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  1. Spotting fresh mole activity isn't rocket science and doesn't need a dog My little terrier that comes to work with me knows the game.... she runs up to set traps and if there is a mole in it, stares at it (she knows that digging at traps is verbotten). When I pull the trap out, she carefully extracts the dead mole as I push the catch loop down, and then jumps back on the bike with it. I may eventually train her to deposit the cadaver straight into the bucket on the bike, but somehow I doubt it. I suppose it's only a matter of time before folks start talking about the best crosses to
  2. A dog that's up to the job? In case you didn't already know it, it's now illegal to run hares with a dog. Whilst I can appreciate the fact that some folks got lots of pleasure from running hares, you have to accept that like most wild animals they can cause significant damage, and like most wild animals they need management from time to time. There's nothing wrong with shooting or snaring hares where their numbers are high. To the OP, I'd echo what others have already said; this is a bad time of year to be killing hares, but if it has to be done, then gate nets can work well.
  3. No, it's not against the law to transport wildlife. BUT........ once 'captive' any animal becomes 'livestock' for legal purposes
  4. I'm OK for doorstops otherwise I'd order one
  5. So, you're driving along with a live fox in a hessian bag in the back of the motor, and some dick drives into you......... how do you explain to the old bill what you are doing with a live animal in the car? No. By far the best, and most humane solution is to humanely dispatch it where you catch it. Providing you have lawful authority to 'take' the fox in the first place (which you need to trap it anyway) there is no law preventing you from doing the right thing. A .410 shotgun would be my tool of choice Unless you've been on the training course and got the certificate you are
  6. If you are providing a 'commercial' service that is a dangerous habit to get into When (or if) you are found out, you will likely get a big fine, and also backdated charges Like I said recently; don't make life hard for yourself. You are paid to kill stuff, not remove it.
  7. have you got a link to that legislation please Matt? I've been having a to do with our local council about putting deer bones in the bin and they said I couldn't due to the animal by products legislation? Just google the Animal (By Products) Regulations and you can clearly see that 'wild' animals are exempt
  8. Why can't you shoot them where you trap them? There is no law to stop you doing so, providing you have the permission of the landowner (which you need to trap them anyway). Be very careful transporting live foxes. Whilst they are in your care they are classified as 'livestock' and you have to have a ticket to transport livestock. Just imagine being stopped with a live fox on board Apart from anything else, I personally think it's not very humane to move them about. Get them humanely dispatched ASAP.
  9. Poisoned rats are NOT hazardous waste. They are 'controlled' waste. Important difference
  10. They are 'controlled waste' if they are produced as part of a commercial activity. However, wild animals are 'exempt' from the Animal (By Products) regulations. Where did they come from? I'd suggest you stop taking them home and either put them into the householders bin if they come from domestic jobs, or the normal commercial waste bin on commercial jobs. As soon as you put them into your van, you are creating waste which you have to dispose of through commercial waste disposal channels. If you create no waste, you don't have to pay to get rid of it.
  11. Those Almati trousers look like the dogs danglies....... I've been coveting a pair myself for two seasons now...... sadly, the budget never seems to be up to it, but one day..... For now, I'm wearing neoprene bib and brace jobbies that set me back £54. They are great on the quad in wet weather, and keep my knees dry, but they are very hot when the sun shines.....
  12. Sorry to say they have now stopped the trap production side of their business. What sort of trap should i be looking for which are well made and good value ? That's a real shame :-( I'm not sure what to advise in that case
  13. The sort that's applied by professionals.
  14. As others have already suggested, Flat Pack are your best bet. They are now the only trap I would recommend. Be prepared for a wait though.... they are very, very busy, and it's at least 3 weeks from ordering to delivery due to the demand
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