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  1. My reading up says the paper work 5o have it imported to an rfd here is "simple" and I think your 3rd option is probably the easiest seeing as how many illegals there are in the UK and how easy criminals get guns!
  2. A guy i work with has a bakial o/u 20 combination but He has had it years a brilliant gun for keepering with
  3. Thats the plan if it just has .22rf/20bore i will go for a wmr. Also only issue with going myself is I don't have a passport!
  4. just had my firearms cert back with my latest variation! which is a .22/20bore combination gun now my question is has anyone ever brought a gun in from Germany as the prices seem a lot lower over there than here! thanks james
  5. the phrase i have highlighted doesn't mean much just because they have good marketing and they tell you what you want to hear about how good they are! i know of a large game in Gloucestershire my boss supplies his chicks if you want a number of someone else locally for a quote it could even be the same person! his poults always look good!
  6. Yukon photon xt6x50 View Advert not much used been on an air rifle since new either want the £250 or a swap for another scope to go on my centrefire may consider some other sort of swap! Advertiser James Cooksey Date 28/01/19 Price £250.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  7. bsa ultra MMC and Relum tornado View Advert i have for up for grabs a bsa ultra mmc and also a relum tornado both in .22 £210 the pair the bsa has a hw moderator on and scope. the relum just has rear sight but has been restored. both running at 11ft/lb. reason for sale is to fund a .22-250! bsa provisionally sold just the relum left £50 Advertiser James Cooksey Date 23/11/18 Price £210.00 Category Airguns
  8. yeah identical! lovely little gun! i am struggling to find the rws hv hp
  9. by the looks of things i am running the same rifle as you!
  10. how much louder are they? as i am using the subsonic equivalent and fancy trying these!
  11. @wyeman literally only started it this last week! done it on 2 different days, his recall is good the rest of the time.
  12. having an issue with my dog running off while out beating, he runs off into the gun line following a bird and then not coming back what would people on here do to stop this plan is to long line him but he only does it when he sees a bird and hears shots so its hard to long line him as he wont do it while training and long lining while working is impractical
  13. just dont worry about it most dont! never used a registered bike and am regularly on the main road with it!
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