet. They do tend to like hole hopping here, so I made up 12 x 4ft long donk boards yesterday, to place in the sections where the warrens were to hopefully divert them out the hedge. Well I had 12 rabbits, not huge numbers, but they were all crackers, full of fat, so the ferrets will enjoy eating them. It was hard work keeping an eye on the ferrets and running to the other side of the hedge, as I could barely crawl through where I had cut through, so it was back to the gateway 100 yards away when I heard a rabbit take off. Shame they never seem to keep the hedges trimmed down on paddocks like the farmers do! Still, it was an enjoyable day, but I better have a soak in the bath as my back is aching like hell. That’s after using my carp barrow to move all the crap I take with me around!
  12. When I go netting in my boat, if i havent been for a long while my hands get sore hauling the nets in. If you do it regularly your hands will toughen up.
  13. A lot of nets do shrink slightly, especially when they get wet and dry out. My father has some old sprat nets that were boiled to shrink the mesh size, when the sprats one year were small
  14. Lint is the proper term for the mesh. A softer lint is more flexible and will enmesh the rabbits better. A binding agent is a chemical used to bind the fibres in the twine together
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