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  1. Dan Newcombe

    thermal negatives?

    Interesting thread. Looking to buy something for my .22 for rabbits. Needs to be cheap but decent for the job chapping rabbits in forestry plantings and rigle mounted.
  2. Dan Newcombe

    Whats The Best Boot

    My Mrs is in her boots 6 days a week from August to February and then most days beyond that. She trains dogs and works dogs on the hill and lowground. She has Glockners, Lhotse (old Meindls) and Altberg. Altbergs are ok but she never wears them if she can wear her Meindls on the hill. Just not as comfortable. She does wear them lambing and gardening through so they arent uncomfortable just not AS good as the Meindl.
  3. Dan Newcombe

    Whats The Best Boot

    Glockner certainly get ym vote too. My 18 month old Taigas look a state compared to my 5 year old Glockners, nowhere near as hard wearing despite being very comfortable and good to wear on the hill. next pair will be Glockners of maybe try Lowa Hunters Dan
  4. I have a Zenith Flashdot 3-12x50 and although like it for deer stalking I'm not a fan for smaller stuff a long way out as the dot is too big on high mag. We were smacking some gongs at the weekend and a 4 inch plate 350m away was pretty much covered by the dot. Personal choice for the use described would be a Nightforce. I have a 3.5-15x50 with the dot of death and would have it over the Schmidt for an all rounder.
  5. Dan Newcombe

    Ridgeline Smocks

    Had one for a few years but only wear it for round the yard. Tough and fits well but it turned water extremely well for a short while but then started to let in at the seams and not water just seeps through (put some water into a dip on the coat yesterday for the dogs to drink and it was on the inside within a minute). Got a Swazi now on a cracking deal so will see if it is as good as people say
  6. Dan Newcombe

    Cocker X Clumber

    Spaniel to a spaniel should do the job. How quickly and effectively it does that job would be hard to judge but as has been said there are a lot of people who don't want a head banger of a hunting dog for beating etc Try it and see what happens but i would hazard that they will make semi useful dogs in the worst case. Problem always comes in my mind (as with lurchers) is if you have one that turns out a cracker what do you then do? Breed from it (and in that case what do you go to without diluting too much one way or the other), buy another similar bred, that might take the wrong way or try something else. Not a real consideration but once you go with a cross that is what you are stuck with. Dan
  7. Dan Newcombe

    Bullxgrey Dog Free To Good Home

    Gundogs not running dogs but we will often re-home a dog once it gets to retirement. Couple that have never / will never go anywhere but once they get to the point that they cant work anymore we give them to folk who will have them in the house, take them for walks and generally give them a comfortable retirement. This is very rarely a home where there will be any work done at all. Better than a bullet or sitting in the kennel and on another hand it means that there is kennel space for the next generation. We keep 10 - 15 dogs at a time so if you kept all the retirees you would soon be over run. Seems harsh but it is better for the dog.
  8. Dan Newcombe

    Workers Out Of Non Workers

    No idea about running dogs but they do intrigue me but with gundogs there are probably more seriously quality / gifted dogs in front of agas and chasing balls in a park than there are in the field. One of these would be fine for gundog work. I would take a pup out of one of these dogs that i have seen and judged to be decent. However it might be different with running dogs.
  9. Dan Newcombe

    Rhodesian Ridgeback Bushing

    I like the look of the more houndy built ones with a bit of a boof head (looks like your new bitch might go that way when she gets fit) and bearing in mind that i have never spent any time with one this is to be taken with a pinch of salt. Bloke brought 2 to the hill last year at grouse and they were worse than useless. Poddled about doing a sum total of nothing and not really looking for anything. Got cold by the end of the second drive and he had to leave them in the vehicles, which meant that when the beaters got back at the end of the drive they couldn't get into shelter for 2 Ridgebacks guarding the land rover. They also took up an amazing amount of space in the vehicle .......... safe to say they were not popular and havent been back. Granted, the landrover bit isnt something that should make you go one way or the other but the lack of drive, hardiness and size are all (in my book) a hinderance. Having said all that, you have the dog so you might as well try it and i might well be proved wrong.
  10. Dan Newcombe

    Whats The Best Boot

    Expanding on my first post, id maybe say that the Taigas aren't as tough as the Glockners.
  11. Dan Newcombe

    Beaters Day / Proud Dad

    And in Scotland
  12. Dan Newcombe

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    Lot of speculation. Yes, springer blood came into cockers and if it hadn't then we would not have cockers now that were as good as what we have. I have cockers because i like them, they will do a day easy and 2 days just fine but much more without a rest and they will struggle (or pace themselves which is infuriating). However at the same time there are plenty of all sorts of dogs that cant do a full day because if fitness levels. In any case, she didnt win so cant have had that much of an advantage!!
  13. Dan Newcombe

    Spaniel/ Lurcher Team

    Shouldn't be a problem but it is a different kettle of fish to being steady for shooting. At some point its likely that the spaniel will run in when it sees the lurcher chasing and will need corrected but if you keep at it then there is no reason it wont work. Plenty of dogs chase hares on the moor and mine don't join in (most of the time) but it is a big temptation! Dan
  14. Dan Newcombe

    4X4 Roof Light

    I have a sucker mount system because didn't want to drill the roof and it works ok. At the moment just have a hand held lamp on it and it tends to 'droop' forward when you let go of the handle so not good for solo lamping but excellent for a 2 man team driver / shooter. Might be better with the proper lamp unit in place that doesn't lean so far forward but will see over time. Only other downside is that your hand gets cold but its a good compromise!
  15. Dan Newcombe

    Spaniel X Lab

    Hi Jok I am sure that with the right parents they would be a useful dog but to my mind you are mixing 2 dogs of differing purposes so in my mind by doing that you are watering down each breed. BUT, a good dog is a good dog and id always find space for something that earns its keep. Id also say that a lot of folk look at them as a cheap dog to work and hence the folk they go to maybe dont always do them justice? However it is worth taking into consideration that i am a bit of a snob when ti comes to dogs and like to keep the registered stuff and i do like my cockers.