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  1. Bloody hell, she’s changed mate hasn’t she,
  2. I think Someone said a few pages back he might possibly be able to help you out if a litter comes up.
  3. No I get what you’re saying it is hard when you keep your self to your self, it has its pros and cons definitely, and one of the biggest cons is when it comes to looking for new stock. good luck with your search for a new terrier
  4. Twist, little pup gifted from TonyT
  5. I did some work in a prison a few years back and got talking to a screw that used to work in a special unit that delt with hostage situations and he said that Sykes would just pull young lads into his cell wedge the door shut and bum the f**k out of the poor fuckers for hour’s. True or not I’m not sure but that’s what the fella said.
  6. What’s not been put on the news the teachers house has had all its windows shot out last night, what a joke this country has become.
  7. Depends on the land your wanting to hunt, I don’t think you live overly far away from me, what I will say Is hounds are not like any other type of dog in my experience, they do what they want to do not what you want them too do, the idea of them sounds great but having them is a different story around here there is too many restrictions, busy roads are everywhere, I got a couple off a mate last season they was full fox hounds, Iv been around hounds for most of my adult life just following different packs, you have to fully understand hounds and how they work to keep a pack to a decent st
  8. Nothing wrong with been proud of your dog bud, this place is a bit like a building site, if you bite when someone takes the piss... well it’s game over
  9. I think the man is only having a bit of banter with you buddy, good luck with the dog hope it dose what you want it to
  10. Think the above rep has spoken to the lad, it’s a tricky one when there not sure if the dog is or int in the ground somewhere. I’m not on Facebook so be nice if someone could possibly keep me in the loop with this one.
  11. Horrible news T. hell of a little bitch as well, I won’t lie it knocks me for 6 loosing a terrier it really dose. RIP old girl
  12. Dose no one use ferrets anymore for bolting the rats?
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