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  1. Hands of Stone

    Common beginner mistakes to avoid!

    Make sure your dog is fit before the season, don't just take a couch potato out lamping in September when its still hot, the grounds rock hard. You'll slip your dog and that could be it till Christmas if you have luck like mine!
  2. Hands of Stone

    The terriers and terriermen of Ireland!

    I'd say its one of his better books..... Ive not long finished sean frain's latest book. that was hard work but ok....
  3. Hands of Stone


    Up here wasps seem to be on the decline. Only find 3 or 4 nests a summer when im mouching about
  4. Hands of Stone


    Good work lads!
  5. Hands of Stone

    Teaching a lurcher recall whilst lamping

    If I took a dog on, I'd spend a lot of time bonding with the dog than just take him out show him game and expect him to come back to a relative stranger...
  6. Hands of Stone

    How to go about getting new permission?

    Keep asking and trying. When you drop lucky make sure you do a tidy job, don't take eejits on there and then try and get in with neighbouring farms
  7. Hands of Stone

    Mission successful...a promise honoured..

    Fair play Phil, I can think of more lads who'd wouldn't step up to the mark than would
  8. Yes it would work..... just have a look under oak trees on a pheasant shoot. Try feeding wheat with a few handfuls of maize
  9. Hands of Stone

    Black Lab Question

    I have found regular dogging in can be a two edged sword..... its easy to stand at on end of the field and let the dog push on too far, but if you bare that in mind and treat dogging in as dog training it will be the best training for beating you can get
  10. Hands of Stone

    243 zero

    The main factor is what range you are going to be shooting at. With 58grain bullets if I zero for 1 inch high at 100yds then im bang on at 200 yards
  11. Hands of Stone

    Deafness in white dogs

    I have a Russell (tri colour) that's deaf he works ok, when I bred off him one of the litter was deaf too. I won't breed off him again, which is a shame as he works well.
  12. Hands of Stone

    Bit of advice

    I suggest get it stock broken, get it coming back when called and then just take it! mine have all seemed natural hunters and pick everything up as they go along
  13. Hands of Stone

    Anybody heard off Ideation?

    If any one has his number could they ask him to ring Wil who has the brother to bree please
  14. Hands of Stone

    Anybody heard off Ideation?

    As title says. Is he still out there?
  15. Hands of Stone

    couple of hours out

    The Head keeper was off on another shoot with the big boss today, so I snuck off the estate after feeding my birds. I arrived on some of my old permission about 2.15 so I was cutting things fine to say the least! But after I'd collared up the two jills and put the jack russel (in case we ran something cheekier to ground than a rabbit) on a lead I turned around and Jake, my lurcher was already marking the first burrow, both jills in (last years but pretty unexperienced) and quick bolt which jake caught within 8ft of the hole, and i'm thinking how the lurcher is still pretty handy despite a LONG lay off from ferreting. HOW WRONG I WAS. Next burrow he was keen so one jill in and she came out, I realised I should have read his body language better... next burrow he does the same kind of mark, like theres scent ON TOP of the burrow, and he stands back staring at the whole burrow instead of a single hole (hope that makes sense?). Anyway as I half turned from the burrow so he moves with me, I reckon he knew there was nowt in, just wishful thinking. Next burrow a proper mark, ferret in and as a long wrestling match unfolds I manage to grab the bunny from up the tube. Next burrow, two bolt after a strong mark and make it into a stone wall. I walk up and bring Jake back from the burrow, its a bad spot. Jake pushes the next rabbit from a braken bed into a tidy 5 holer, which bolts again straight after the jill enters and after a long run over rocks snow and whole field makes it save under an oak tree! Lights fading by now but what the hell I'm not at work so I'm making the most of it! With th wind picking up jake didn't hear the next bolt but after 30yd dash straight up a steep bank he nailed his rabbit so I thought Id start heading back to the van. He marked another in, resulting in a 5 foot dig through stones and shale, but worth it to get a first dig to my jills. Maybe its the wannabe terrierman in me but I don't think a days ferreting is complete without a dig. Or maybe after Ive carried the spade round the mountain its satisfying to use it? By now its dark so I headed for home, but I'm planning an early finish sunday and round two while theres a few rabbits on the ground! THANKS FOR READING