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  1. Hi lads, I’d love someone on this page to make me a couple of knives. One for me and one for my dad. General purpose knife to bring deer stalking. If any knife makers on the page could dm me that would be great. Thanks a lot
  2. Looks great Tyla. Any photos of your progress from start to where you are now? You are living the dream.
  3. Hi lads, Any recommendations for a decent set of knives? Nothing to break the bank. thanks.
  4. I agree with what everyone is saying. Someone told me once the last thing you want is for a springer to be a "busy fool", in other words tiring themselves out for nothing. My own springer will eat cover if there's any scent, if not he'll pass it. He has really high drive and never misses a bird if there's something in there. like others said, bring him somewhere you know there's birds and see how he goes.
  5. Lads when woodcock stop off in Ireland and UK in migration do the same birds stop off every year or different birds each time? I mean do birds repeat visit year on year or is it random?
  6. Sorry, he's 16 months old so not really a pup any more . Just a habit calling him that.
  7. Hi lads, had pup out for his first day. He did well, found it hard to keep him close so might give him a break from birds for a while. Hearing conflicting advice. He put up three birds that I could shoot at and did some nice retrieves. I didn't see any woodcock yet.
  8. That is brilliant RTurlough and thanks a million for the detailed advice. I’ll definitely try what you’re recommending, for sure I’m reusing ground which isn’t helping. Just to point out he’s a year old now, I started the thread some months back but it’s great to keep getting advice. Just want to make sure I do the best I can for the dog and give him a good first season come November.
  9. Thanks lads, have been working hard on the training for the last few months but keeping things fun too. You are right about the first 15 minutes out of the run. He's literally like a bullet. Trying to keep him in range is still a challenge. Funny because the stop whistle he drops instantly. Quartering whistle not so much when he's in cover. Here's maybe an odd question but could he be hunting more with his eyes than his nose? The speed he goes at I can imagine he's missing plenty of scent?
  10. Thanks Jarvis. I thought his recall was good but when he had the pigeon was oblivious to the whistle. I plan to spend the spring and summer really focusing on obedience training and summer into winter get into game training.
  11. Thanks Jarvis, I actually have hens here and the pen is right beside him so he's well used to them. Maybe I'll let the hens out of the pen and do some work with him on the lead with them, or better still bring him into the pen on the lead.
  12. Hi lads, My 6 month old springer pup has a mega drive and I've been trying to keep him away from birds till I can get him fairly well behaved. I've just really been walking him on and off the lead in the field behind the house in some rough ground. Today I saw him hunting a scent like crazy about 20 feet from me and he caught and killed a pigeon and scarpered with him. I managed to get the bird off him and put him to the kennel to calm down. Am I doing right by keeping him away from birds? Is it normal for springer to catch and kill birds? I reckon if I'd not got the bird off him he
  13. In fact it's mostly one on one time with him.
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