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  1. Rat face

    Wooden terrier boxes

    Sound lad Kev is, that’s who I got mine off and still going strong
  2. Rat face

    Nuts and bolts

    I have one the same way made lee the connection is spot on if I’m honest but the spade i used wasn’t the best as I wasn’t sure how it was gonna your out
  3. Rat face

    Nuts and bolts

    I was the original one who asked them to be made lol, just need an engine fitting as well lol
  4. Rat face

    Nuts and bolts

    I know tony there spot on but the lads that busy he hasn’t got round to making mine yet, and don’t want to keep bugging him, so got a lad to try knock one up
  5. Rat face

    Nuts and bolts

    Cheers for that lads
  6. Rat face

    Nuts and bolts

    Looking to get a new screw together spade done for this season, just looking for ideas how to connect the two, iv got a lad waiting to do the work just need to get the bits for him. I know it’s never gonna be as strong as a solid spade but seen as I’m paying for the work been done I want it as good as possible any ideas would be great and any pics to show the lad would be even better thanks thanks adam
  7. Hope lads are really gonna get behind this
  8. Rat face

    Terrier clubs

    It was aimed at dog lads in general bud we all have a common goal in keeping terrier work going I’m not sure if there is any clubs in Ireland but if not why not start your own? Most of the big clubs will have started out as just a small group of mates. Look at the fell and moorland just a few lads in a country pub and look at it now atb adam
  9. Rat face

    Terrier clubs

    Man o Kent am I wrong or are you an ex rep of a terrier club?
  10. Rat face

    Terrier clubs

    Well said as always Barrie
  11. Rat face

    Terrier clubs

    I’m sure people don’t have to give there details if they don’t want to bud
  12. Rat face

    Terrier clubs

    Very true don thanks for the reply
  13. Rat face

    Terrier clubs

    just wanted to get a bit of feed back lads, terrier clubs up and down the country seem to be a bit of a down word spiral. As most people know I’m involved with the fell and moorland wtc, I just wanted to know what people thoughts on terrier clubs are in this modern age and why there is so little interest from people, and what could be done to bring more people in thanks RF
  14. Rat face


    I know that feeling,called my last pup rags and only thing the soft c@@t would rag was the sweeping brush at cleaning time
  15. Rat face


    Ken’s till alive surly someone could just ask him. Dose any know anyone that dug to dog regular? And if so was the dog worth all the hype, not been funny just a genuine question