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  1. lurcher power

    Great pic

  2. lurcher power

    Lets see some wheaton xs

    Very nince animals
  3. lurcher power

    Bull x

  4. lurcher power

    Bull x

    Fair comment pal
  5. lurcher power

    Bull x

    Half brother to the red bitch 3 year old
  6. lurcher power

    Bull x

  7. lurcher power

    Bull x

    If they was like that the wouldn't be stood there but there bad and good in all breeds not saying myn the best in the country but there not to bad me and my pal have run this breed for good few years now and done alright with it
  8. lurcher power

    Bull x

    These Reece's stuff fast enough to be fair, kill single up and jump black dog Monty stuff bitch Stan stuff the black dog the bitchs uncle gonna line her this year hopefully been honest enough dogs had sum good hard nights over the years, dogs 7 year old bitch 5
  9. lurcher power

    Can’t make it out

    I'll tell u now it's jacked once it will jack again
  10. lurcher power

    Long ears??

    Ye I bet u are u fking ding
  11. lurcher power

    Long ears??

    You fking backward cnut
  12. lurcher power

    Lamp Charge

    Dose anybody no if the incar charger for the tracer litium battery works on the tracer 150 cordless lamp cheers
  13. lurcher power

    How Often Do People Lamp

    good pics pal and a tidy dog fair play must be good numbers round about