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  1. I'm tempted to get this one. http://www.huntingdogseurope.com/dogs-for-sale/
  2. When I had a GWP she was excellent in the water & brought geese back for fun. No problems as long as the introduction to water is done correctly. Not sure I would have a GWP purely as a 'Fowling Dog but each to their own. "Flushing" a fox would have been the last thing it would have done if it was that near to one.
  3. There are no puppy trials in the UK. You either run against other Novice dogs or against other Open dogs (a Novice can run against Open dogs but you are unlikely to get an entry)
  4. You don't need a big run, its a place to keep the dog safe not an exercise pen.
  5. The Guy Wallace book as mentioned is decent. Guy, well you can decide. Older but decent is the Michael Brander books (Roughshooters Dog etc) Read any books on ALL gundogs and pick the gems from each. Some of the Pointer books are excellent on understanding wind.
  6. Some of mine. Sadly the Liver & White dog died last week at a grand old age.
  7. Lovely coat on the GWP. That was the same as my old GWP, far better than the "shaggy" coated version (I know it makes no working difference but....)
  8. Well the old boy so nearly made the end of the shooting season. Spent his life hunting in the woods so only right he gets to rest there. My first & well loved Cocker will be missed.
  9. Remember when the "shows" came to town and they had the air-rifle shooting stalls. Took about 5 go's before you worked out the rifle was shooting about 3 foot to the right..........................and that was only over 10 yards
  10. Excellent my friend. Far too many want to leave nothing behind and so destroy any future sport.
  11. Simply, the dog is not trained to a standard where it should be in the field. The longer you continue to let this happen the worse the poor dog will get. You do not say what type of dog it is but any dog used should not be that far away from you to need a long line, either in the field or the training pen. In fact I would be surprised if any keeper would allow you to run a long line & train a dog on a shoot day. Go back to the beginning , basics, basics & more basics. Do not rush a dog into the field & let it learn / make mistakes in an environment where it can be corrected immediately (live training days / dogging in with keepers permission etc.) A dog getting excited is not an issue but spoiling both a shoot day & the dog is. Don't lose heart we all have bad days. As Dave P states a dog sat on its arse won't get much wrong. Good Luck.
  12. Been there, not nice. Hope you get them back. Keep an eye on the usual suspects (pets4homes, gumtree, preloved. etc)
  13. (Taken from web) Blood training It is advisable to get a pup started on blood trailing at an early age, I have started my own pup at about 4ths old, but she has had deer skin and feet to play with since her eyes where open . I have found a large syringe (without the needle) is very useful when collecting blood from a carcass, I also take an empty plastic milk carton with me , the small ones are ideal, they take little room up in the roe sack. Blood can be frozen and kept for many weeks but before I use any blood , fresh or frozen I use a small hand held blender to take out any clots, To start with I use the large syringe to lay the trail. It will only get maybe 12-15 yds, but long enough to start with. As the pup progresses I use an empty washing up liquid bottle. This will be enough blood to lay a good trail. One tip I have is to use markers as you lay the trail, it is so easy to lose the start when you come back with the dog ! markers also help in advanced training to mark turns in the trail etc. I always leave either a deer foot or piece of skin for the pup to play with at he end of the trail, if this is not enough to keep it interested try leaving small pieces of meat or even dried dog food along the trail, with a larger portion of meat or dog food at the end.
  14. What do you want from the Stud? What are you looking to try and add to your Bitch to take the breed forward? Without knowing what you want to produce or where you want to go how can you pick a Stud? Is your bitch too small, need more drive, better coat, softer mouth etc etc Decide then look for that. Enjoy.
  15. I have been fortunate enough to beat on some very big shoots days & the dogs have been the usual mix of spaniels & labs. However when it came to areas we knew to be be holding hundreds of birds in a tiny area the best dog was the terriers used by one of the lads. These were dogs used on several of the local hunts so they had no interest in any of the birds and just pottered about gently bumb flushing a few birds at a time.....perfect. Some of them did go a bit AWOL if we came across ground game
  16. The original aims of the RSPCA were noble enough but this has become lost, partly due to changes in the public perception of what purpose animals serve. The fact they have become political doesn't even bother me, that is up to its members but the fact they are allowed to retain charitable status is beyond a joke.
  17. Nice thread. Great to read some honest assessments of people own dogs.
  18. When I enquired about a cocker a few years back they were no dearer that other dogs out of similar breeding (which compared to how the terrier lads operate is still toooooooo dear) & I say that as someone who buys / sells at that same price.
  19. No probs JOK. You will indeed know then that Opie is convinced people on the internet know more about him than he does ;-) Though if I could have anything it would be the Buccleuch kennel blocks
  20. Not sure how much mis-information you can put in 1 post but good effort. Is Ian Openshaw the best recent breeder of any type of spaniels? I think even Ian would perhaps state not, he is however the most successful trainer of dogs out there. "This guy" I assume you are referring to is Davie Lissett? Davie doesn't own the Buccleuch Affix, the Duke does. Davie is a brilliant trainer & one of the nicest blokes you could meet so not sure why you feel the need to slag him off? Would I pay more for a Buccleuch pup rather than one out the magazines? That completely depends on the breeding of the pups just as you will pay a premium for a pup from one of the dogs Opie has made up to FTCH.
  21. What type of dog is it? If a spaniel what sort of hunting do you think you'll be doing at the club?
  22. No The problem with a dog that lives indoors is people. The temptation to tell it off, kids to play tug with it, confuse the dog are all OUR problems not the dogs.
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