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  1. My liver and white springer spaniel has just come into season this weekend and I'm wanting to beed her. She's 5, has brilliant breeding and is really keen out beating, she's a treasure. The only problem is she can be quite vocal in that she whines quite a lot when she's playing, and event of excitement when she is sent out for a retrieve. Any opinions on whether to breed or not? Many thanks
  2. she's not too bad acc, if se does i just call her back and send her on again.
  3. The dog meat is butchers tripe and the kibble is Arkwrights. Not cheap rubbish mate
  4. Hi guys, is anyone else struggling to keep weight on their springers? she's been beating all season, comes to work with me at a riding school where she's alway stunning about, and she's walked everyday. she's just looking a bit skinny and isn't seeming to be putting any weight on. she's given two scoops of kibble and helf a tin of dog meat a day, seems like loads but having to feed her up in order to keep here weight on.
  5. big napper yes mate she marks warrens and catches whatever hits the nets, saves a lot from wriggling out when a few bolt at once.
  6. Does anyone else work a springer spaniel out ferreting? Saturdays in the eating line, Sundays in the hedgerow with the ferrets.
  7. fair enough then mate, just didn't know whether the age would vase any complications n'that. Thanks, Jack
  8. Sorry mate, don't think i made myself clear, i bought two jills last summer so I'm going to breed from them this coming spring. thank you anyway tho Arry. Thank you, Jack
  9. Hi all, just looking for a bit of advise regarding my hobs; I've had them about 5 years and they've lived together all the time I've had them and apparently all their lives with no bother. This year i decided to buy in a pair of jills as the hobs are getting on now, especially the sandy who seems to have failed to get his winter coat this year. This makes me think that he won't be with us much longer, and wanted to get some kits out of him this coming spring as he's an excellent worker, what do you guys think, is he too old? We've predicted him to be about 7 or 8 years old, do you think he'll be up to scratch? Also, if i breed from him will i be able to house him back with my other hob or will they fight do you think? Bearing in mind that my sandy hob is quite small and my other one is relatively large? Like i say they've both lived in harmony all their lives with no problems, however theres never been any jills around before now. What do you guys reckon? Thanks in advance, Jack
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