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  1. Dan Newcombe

    How to tell a good ferret

    Agreed, ideally i would like to think that mine are doing this because that's what we are after, clear warrens but you just never know unless you manage to get a fix and dog to a dead rabbit that the ferret has been at and left. Like i say, they seem to be doing a good job but i was wondering how people tend to decide how good a ferret is as once they are underground you struggle to know whats going on. Thanks
  2. Dan Newcombe

    How to tell a good ferret

    I am happy with how they are working and we have cleared quite a lot of ground but i just cant help but think in the back of my mind that we are leaving odd ones behind. I know that they cant get every single one every single time but i like to have good stuff so was trying to see how people judge them. They are coming with fur in their claws but usually they have bolted stuff before hand BUT there have been times when something has 'hole hopped' and then we haven't seen it again so there is something being missed down there sometimes. They are working probably 2/3 days a week so they are seeing work and they are getting the job done, I'm just not sure if we could be getting it done quicker/better and if there is something that we are doing / not doing that could improve things! To be fair, id rather a bolter over a killer because the main bit we are working currently has a 3ft pan about 18 inches down and the warrens are all under the pan so digging is a pain but to get the job done id take either obviously. I think that i will just have to try being a bit quicker on the locator and might well go back to nets a bit to see whats going on with the 'carrot' - problem being that there are very few rabbits about now following a winter of hitting them hard so its a bit of a double edged sword. Thanks for the replies so far
  3. Dan Newcombe

    How to tell a good ferret

    Really stupid question but ..... How do you all tell how good your ferrets are at the job. Happy to admit that other than ferreting when we were kids with vicious little horrors we have recently got back into the game and have a really nice pair of hobs - friendly as you could ever ask for and seem to work away just fine. I was just wondering how you guys judge the quality of a working ferret and how good a job they are doing. Our two go to ground well, stay down and we have decent success bolting to guns mainly BUT we rarely have to dig to them and although i have seen them kill rabbits that have gone back down a hole and they have come out with fur in their claws ive not had to dig to a body many times. They do pop up a bit initially but will then go back to ground when you approach (seems that this is usually a reflection that there is something there and you often get a bolt after. Im wondering if we are not being quick enough to get the locator out and they are coming away from rabbits in stop ends, they haven't come out with blood all over them so im not convinced they are killing underground. To be fair to them we have killed a good number of rabbits over the last winter in forestry compartments and they have done a decent job but I'm just wondering if we might have done it a bit quicker if a) the ferrets were better (and I'm trying to figure out if that's the case) or b) we were quicker with the locator - we have tended to give them a chance to do their work before getting involved, maybe 15/20 minutes before we start looking. Any thoughts appreciated, we are happy with them so far with what they have done but going forward we are going to get a couple more to keep ourselves stocked up and able to do the job and i want to make sure we are improving rather than getting average stuff. I suspect that we have decent but not world beating stuff. Thanks Dan
  4. Dan Newcombe

    Seven mk3 problem

    Bought a Duracell 9v so had assumed it would be fine. We we shall see. Hopefully This means there isn’t a common thing with them being totally FUBAR
  5. Dan Newcombe

    Seven mk3 problem

    Bought a Duracell 9v so had assumed it would be fine. We we shall see. Hopefully This means there isn’t a common thing with them being totally FUBAR
  6. Dan Newcombe

    Seven mk3 problem

    Not even a little bit, would make sense though! Il see when I get home. Cheers
  7. Dan Newcombe

    Seven mk3 problem

    Just put a new battery in this morning and still nothing. Cheers
  8. Dan Newcombe

    Seven mk3 problem

    Just wondering if anyone can help. Splashed out on a ferret finder (from eBay so second hand) and when it arrived seemed to work ok. Come to use it and the detector is no longer making any noise at all apart from a funny sort of wheeze when you turn it on or off. Any tips ops for fixing appreciated. Dan
  9. Dan Newcombe

    thermal negatives?

    Interesting thread. Looking to buy something for my .22 for rabbits. Needs to be cheap but decent for the job chapping rabbits in forestry plantings and rigle mounted.
  10. Dan Newcombe

    Whats The Best Boot

    My Mrs is in her boots 6 days a week from August to February and then most days beyond that. She trains dogs and works dogs on the hill and lowground. She has Glockners, Lhotse (old Meindls) and Altberg. Altbergs are ok but she never wears them if she can wear her Meindls on the hill. Just not as comfortable. She does wear them lambing and gardening through so they arent uncomfortable just not AS good as the Meindl.
  11. Dan Newcombe

    Whats The Best Boot

    Glockner certainly get ym vote too. My 18 month old Taigas look a state compared to my 5 year old Glockners, nowhere near as hard wearing despite being very comfortable and good to wear on the hill. next pair will be Glockners of maybe try Lowa Hunters Dan
  12. I have a Zenith Flashdot 3-12x50 and although like it for deer stalking I'm not a fan for smaller stuff a long way out as the dot is too big on high mag. We were smacking some gongs at the weekend and a 4 inch plate 350m away was pretty much covered by the dot. Personal choice for the use described would be a Nightforce. I have a 3.5-15x50 with the dot of death and would have it over the Schmidt for an all rounder.
  13. Dan Newcombe

    Ridgeline Smocks

    Had one for a few years but only wear it for round the yard. Tough and fits well but it turned water extremely well for a short while but then started to let in at the seams and not water just seeps through (put some water into a dip on the coat yesterday for the dogs to drink and it was on the inside within a minute). Got a Swazi now on a cracking deal so will see if it is as good as people say
  14. Dan Newcombe

    Cocker X Clumber

    Spaniel to a spaniel should do the job. How quickly and effectively it does that job would be hard to judge but as has been said there are a lot of people who don't want a head banger of a hunting dog for beating etc Try it and see what happens but i would hazard that they will make semi useful dogs in the worst case. Problem always comes in my mind (as with lurchers) is if you have one that turns out a cracker what do you then do? Breed from it (and in that case what do you go to without diluting too much one way or the other), buy another similar bred, that might take the wrong way or try something else. Not a real consideration but once you go with a cross that is what you are stuck with. Dan
  15. Dan Newcombe

    Bullxgrey Dog Free To Good Home

    Gundogs not running dogs but we will often re-home a dog once it gets to retirement. Couple that have never / will never go anywhere but once they get to the point that they cant work anymore we give them to folk who will have them in the house, take them for walks and generally give them a comfortable retirement. This is very rarely a home where there will be any work done at all. Better than a bullet or sitting in the kennel and on another hand it means that there is kennel space for the next generation. We keep 10 - 15 dogs at a time so if you kept all the retirees you would soon be over run. Seems harsh but it is better for the dog.