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  1. There good boxes from Kev at working men’s prices as well
  2. The dredded kennel tail. How do people get rid of it and get hair to grow back. it’s not just the little dogs tail it’s her ears as well. Any help would be great.
  3. Good write up and pics Rick thanks for sharing, hope you have a good season buddy
  4. I was just thinking the same,
  5. Look strong athletic dogs! The tan dog looks like he could If been handy on the rock piles, did you ever use him on that kinda work?
  6. Well done sir! A true gentleman
  7. What is it? I don’t have Facebook so it won’t let me see
  8. I think it’s a terrier thing in general
  9. I take that as a compliment T
  10. What’s happened to him his he still writing books?
  11. Another part of the working dog scene gone to the history books! As said above I always enjoyed the mag and the books he came across as terrier man first and a writer second, well done Dave for all the hard work over the years! Did anyone show any interest in taking it on in the end?
  12. A cracking offer for someone who’s after a game dog
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