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  1. I voted for brexit. If it had gone the other way it would have been forgotten but the public voted "wrong" according to the politicians
  2. HAHA oh id be absolutely devastated if that was me
  3. All sorted eventually, thanks lads for help and offers of help, appreciated. Not quite sure what i did/didnt do but its now working. Pleased with the camera so far, decent pictures in daylight, not tried night time yet , hopefully it will become a day to day part of my arsenal.
  4. It's flashing away merrily but just not taking photos
  5. Well i cant get this feckin thing to work. It takes a photo when you press "shot" and when i go through the setting motions and go to use it the red light is flashing when there is movement but will it sh*te take a photo by itself.
  6. ok. camera came today. now to have a play
  7. Mate, so far Im really impressed. Nice solid trap, nice powerful spring it seems to tick all the boxes, only time will tell if they will last a few seasons. Ive got them all out in the field and I caught straight from the off, though all my farms are now covered in 6 inch of snow so im stuck here and my traps are sat waiting to get moved on, not great. I paid £128 for 50 on ebay, its still on offer. As soon as the snow goes and I can work out how many I need I will be buying another 50 which should hopefully see me right for this year.
  8. Ive ordered one. Should be here tomorrow
  9. Welsh that looks spot on. Would it be ok for complete darkness in attics and is it easy to use, Im a technophobe and pish poor with technology so if its complicated im fecked. thanks
  10. Lads Im looking for a motion camera for putting up in attics etc. Ive emailed barretine about their new romax cube which looks the dogs gonads but im guessing its gonna be expensive. Anyone recommend a half decent budget motion/trail camera that they have used and are happy with? cheers
  11. Ive a pair of altbergs. Spot on
  12. Nice one, well caught!. Im aching all over from trapoing today. Only did 4 hours cos i had a mouse job to do first but glad that happened cos i was about spent at the end. Ground pish wet through too, not good.
  13. I reckon I must be running a good month behind from last year too, might well be similar country wide mole trapper. Ground had thawed today but very muddy, was like a feckin quagmire in parts, a lot of water coming off the moors. Managed 6 hours trapping but gave up after that, it was drizzling on and off and i was wet and muddy and miserable. Day off trapping tomorrow though, gotta do some other pesty stuff.
  14. Ive gone against everything I hold dear and have ordered some traps that arent flatpack. Im guessing around 2 more trapping days all my traps will be out in the field and I just got a BIG farm to do yesterday which i dont want to fail on and need a sh*t load of traps asap. Went on flatpacks website but it was £450 for 100, I know its only £4.50 trap but 450 is a lot of money for 1 order. Ordered 50 pest stop last night, if I like em Ill be putting another order in, if i dont like em I cant say i didnt try. Hows everyones trapping going? Really hard work here yesterday, the ground was solid. Pasture wasnt that bad but some of the winter wheat (i think) fields were ridiculous, ground was like stone and it didnt give at all right through the day.
  15. "Think of it this way: Before our result, you’d be considered a pessimist if you imagined the probability of evolving a civilization on a habitable planet was, say, one in a trillion," Frank said in a statement. "But even that guess — one chance in a trillion — implies that what has happened here on Earth with humanity has in fact happened about 10 billion other times over cosmic history."
  16. Theres absolutely no chance of this planet being the only one with life on it in the whole universe. None.
  17. Im on facebook and I quite like it. I only go on one pest control group mind, been on a few but they are all for the main either really amateurish and illegal or there are always a few who spend their time picking at posts trying to find fault with what you post. I like THL, its a good mix of hunting/pesty stuff and a nice bit of banter and chat.
  18. Im really hoping it works. Ive terrible circulation in my fingers and out trapping my fingers get ssoooooo cold. Plus this last couple of years the joints are aching like buggery so i think i might have the start of arthritis in them.
  19. Well Santa got me this hand warmer for mole trapping / shooting etc for Christmas yesterday. Very happy, must have been a good boy this year. Will give my verdict after I've used it a few times.
  20. It would have happened if the conservatives got a majority but they didnt and certainly arent going to rock the boat at times when their support is at such a low. Regardless, its NEVER going to be repealed as long as Ive a hole in my arse.
  21. Ive a mate in durham who knows much more than me on pesty stuff, i ring him when i need advice. He uses cimetrol super i believe.
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