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  1. Try Pete Hannah at Skinner - he will sort you out. We buy a couple pallets a year and he looks after us and a few other local guys. Message me if you want his number.
  2. Bloke called Peter, makes the white faced version
  3. That’s pretty much what I’m thinking - good idea with the dog lead though, hadn’t thought of that, we only have slip leads so it never occurred to me
  4. I’d have to look back but I thought he said that 15ft collars wouldn’t work with the box we have bought. happy enough with the new mk1 but just wish it worked at a longer range il maybe try the mk3 collars with the mk1 knocker box and see if it works for their away
  5. Almost like we had with the mk3 - so much easier and handier to use with the extra range. ridiculous situation as well that you have to assume someone will come out with an mk3 equivalent and all the mk1 reproductions will be once again worth bugger all
  6. Unfortunately my apprentice is only 2 so I have a while until he hits spade carrying weight, albeit he is keen already
  7. The bloke I spoke to (Peter) said that an 8ft was easy to make but the 15ft is a lot harder and they were struggling to make them reliable and reasonable sized. Id agree, the main thing I’ve heard is people wanting a range more than 8ft
  8. That was my thought - how to stop the rope slipping up. I thought clips would work better.
  9. Odd question but does anyone have a clever way to carry their spade. Got a round mouth bulldog spade, not the rabbiting one that’s excellent but a pain to carry. A lot of my ferreting is on forestry sites so it’s often a decent walk in and I am thinking it would be handy to have a carrying strap on my spade to keep hands free. Does anyone do this, assuming I would need to drill the blade somewhere but don’t want to weaken it. Thoughts appreciated.
  10. We bought one of the new mk1 reproductions to replace a mk3 because we had got down to 2 working mk3 collars. it’s fine - works relatively well but it’s like stepping back in time and the 8ft range, I feel is a real hinderance when you are used to the mk3. if found and dug ferrets out using it but I would much rather be sticking with the mk3, just a shame that you can’t get collars now so any investment is dead money essentially
  11. Just heard from Les Nelson and seems like the locator is no further on at the moment.
  12. I’ve got a horrible feeling it wasn’t on and I just didn’t check properly with 3 of them at the same time - idiot and rookie at the same time.
  13. All in a box waiting for a genius to figure out fixing them (with the exception of one sitting somewhere down a Warren). Just frustrating that we are sat with good (expensive) kit that is now pretty useless and I can’t help but think that il spend money on this recent one and then something better will come along. having said that, little lurcher is coming along nicely so it’s worth getting out regardless on locators being a pain.
  14. Thanks, that’s my issue. I just need the collars and they are rocking horse ….. to get hold of. I’ve even got 2 collars that don’t work and can’t find anyone to see if they can be fixed - ridiculous and frustrating.
  15. Having just lost a mk3 collar this morning somehow I am in a bit of a bind. what are the current options realistically? I have 2 mk3m collars (now) and a locator box but I really could do with maybe 5 collars. is my best option one of these new sets with some collars (and will they pick up my mk3 collars?) or something else. I really can’t be bothered going back in time and working without collars. could do with it sorted ASAP because got a busy spell coming up. cheers.
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