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  1. Rowan

    Rabbit cage traps

    Very hit and miss , it seams sometimes you can't fail and others i ask myself , " what the f$%k am i doing wrong. Good luck.
  2. Rowan

    Summer job

    What a great oppourtunity, good luck.
  3. Rowan


    I couldn't believe my ears , no matter my luck . I've had several evenings roost shooting there now , Happy days, ( well evenings ).
  4. Tried and trusted mk4 Fenn on rats in a wire cubby , proves itself time and time again.I put 2 inside a small stable yesterday afternoon, i had a text this morning from the lady to say there was a rat in one. Sure enough one very dead rat , never get bored off finding that. Plus one very happy customer.
  5. Too true , i have used Phostoxin for moles but it's not very effective . I now only use it against rabbits if i have no other option, saying that i haven't used any for 2 years . I hate the stuff.
  6. Rowan


    Welcome mate, but you'r one of hundreds who's come on here seeking permission. I don't blame you i must say , i moved last year after 50 years in Norfolk to scotland. I have asked at every farm/ croft i drove past , just before christmas i was asking about beating at a farm and the reply came ," i'd rather have someone shoot my pigeons ". It pays to ask , ask and ask.
  7. Haven't used a gibbet line for years , it used to be the way to prove you where doing your job. If they don't believe me , and they should by looking over the ground, it's the last time i work for them.
  8. Rowan


    I use needle nose pliers to get em out , wish there was something that kept em away.
  9. Nice one Trappa , i thought i was doing well today , 5 moles for the first 12 traps , ( there was more ! ).
  10. Mine are in and still working for me , i'll find most and loose some , oh well .
  11. I know it's hard not to stress about it , but i've seen it all before and it will go . I know from experience its better to stay off the roads for a wee while . I'm not venturing out to any of the crofts until monday, but my landy and me are still intact.
  12. They'll wait , just stay safe , i once couldn't check the traps for 10 days.
  13. Rowan

    Moles and roads

    Poor old farmers, they fail to realise we have bills to pay as well.
  14. Rowan

    Moles and roads

    There's always a farmer wants it done for nothing. I set some traps on two fields on monday , went to tell the farmer how many traps/ when i'd be back etc. He said i've got another 9 acre field that's covered in mole hills , will you throw that one in for nothing? I said no , i agreed a price for two fields . His answer was , well don't bother at all then. Collected my traps and blocked his phone numbers, pratt cost me nearly 3 hours!
  15. Rowan

    Sub zero ferrets

    Really stuffed their nest box with hay , they've made a hole/ nest in it . I try not to disturb them too much either.