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    First Bird

    good luck mate
  2. trappa

    young bunny

    Cheers lads. I aim to get her flying spot on, get her fit and after half a dozen rabbits im going for the squirrel. She took two accidentaly last year, and i bought her specifically for these. Alright gram. Keep in touch and we'll have a couple of outings with the birds. Hope you get gary going well, will be interested to see him chasing feather- i dont really bother with it , but at garys size i reckon he could be good. All the best, alan
  3. trappa

    young bunny

    Just a couple of pics of my harris on a young bunny. Caught it 8 oclock this morning. She flew at a rabbit and missed. I called her back when all of a sudden a young bunny got up. She flew at it, missed, but straight away got up and smashed into the gorse. I thought it had escaped but was pleased to find she nailed it. Photo of the scenery too, it was nice to sit and idle the time while the bird fed up.
  4. I like to keep options open, and i like to better myself. There WILL be a time one winter when alpha would be preferential, so i would like that option.Also, it can also be used on birds ( alphabird) so again, in my line of work, it may just come in useful. When strychynine was legal i said i wouldnt use aluminium phosphide for love nor money- now i use it every week. Can you see where i am coming from.
  5. I had a L200 that was the same. Every coner or roundabout i had to slow down as the back-end would slide all over.
  6. Cheers ds. If i dont get any joy on here i will enquire at the defra site. cheers al
  7. No, youve got the wrong end of the stick! Perhaps i havent worded it correctly. I have done a course on strychnine years ago, and used it up to the ban- now i dont use it. Ive done a course on aluminium phosphide and use it regularly as it is still legal ( unlike cymag) , but i want to do a course on alphachloralsoe- which is also still legal, but i cant find a course to go on- the BPCA dont do it, so i need to find someone else . Thanks again.
  8. Anyone know who does courses on alphachloralose? i did the class 1 poisons- strychnine ( pre-ban) and aluminium phosphide, but cant find any alpha courses. Would be grateful if i could be pointed in right direction. BPCA dont do them. Thanks
  9. trappa

    stolen fox trap

    Did you get it back??
  10. Baffled me this one. They look like a "tits" eggs but if they are on the floor i dont think it will be one of them. One of the warbler family maybe?
  11. Lovely wellies mate. I bought some a couple of years ago, i only had them a few weeks when i stood in some felled thorn bushes chasing my bird ( which was chasing a squirrel) and put a big hole in the side . Ever since i stick to cheap and cheerful, but, in all honesty , i havent found a pair that is as comfy.
  12. Ive found loads of lapwing nests out moling and they look just like that, but anyway my next guess is an oystercatcher, found one once and think the eggs were similar.
  13. What i do with cookers is skin em, core em , then slice them into a pan. Add a splash of water and slowly simmer them till they are soft. Then leave to cool, bag them in pie size portions and freeze them- last all year this way.
  14. Bpca mate.They have loads of courses. I did the part 1 diploma and it cost about £800 i think. Its called something else now, but thats the main course to start. Whereabouts are you? There is very little money in agricultural pest control basically because there are too many lads willing to do it for free ( cant blame them) but there is money to be made in city's. If i gave you any advice it would be to not give the dayjob in for a dream of starting it up in pest control for yourself unless you are well flush cos , honestly, the money is very poor. Youd be better getting a job with a pest control company- you will still get lots of jobs doing the "good stuff" like shooting pigeons in warehouses etc, but the majority of the work is checking rat boxes etc and its quite enjoyable as well as bringing in a decent-ish guaranteed wage.
  15. I think they are about £550 so if you reckon you got a bargain i reckon they chucked the rest in free. So my guess is £550
  16. Having trouble with working out the size but will have a guess at a blackbird???
  17. trappa


    Was it caused by bating then? If it was have you thought of using a bumper leash? they are pretty easy to make. Glad she is getting better. all the best. al
  18. Just wanted to know from some of the more experienced net makers what the difference is with 4ply and 5 ply, and also have heard of a rotproof hemp!?! is this true and is it any good. Also, i cant play any of the netmaking tutorials as for some reason my comp wont play windows media videos. Im a cheeky git but does anyone fancy posting it on youtube as i can watch them? ( shy kids get nay toffee)!! Cheers
  19. Well i think its really good mate. If id done that i would have it on the wall .
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