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  1. I can’t believe 4 digs to get the ferret back. I am lucky if we ever held up with our ferrets once a year and we go quite often. Couldn’t even remember the last time we had to dig. Anyway good video keep it up.
  2. At the moment the ferrets are out of season but what I have being doing is introducing the new ones with the female and than been put in her back with the other ones. With your idea sounds great and I will definitely take it on board and give it a shot. I will give you guys an up date on how I go so everyone can learn. Tnx for the advice.
  3. Well today while doing things in the back yard I put the two new hobs together with my Jill all was good for the day the Jill is the albino. I did put the other hob in every now and then and took him out for a break he is the son of the Jill not in the photo. All seems to be going well if I keep at it hopefully I can put them all together. One question when is the best time to get the hobs cut I have planes to get four of them done so I can hopefully have a good team of workers that won’t fight with each other
  4. Doing that may be difficult as the ferrets you have already may be related to the ones you get and that is something you don’t want. Getting new blood from someone who you know and the ferrets are not related is a very important thing. This is a problem we are starting to see in Australia where I live as not a lot of people have ferrets. My mate is currently looking for some new blood to breed his fire ball ferrets with he is very particular on the colours. I have heard of one bloke who bought some ferrets another state in Australia and had them sent down to him on jet pet ca$t quite a few do
  5. The best weather that we have found to be is on a calm day not to hot as it is unfair on the ferrets and the dogs. On a hot day we never seem to get any good results and the same on a windy day. When it’s wet and cold forget it I don’t like getting wet and freezing my but of.
  6. Thank you to all for help I have 4 large cages so separating them is not a problem it’s when I work them as some of warrens and wood piles I do I like to use 3 or 4 ferrets as they are quite large and I seem to get better results with a team of ferrets than using just to. Anyway today I am at home and I am able to put them in a large cage that I have and be able to keep an eye on them do a little bit of mixing the about and see how they go.
  7. No the older hob is out of season and the younger hobs haven’t dropped yet the main ferret that seems to be causing the problem is the young one but the big hob doesn’t seem to be fussed. The old hob and the five month hob never seem to have a problem with each other maybe tomorrow morning I will put the old hob with the two new ones and keep a close eye on them My second question when is the best time to get the hobs cut I always liked the cut hobs as I can work them all year around and don’t have to worry about breading 4 or 5 jills my last litter I ended up with 5 jills and one hob fr
  8. What is the best way to introducing new ferrets to other ferrets. I have 3 ferrets that get along really well two of them are brother and sister around 18 months old and a hob that is around 5 months old who is the sun of my Jill. I have just picked up two more hobs that are around 4 to 5 months old I have Had all of them together for short periods of time but the two old hobs seem to be picking on the two new ones biting them and dragging them around. Unsure weather to leave them all together and let them sort it out but I don’t really want to do that. Any advise will great as in the past I
  9. It’s great to see their are people out their that are willing to gift a ferret something I have not heard of in Australia. People down here just want $$$$. I swapped 3 jills for two hobs and quit a few people said I was mad.
  10. I have never feed my ferrets rats but from time to time I get mice in my garage so I close all the doors and let the ferrets go for them they love it and do often have a feed. But I am not keen on the rat side of things.
  11. It’s amazing how you can end up with a good number of rabbits in a couple of gardens in a few properties me an a mate do a couple of places in walking distance from home. Well done. Depending on the weather for this weekend we are looking at doing a couple and generally we do pretty well normally get around a dozen os so in an afternoon.
  12. I would be a bit concerned about using my ferrets due to the diseases that they can carry and on how aggressive they can get especially when they have a ferret hanging on to them.
  13. If you lived in Australia not a problem their are plenty for sale at the moment. For some reason there are a lot more this year than the last couple of years.
  14. Great looking ferrets BUT who is the Vikings.
  15. Can we get reflective vests small enough to fit them. But I would have to say it would be a good idea to use ferret locators.
  16. Excellent love it tryed it a couple of times good fun.as mentioned above any good tips.
  17. Looks like a great you had and a good catch. I am still new to the night time netting we are getting them but not in the numbers i have seen on this site. The numbers are their but we are lucky if we can even catch 10 percent but in time we will get their. Great job
  18. It’s great to see your young one the general is doing well. The vidio is also great. Its great to see how your dogs work and great land. Best thing of all you know when to stop when the weather starts to worm up and you don’t push them to keep working. Well done you have great respect for your animals / work mates.
  19. Anything is possible one friend of mine has being breading the fire ball ferrets for years and has always ended up with a mixed bag of colours. Another bloke I know he has always worked black eyed albinos and breeds black eyed whites together and he also ends up with a mixed bag of colours. I think it is just pot luck on what you get.
  20. Just be carful the farmers don’t rabbits don’t get seen doing it but it is a great idea. The problem where I am when we see the numbers getting low the young rabbits just some how slip the nets ????
  21. Good looking dogs something I would love to have with my ferreting kit but for me to have dogs it would be unfair to them as I don’t get out enough to use them. A dogs life to me should not be spending its time in a backyard. They need to run.
  22. Looks great nothing like getting satisfaction in building your own carrying boxes I have built a few and I even have some of the ones my father built many years ago well before I was born. And I am old man.
  23. I met the old timer last year when I needed to breed my Jill when he showed me all the ferrets has I in shock it’s unbelievable. But he was very particularly on which job to use. From the time I met him we have come great mates I drop in once or twice a weak to give him a hand. He has a passion on trying to breed the perfect fire ball ferrets. But his now trying to the perfect panda ferrets something I have not heard of. And we have since teamed up and do quite a lot of ferreting together.
  24. My little female milly is 17 months old and she went into season at around 12 months old I bred her and she had a litter of 7 I was lucky to find another person who had a male that I could bread her with at the time due to coved at the time as I was only able to travel 5 KM radius from home. Being told a ferrets first time being in season will not have young ones I find it hard to believe. I am 50 years of age I don’t know everything about ferrets but as growing up with my farther we had ferrets he always stressed with the ferrets we had as they were all Jill’s and if they’re weren’t bread the
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