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  1. I have found if you own ferrets people think your strange. When you tell people you go ferreting over the years some of the reply’s have been why would you eat ferrets as they don’t understand ferrets chase rabbits.
  2. They are well handled you have done a great job with them well done. You did make mention about a ferret you tamed down from biting I think his name was bulldozer and you put it on YouTube I have been unable to find it could you please point me in the direction they would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Here are the photos of the net the outer mesh is 30mm and the middle mesh is 120 mm as I did measured it. It was origanly a fishing net when I got it and I removed the floats and lead weights and just hang it up and it has worked very well. The down fall it picks up every leaf and twigs it touches and the rabbits very really get away but not so easy to get out.
  4. Don’t ask don’t get
  5. Unsure how you will go but I did recently found out that in Australia when we were in lockdown it did fall under a necessity as the Jill could possibly die if not bread look into it check with the authorities or even with the RSPCA. Good luck let us know how you go.
  6. I have seen this done a clip on the ear unsure if I would do it to my ferrets. The photo is a bit small it was put on as the ferret was loaned out for breading. The owner does have a pair of pliers that work in reverse to unclog it. It doesn’t seem to bother the ferret at all.
  7. I forgot to ask does the colour of the nets weather they are purse or long nets make any difference. And also the bagging of the net on a long net from pole to pole. If it is 10 feet between poles how much netting should be used. I also have a 150 foot long fishing net that is a trummal net so I have been told I have removed the floats and the lead and have used it as a long net got plenty of rabbits with it. It is 3 layers the two outer is a small mesh and the inner one is a large mesh it has the nick name of Mr tangles nothing gets away when it hits it. I will post up some photos of it when
  8. Amazing I thought a net is a net after reading different articles on this forum and others on the internet from the size of the mesh , type of materials used. I mainly use purse nets and have made up a dozen or so from a large fishing net that I cut up put rings on. I found them to be good and the mesh is very small around 15 mm square. Nothing escapes from them.
  9. Thank you all information has been great and taken on board.
  10. I forgot to ask how did you get it into the dogs ears and how much did you use.
  11. I can’t believe ratting is so popular around the world. Is it because the rabbit population is low or is it another sport people do. It’s something I haven’t really herd of in Australia.
  12. Buddy thanks I will give it a go I will pick some up today if I can get it as it is Sunday in Australia. I will keep you posted on how it goes.
  13. Hi all I have a golden retriever that’s 12 years old and for most of his life he has had ear infections seen different vets and they have all come up with the same conclusion that it is a form of fungus and give me drops to put in. The fungus clears up with in a few days then it comes back after a couple of weeks and we go through it all again. The vet bills are starting to get more and more. Is there anything out there that I can by on the internet or over the counter that will work and I will just keep on treating him even once it it’s cleared up on a weakly basis. Any information , advice o
  14. Looks delicious where can I find the recipe. Please point me in the direction. And any other great easy recipes for cooking bunnies.
  15. I don’t understand why people people need to steal other peoples stuff it’s so wrong. I have been lucky with all my animals but I do know of two people that have had ferrets stolen. And both of them now when selling ferrets meet the people who want to by them at a park or pub car park. People who steel need their hands cut of. Steeling animals is like having someone kidnapping your child.
  16. It’s great to see the young ones getting into the sport it would be great to see more young kids getting into ferreting.
  17. Well guys just an update on the ferrets and thank you to all for the advise. I have been swapping the ferrets around in their cages and been feeding them all together and swapping them around the last week or two. I now have 4 of the five ferrets getting along well. Three hobs and one Jill. The two white / sandy ones are brother and sister from the same litter. The other two the pole cats got from a mate swapped them for three jills. Only draped them as no one was interested in them. When time comes I will get all the hobs cut. I still have one hob that is still punching on who is the son of
  18. Is their many people out their that use bolt traps for rabbits. One mate of mine uses them I think they are fantastic but bulky to carry.
  19. Everyone has their own opinion on which ferrets to work some say the jills are better than hobs not as big and can get into smaller spots and not as quick. But in only my opinion with the jills being smaller if they get thumped by a rabbit they can cop it hard. They can get onto the smaller spots to get the rabbits but in the past found they would hold you up. The biggest problem for me Is you need to breed them every year and for me to do that it’s quite hard as I like to have a team of 4 to 5 ferrets. Yes I do have one Jill and this season just gone she had 8 young’s but I only got one hob.
  20. It’s great to see that you guys are more than happy to give ferrets to other mates that sort of thing is not heard of much at all in Australia.
  21. Well my personal preference is the pole cats as I find the white,sandy,albinos to look to plain. As the polecats just look better to me. But you are corrected white ones are much easier to see. But does the colour of the eyes matter weather they are black or pink. I have always been led to believe that the black eyed ferrets worked better underground as the eye sight is better dose it really matter. What is other people’s opinion on this.
  22. Yes I agree one mate of mine likes to breed the fire ball ferrets and another bloke is trying to breed ferrets to look like panders.
  23. Prices are the same in Australia this season we are flooded with ferrets for sale but the prices are all over the place. The one thing I alway wounded they advertise them from good working lines. Does it really matter as I always had thought it was just in them to hunt it’s just the way you bring them up and looking after them.
  24. Interesting video that is something I would not be doing. I would rather catch tiger snakes bare handed at least you know what will happen if you get bitten.
  25. Yep nothing like a call and you go and get one or two rabbits as when some people say they have rabbits hopping around the garden. City slickers no idea they think two or three rabbits are a major problem.
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