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  1. Fair play Ziggy! I can vouch for ziggy Morton he’s a good lad, you should take him up on his offer. you will have a good day out.
  2. As has been said before its dogs for jobs but I personally like a small busy type, but as I have said in the past there will be certain type of earths that a little dog will be made look stupid.
  3. Definitely agree I think a lot of terriers around today are too big for me personally
  4. 1 of 1 it’s you who was trying to have a jab at us about the laws on hunting, Anyways no point going tit For tat. Just go out and enjoy your dogs it’s a simple as that life’s way to short.
  5. Don’t try getting funny about how we hunt in the U.K. fact is majority of the dogs you lot keep would be a cull over here. Let’s have it right look at what it is you lot call terrier work? I’m not gonna talk it on a open forum that is full of informers,but let’s be honest you’re way off the mark!
  6. Dose anyone still use the old fell boots? Think there about £130 mark I could be wrong tho
  7. What ever happened the little white dog bud did it keep getting you some tackle? That pic reminds me of the first fox we ever dug it was to my mates pet bow legged jack, we was proud as punch that day the 3 of us walking back talking about how we was no longer ferreting lads we was terriermen now lol, out of the 3 of us I’m the only one that carried on with the terriers/hunting. that day will always stay in my memory forever.
  8. Nice one swami thanks for sharing so you definitely have a good variety of things to work your terriers too, you guys have working terrier clubs over there?
  9. Cracking pics and write up swami how dose it work over there do you still need land owners permission or are you free to hunt where you like, or is it a kind of hunting permit. only asking out of interest
  10. The same law doesn’t seem to apply to the sabs. that’s the trend at the mo so it seems On info like this why is none of the pro hunt governing bodys pushing for a public answer from the police why there letting masked scum film kids, intimidate people, follow people to there homes? in what other walk of life would this be acceptable?
  11. I think as Brits it’s always interesting to see how guys in different parts of the world work there terriers, so come on lads show us what you lot get up to sport wise
  12. Keep them coming jambalaya genuinely interesting to see
  13. Definitely don, that would be spot on Cheers
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