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  1. Photos of some of my carrying boxes the last two my dad built before I was born and I am 49. The first one is around 30 years old and still gets a lot of use.
  2. Sorry to hear I know with me they are not just hunters but also like a family pet.
  3. A late Friday afternoon with two ferrets and a couple of small warrens will be doing quite a lot in the coming months provide the weather is good. Being keeping an eye on some of the property’s that I do and they are looking good with plenty of rabbits about. Still have a few young bunnies hopping around but not a lot.
  4. meggy did want to cook a roast but didnt have a rabbit to roast
  5. have a look on the internet ,our you tube you will find plans and see other peoples ideas and give it a go building one i have built a few over the years and they are still going well.i have one that my dad built well before i was born which i am still using to this day . when i can work out how to post photos on this site i will put them up.give
  6. Yep will do once the covid crap is over and the borders reopen, also what would be great if you done a short video on how your air conditioning works on your cages as it is a great idea and others like us who live in much hotter conditions can see a very simple and cost effective way on keeping the ferrets cool in summer. Maybe even start a new topic where people can show how they keep their ferrets cool in the heat.
  7. Well if you are looking for permission what I have been doing is hoping in the car and going for a drive when you see farmers working on fences , mowing or even people jus walking down the road just pull over and introduce yourself, that is how I have been getting mine in Australia and some of them have led onto other properties. The best form of communication with them is by texting them when you want to go ,and when you leave at the end of the day send them another text to let them know you have left and how you went. By letting them know you have if a naboure calls tham they my think you ar
  8. Sir blessed you have a fantastic set up ,I have watched quite a few of your videos and they are great I would recommend anyone in watching them as it’s amazing what you can learn just from watching. I am down in whittlesea around two hours away from you. If you want contact me and we will make a day of it plenty of bunnies around and I also have plenty of property’s to go on that I have permission. I get out quite a bit but it would be good to go out with someone that I think has possibly more knowledge than me and maybe show me some pointers.
  9. Great to see a good catch well done. In Victoria we still have a lot of young ones around I still need to wait a few more weeks.
  10. Not a problem bud when I get a chance sometime today I will send you some photos.
  11. Well I have being using ferrets for around 30 years and never found the need for them. I know of a few old timers who still ferret and don’t use ferret locators a lot of the ground I ferret is like concrete and you wouldn’t even try to dig. I have being lucky to have not lost a ferret yet. They have held me up on the time but not very often and the ferrets are worked 2 to 3 times a month. I think it is a personal choice and on how good your ferrets are.
  12. Need to build another pen for my ferrets but this one will mainly be used for my female ferret for when she is pregnant any ideas on size of sleeping box and flooring and overall size as I want it to be different and more practical to check up on the kits. I am awere a much smaller mesh on the cage so the kits don’t get stuck in it. Any ideas or photos would be great.
  13. Very nice neat work wish my repairs looked that good
  14. G day unsure what the dollar diferance is from yours to ours but there are some ferrets advertised on a website gumtree the prices they are asking is between $150 to $250 au I have been lucky never paid big dollars for a ferret just been lucky knowing the right person. I will be breeding my female ferret this year if you are interested in a kit. The only cost would be the freight from Australia.
  15. Thanks for that I don’t think I have ever heard of ozziedoggers.
  16. Gday kevi that would be great I live in whittlesea happy to come over and catch up with you. And take you out I have a place I go to it’s flat land no hills and it’s only a phone call the night befor to let the owner we will be coming up
  17. I have a very cheeky / smart Jill she is about 1/3 the size of her brother from the same litter she is very small good hunter she got out twice on the second time she got out I watched her she put her tiny pour through the mesh of her cage and played with the lock. I fixed up the lock with a much better one but also wire it up every time I close it. The only thing I didn’t do was record it.
  18. I looked up Aussie whip unfortunately he lives in another state I am in Melbourne he is in New South Wales 6 to possible 8 hours away. But thank you for the contact.
  19. G day all well I was asked what kind of hunting I do I use ferrets and purse nets as where I live just out of Melbourne they are small farms between 5 to 20 acres and most people don’t like guns or dogs. Some of the land I go on is mostly flat. One of the property’s I go on is a reception centre on 15 acres not many holes but I do okay with the nets around the garden beds. The rest of the property is just open field 3 of the fence lines have tree line the front is open. The paddocks always no mater what time of day will allwas have rabbit on it some times up to 20 or even more. The owner is gr
  20. Thanks for the welcoming just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to some links on long netting that would be great.
  21. Gday in Australia in the summertime temp can get up to 40 plus the best way I found to keep my ferrets cool is a very fine mist sprinkler like the ones they use for ferns that I find the best reliable way of keeping them cool.
  22. Good and bad in every one treat people the way you like to be treated the wheel is always turning what goes around comes around
  23. G day guss from the land from down under in victoria Australia I have being hunting with ferrets and Purse nets for around 20 years. I have always being interested in catching rabbits with long nets I have 4 fifty foot long nets with poles to hold them up and farms I can go to but I really have no idea what I am doing any advice on how to set them correctly to catch the bunnies with them would be great I have gone through the forums on your web site but unable to find the information I am looking for. All advise and ideas will be greatly appreciated
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