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  1. Looking for advice on where I can dispose of any rodent carcasses I may come across . I did use a local-ish pet crematorium , but they have just told me they will no longer be able to do this . I'm sure you all know you need a paper trail as part of you ERA. Thanks all Should of posted this in the pest control section.
  2. Not sure if this is in the right place , please move it if needed ; i put it here as i work as a pest controller . After relocating to scotland i have picked up some decent contracts and local work , but now i will have to look further afield ; so i believe a website is the next move . I'm after recommendations as to who to use to get one built or where to rent a domain name from. I've had one in the past from 1+1, but wasn't that impressed with their service. cheers guys.
  3. Welcome john, nice to hear from someone aels a bit further North than usual.
  4. what a strange lot the general public are . I had one rather eccentric lady baffled that she had a growing number of rats living in her garden. She went on to tell me she boiled up a saucepan of pasta every night and left it on the lawn , so the birds had something to eat when they woke up. she seamed baffled when i told her the rats where thriving on her food handouts.
  5. These type with a wee hint of ginger you usually find grouped together , not usually just one . It does make a change and nice to see one completely coloured differently.
  6. As this is how i make my living , you are very welcome to travel upto the Highlands and undertake all my pest control contracts F.O.C. while i sit back and take the payments. Hope that helps.
  7. Personally i do , can't speak for the rest.
  8. Cats do not deter rats, i've caught a rat under a a unit in a utility room that a pair of cats slept ontop off. Get a professional in.
  9. Same old thing , here we go again . Best of british luck mate , you'll need it..
  10. Rowan

    New clay Gun

    Collected yestarday , very pleased to say the least.
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