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  1. Rat face

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Good luck and I hope the pups do you proud buddy
  2. Rat face

    New Season In France

    Fantastic Blaise, thanks for sharing buddy
  3. Rat face

    Show us your white dogs

    Think there is already a thread on this buddy further down the page
  4. Rat face

    New to the sport

    Well said Lee. And familiarise your self with the hunting act to make sure you stay within the law.
  5. Rat face


    Some stamp of a dog that Barrie
  6. Rat face

    ready for the season to start..

    That's the way Don never say never....... unless your in a gay bar Me, you and Dan will sort a day out in the winter if you fancy it?
  7. Rat face

    ready for the season to start..

    You doing anything with the terriers any more Don?
  8. I really don't have a come back to that buddy. I agree its not right 100% but I'm only a rep for my area and can't control what the other's do unfortunately
  9. Woo hold up lol its just one area of the fell and moorland he's judging not for the the club as a whole The reps been told by a few different people about the man.
  10. I'll inform the lad whos show it is just so he's in the loop
  11. Hes judging a show at the end of August over here shy shovel shy
  12. Rat face


    Is there anything else but going out with the dogs?? lol
  13. Rat face

    nuttal book

    I don't agree with that statement buddy. You can Jack any dog but as a terrierman its your job not to let it get to that point. I agree all dogs even well bred ones don't make it. But 80% of time it dude to human error. It just depends how honest you are with yourself. For some lads its just easier to to blame the dog.
  14. Rat face


    Iv never seen one work so cant judge they defo look the part tho. It's dogs for jobs I keep the Little wind bag type. I must admit there have been of times when I wished I kenneled a harder type.... But on the other hand I can sleep a lot easier knowing if the knock ever comes I'm all sorted.
  15. Glad you enjoyed in buddy. Hope you come back next year. Thanks to everyone who came and made the day what it was. A few new members as well that's always welcome. Thanks again and hope too see you all again next year. Adam