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  1. One of the best threads in the terrier section in a long time
  2. Int it mad how things change with time I remember when I first came on here would be probably ten years ago roughly, every pic of bulls was the big heavy type (dogs for certain type of work) now majority of the bulls seem to be built for speed, some nice dogs on here tho, credit to there owners.
  3. In all fairness ziggy he dose not know who you are. you could be a wrong en for all he knows.you yourself probably wouldn’t just go out with anyone with out getting to know them abit first
  4. Is Darcy still writing books? , haven’t seen anything new out in a while terrier related
  5. Yes buddy I can send you a contact number if you like via pm
  6. Sorry bud I miss understood what you was saying is it the Facebook page or the website your struggling with, anyone can go on the website and there should be updated show dates on there soon as dates are set there put up
  7. Joining the fell and moorland? Yeah sure there is just go to a meeting and pay your subs
  8. Doing well for you bud, I remember when you put a pic of her as a pup I always remember thinking she will make a handy sized terrier
  9. It’s a members page only bud so I’m told I’m not on Facebook myself so can’t really comment, get yourself made a member buddy for just a tenner it’s worth it just for the peace of mind if you keep terriers or bushing dogs.
  10. Not sure buddy is it just not loading or can’t you get on? are you member of the club?
  11. Fair play Ziggy! I can vouch for ziggy Morton he’s a good lad, you should take him up on his offer. you will have a good day out.
  12. As has been said before its dogs for jobs but I personally like a small busy type, but as I have said in the past there will be certain type of earths that a little dog will be made look stupid.
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