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  1. jwed

    Pup killed a pigeon

    That is brilliant RTurlough and thanks a million for the detailed advice. I’ll definitely try what you’re recommending, for sure I’m reusing ground which isn’t helping. Just to point out he’s a year old now, I started the thread some months back but it’s great to keep getting advice. Just want to make sure I do the best I can for the dog and give him a good first season come November.
  2. jwed

    Pup killed a pigeon

    Thanks lads, have been working hard on the training for the last few months but keeping things fun too. You are right about the first 15 minutes out of the run. He's literally like a bullet. Trying to keep him in range is still a challenge. Funny because the stop whistle he drops instantly. Quartering whistle not so much when he's in cover. Here's maybe an odd question but could he be hunting more with his eyes than his nose? The speed he goes at I can imagine he's missing plenty of scent?
  3. jwed

    Pup killed a pigeon

    Thanks Jarvis. I thought his recall was good but when he had the pigeon was oblivious to the whistle. I plan to spend the spring and summer really focusing on obedience training and summer into winter get into game training.
  4. jwed

    Pup killed a pigeon

    Thanks Jarvis, I actually have hens here and the pen is right beside him so he's well used to them. Maybe I'll let the hens out of the pen and do some work with him on the lead with them, or better still bring him into the pen on the lead.
  5. Hi lads, My 6 month old springer pup has a mega drive and I've been trying to keep him away from birds till I can get him fairly well behaved. I've just really been walking him on and off the lead in the field behind the house in some rough ground. Today I saw him hunting a scent like crazy about 20 feet from me and he caught and killed a pigeon and scarpered with him. I managed to get the bird off him and put him to the kennel to calm down. Am I doing right by keeping him away from birds? Is it normal for springer to catch and kill birds? I reckon if I'd not got the bird off him he could have even eaten it. Is there anything else I should be doing with him?
  6. jwed

    Running pup with sheepdog

    In fact it's mostly one on one time with him.
  7. jwed

    Running pup with sheepdog

    Thanks lads, good points. Yeah I take the pup out for one on one walks too.
  8. Hi lads, I'm bringing my 16 week springer pup up the fields with my sheepdog. The sheepdog likes to run and the pup follows him. Can he pick up bad habits? I mean bad for hunting. Will he get into a habit of just sprinting in straight lines? Am I best to take him out on his own? I usually bring him for short rambles along the ditches and he potters around me without sprinting off. thanks
  9. jwed

    Bonding with new pup

    Just an update here lads. Starting to gel a bit now. He still has his moments, I'm giving him plenty of treats. Spending lots of 1 on 1 time with him every day, lots of play etc. A couple of times when I have him on walks up the field he just turns and runs home which is a bit annoying. Hopefully he'll grow out of that soon?
  10. jwed

    Two pups?

    Interesting what you said about the two pups bonding with each other more than you. I do worry that the pup is bonding more with my sheepdog than me. Any thoughts on that?
  11. jwed

    Two pups?

    Thanks bird, that is my gut feeling.
  12. jwed

    Two pups?

    Hi lads, what are your thoughts on having two pups on the go at the same time? The reason I ask is because a pup is available, same grand sire as my other pup and his mother is from a very strong line. I have the time to give the two pups but ask as a novice, should I focus on one pup? thanks
  13. jwed

    Bonding with new pup

    Thanks lads, that's reassuring to hear.
  14. Hi lads, just curious about your stories and experience of bonding with a new pup. My new lad doesn't feel like he's bonding with me. When I'm rambling around the garden doesn't come with me, prefers to stay back. Even when I call him over doesn't come. I spend a lot of time with him, playing, talking to him. Even when he's resting just have him at my feet in the house. I feed him every time, nobody else. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to give him more time? He's 12 weeks old and I have him just over a week. Just for some context this is a new springer pup, my last pup sadly died and maybe I'm unfairly comparing him on everything to the last pup who more or less bonded with me instantly. Thanks.
  15. jwed

    Run size

    I have the sheepdog perfectly trained on a wireless radio fence (beep only). Don't really want to try the springer on it, when he's older.