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  1. Hands of Stone

    How often to feed

    Depends on the workload but I always feed morning and night and sometime a third meal if the dogs are being rested.
  2. Hands of Stone

    Many of you using a thermal ?

    I've got one for work (I'm a keeper) and they are handy, I use mine with the rifle, but I always take it lamping with the lurcher too. Handy for getting up to lampshy quarry, and also useful for keeping light disturbance down when free lancing! Had an hour stand off when me and the head keeper were eyeballing each other from across a valley.... happy days!
  3. Hands of Stone

    kelpie x

    ive seen some good ones, one of the best lurchers ive seen was a straight from dave sleight. and ive also seen some less good ones..... all of them hated foxes with a passion!
  4. Hands of Stone

    Rock Dogs

    Call me a jesse, had too much heart ache with rock earths...... these days unless I NEED the fox dead i leave him in there! But that's because there are few rocky spots on my ground, further north (or west) the ground and the lads are tougher than me!
  5. Hands of Stone

    different collie crosses.

    Years a ago I had a welsh collie x greyhound. she was a good bitch and took a lot of game with her. welsh collies are generally more independent than border collies and get on with the job instead of looking for instruction. I don't know whether this trait makes a difference when breeding lurchers?
  6. Hands of Stone

    Common beginner mistakes to avoid!

    Make sure your dog is fit before the season, don't just take a couch potato out lamping in September when its still hot, the grounds rock hard. You'll slip your dog and that could be it till Christmas if you have luck like mine!
  7. Hands of Stone

    The terriers and terriermen of Ireland!

    I'd say its one of his better books..... Ive not long finished sean frain's latest book. that was hard work but ok....
  8. Hands of Stone


    Up here wasps seem to be on the decline. Only find 3 or 4 nests a summer when im mouching about
  9. Hands of Stone


    Good work lads!
  10. Hands of Stone

    Teaching a lurcher recall whilst lamping

    If I took a dog on, I'd spend a lot of time bonding with the dog than just take him out show him game and expect him to come back to a relative stranger...
  11. Hands of Stone

    How to go about getting new permission?

    Keep asking and trying. When you drop lucky make sure you do a tidy job, don't take eejits on there and then try and get in with neighbouring farms
  12. Hands of Stone

    Mission successful...a promise honoured..

    Fair play Phil, I can think of more lads who'd wouldn't step up to the mark than would
  13. Yes it would work..... just have a look under oak trees on a pheasant shoot. Try feeding wheat with a few handfuls of maize
  14. Hands of Stone

    Black Lab Question

    I have found regular dogging in can be a two edged sword..... its easy to stand at on end of the field and let the dog push on too far, but if you bare that in mind and treat dogging in as dog training it will be the best training for beating you can get
  15. Hands of Stone

    243 zero

    The main factor is what range you are going to be shooting at. With 58grain bullets if I zero for 1 inch high at 100yds then im bang on at 200 yards