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  1. Give it around a week or to that is what I have done and I have never had a problem.
  2. Just out of interest we’re you saw the 100 or so ferrets was that in whittlesea by any chance Aussie whip. As their is an old timer up this way who is 87 years old and still going strong .
  3. Feed them well and be loyal to your animals and they will be loyal to you and I still have all my fingers. My farther often said to me if you get home late and you are hungery feed your pets first as they can’t go to the pantry and get there dinner.
  4. This is just a hand full on what we have. We are not into ferret farming for money but for some reason most of the does come into season very early and then went back into season again for the second time it has being a very strange year for the ferrets. Please don’t take it wrong we do not do this like a puppy farm. And if you are wondering how much they eat we need 3 dears a fortnight minced up to feed them and that is before the rabbits and chicken mince on top. They are very well looked after and when people call to by if we don’t think they are suited to own a ferret they don’t get as the
  5. Before you get any more ferrets make sure you fix up the hole so you don’t loose any more. It’s happened to me years ago now all my cages are made of steel and very fin mesh. I do at the moment have one very smart and cheeky female ferret who is very tiny and will put her paw through the mesh and play with the lock to get out. But she will only do this when I am not around but when I tie the door up with wire she won’t even try. For the loss of your two ferrets I am sorry to hear as it’s like loosing your bet hunting buddies. If you lived in Australia I would be more than happy to help you out
  6. How do the ferrets Handel the snow and the cold weather jus out of interest.
  7. The ones he has are not for sale and he doesn’t even work them they are his pets but he does have other ferrets that he does work.
  8. Just something different a mate of mine likes to breed this type of ferret he has 9 different ones like this. The thing is these ones he keeps as pets only not for hunting. Had any one else out their got any interesting coloured ferrets that they would like to show.
  9. Got three new ferrets young 4 months old all 3 of them are bucks as I prefer to use cut bucks and get them cut that way I can use them all year around. Two of them I got of a mate of mine and the other one is the son of my doe. I will wait until they are 6 months old before I take them out. Is this a good age or should I wait until they are a bit older. I will run them with one of my other ferrets who is around 3 years old and a good hunter. As you can see they have a play ground that I built with my kids. The kids love it and so do the ferrets.
  10. They look great the only thing that has always concerns me is when you sell them that they go to a good home and correctly fed and looked after not put in a cage and forgotten about and fed dog food and not handled.
  11. To every one that has posted the tips thank you very very much greatly appreciated. I will keep practicing
  12. How long should you put the nets out before the time you lift them up. I was led to believe that you set your nets up a day before and lower them on the ground for a night hunt. On the night you turn up lift up quietly lift up the nets and slowly start from one end and start chasing them in to the net. The reason I put it down a day or two earlier is I was led to believe the rabbits get use to them on the ground and walk over them by doing this their should be plenty of rabbits out in the field on the night you lift up the nets. Is what I am doing correct.
  13. I am only new to this game as I am use to using Purce nets the long netting is something I want to learn more about I have done plenty around rabbit warans with ferrets but never done night time long netting this was the first time for me. I am open up to information or web sites where I can learn more of the night hunting if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.
  14. Set up all the long nets an Thursday and returned Saturday night and lifted them up had a great night only got a few. The interesting thing we saw was not all the rabbits would hit the net but run along it. It was like they new the net was up luckily my mate has a whippet who was a great help.
  15. I have seen a lot of photos and videos on the internet and noticed that around the uk and Scotland all the pegs on the nets are wooden and I have always wondered why. In Australia I have never seen wooden pegs on the nets all the people I know use steel pins, I am a bit unsure if timber would even work in Australia as our ground is quite hard.
  16. Great video just out of interest what do you use for the poles on your long nets.
  17. It’s unfair when things go like that unfortunately you have to do the right thing for your little man. As I seem to get older they seem to become more family than hunters sounds strange but I believe it’s true.
  18. Could someone please put up some photos of a micro ferret as I am interested in seeing one as I have never really hear of one chears.
  19. Just out of interest what is a micro ferret. Second of all unsure on the size of the bush you want to do but in the past I have hade a couple of large black Berry’s bushes and we sliced them down with a wiper snipe and blocked them into patches it all depends on how eager you are. It sounds like a lot of work but you woul be amazed on how happy you can make a farmer. But once you block up the bush let it sit for a weak or two to let the bunnies to relax befor you let the ferrets loose. Makes it so much easier.
  20. It could be a young kid just trying to start out
  21. Went out today and done a garden in a roundabout at a reception center 45 minuets 20 bunnies. Not a bad day out considering we weren’t hon long woul have like to have done more but the temperature started to get pretty hot for the ferrets.
  22. Getting permission to ferret on properties is not a hard thing to do. Go for a drive around the farm lands and when you see a farmer in is paddocks introduce yourself to him. I find this works quite well. What I have found is knocking on doors is not the most greatest idea as I have found people often get suspicious so I wouldn’t recommend that unless someone has recommended you go and see them example another farmer or friend who will give you their name. The other way I found to be the best for me is to make up a simple flyer and when you see a paddock with rabbits hopping around pop it in
  23. It’s great to see the young ones getting into ferreting their is not a lot of young ones these days getting into it. My oldest is 13 she will often come out with me and will quite often play with the ferrets at home and at the moment I have 4 kits that are 12 weeks old and she has been able to nip train them not to bite.
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