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  1. Agreed there’s plenty that turn a blind eye to where dogs are coming from.....scum bags
  2. Hope it turns up, keep us updated won’t you buddy
  3. any news about the dog bud, one of the fell and moorland officials was talking to him about the dog wasn’t it last Sunday it went missing?
  4. Looks very well he dose Glyn he’s a credit to you
  5. As I said mate each to there own, but can’t you half understand why land owners would get the pissed off? end of the day it’s there living that’s getting wrecked, not saying all the lads that drive the land do damage but a lot do.
  6. Now I’m gonna line myself up to get shot down here but some (not all) lurcher lads don’t help them selfs, driving land knackering newly sown seeds and smashing through crops, busting fences and spooking livestock, go door knocking anywhere around North Yorkshire.landowners hate all dog lads now. I won’t call any dog men for how they get there sport but every action has a reaction. it’s bang out of order what the CA has done tho and I have is very much a own goal and played into the hands of the police associating hare coursing with poaching, what is suggest is everyone sends the countryside alliance an email and pin Tim Bonner in it telling them what a sh#t storm they have started.
  7. Not all of them got put away tho did they, if you read it proper looks like one of them was telling tales
  8. Very true, antis don’t give a toss about the welfare of the fox they never have, iv said I before but if I was a fox I know who I would fancy my chances against a pack of hounds on my tail Or someone with night vision and a rifle.
  9. Happy days buddy long as you’re happy with her that’s the only thing that matters I remember you posting the pics of her as a pup
  10. Found it. I think lol if it is it I found it straight away
  11. Sound lad Kev is, that’s who I got mine off and still going strong
  12. I have one the same way made lee the connection is spot on if I’m honest but the spade i used wasn’t the best as I wasn’t sure how it was gonna your out
  13. I was the original one who asked them to be made lol, just need an engine fitting as well lol
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