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  1. Fantastic stuff mate, that bottom picture is fantastic. Great promotion for the sport, well done you guys
  2. Sorry mate I’ll get around to it ASAP
  3. IanB! Iv not seen the big man online for a long time! Saying that I never leave the safety of the terrier section
  4. The worse thing people can do is turn a blind eye to this. As you say buddy they won’t stop once they start
  5. Happy ending T, you nearly made in onto the wall of fame on the fell and moorland thread
  6. Something really needs to change with the mindset of these Big hunting and Shooting organisations, fieldsports in general is getting a complete hammering. at this rate all game shooting will be gone in a few years and then they will turn on the fishing next. They won’t stop until our way of life and our traditions are gone.
  7. Not everyone agrees with how other people work there dogs, there will be 100s of different situations of how people would do things differently, just because people choose to do things differently. Who am I to judge? If we start saying what’s right or wrong we start sounding as bad as the antis. Everyone works to different standards and In different ways As long as there terriers are there main concern, end of the day that’s what brings us All together int it the love of our terriers.
  8. Thank you francie, I’ll send you a PM
  9. Rabbit hunter I think me and you you have had this conversation a few times over the years in here, Honestly there no more dangerous to a terrier than dog a sand hole on a hole in a ash banking, just for the laugh why don’t you take a drive up here next season and do a day on the rocks With us, I would say this season but I don’t have anything thats up to scratch On the rocks at the moment. You might go away with a different view on them.
  10. Thank you very much Adam C That’s great stuff
  11. Iv had a nice chat recently with the Cornwall rep he’s a really nice lad think he’s had a busy few years but he’s back on his game now! everyone can find there nearest rep buy going to are website, I’ll try putting a link on later
  12. That’s shocking jossa, sorry to hear that buddy, I’d be interested in finding out who it was who wasn’t for passing the right information on, pm me
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