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  1. Thanks is for your comments, there is a fence, cannot see clearly if there are any hills in the field as the grass is well grown. just have to grin and bear it. Hope that the rain has drawn it in.
  2. Set 5-6 traps in a garden which back onto a field, so the mole has a larger territory than just the garden. Nothing caught after three visits. Going to check this week. How do folk charge for your time if nothing is trapped?
  3. Large house has bad problem with Cluster flies, I suggested to use two EFKs but householder is reluctant to have it on 24/7 unattended in the loft. Spoke to Barrettine who said they are safe to use in the loft with a tray extension. Looked through the Barrettine catalogue for them and a larger 30W seems appropriate. They are wired into the lighting circuit, do they have an on off switch on them? Anyone with any experience of this to comment? Ta
  4. Thank you. A closer examination of the jackets shows damage to the wool in places. The white trails and casts leave a trail of damaged wool on the jacket. Moth eaten in other words. There are a few small holes in the wool. I have a kilo or so of diatomaceous earth for the floor and under the skirting.
  5. Four wool jackets in my wardrobe have marks and one has damaged lining to it. I have not worn these jackets for a year at least and they have been in the same wardrobe, in a westerly facing bedroom. The lining from a Swanndri jacket and is a perforated fabric not sure if it is wool, could be fine hessian? The damage to the lining is significant whereas there is not damage as such to the wool of the jacket. Further along the rail are 15 cotton shirts and Chinos trousers which have not been touched. Can someone tell me what the pest is from the pictures and the best con
  6. I issued a small claim for £250 including a fee of £25. she offered £100 for the work done for mice trapping in the loft and garage over two visits. At issue is three missed appointments for which she says I have no evidence, rather than denying they took place, plus traps and bait boxes still on the premises. She did acknowledge that I had done the work over two visits and the previous work 18 months ago. I had done work previously, about 18 months ago and she paid in response to an emailed invoice to her works via BACS. Question is, do I proceed further with court ac
  7. Mice in a house three miles away, did it previously a year or so ago, paid then no problem. They missed three of my appointments and they have traps in the house still, did not want me to use poison this time or previously. Nothing in writing, phone calls only. Emailed the invoice before Christmas and a reminder five days ago, still nothing. Advice please.
  8. There is no void as the plasterboard is screwed to the rafters.
  9. Should have said, going to return in winter to do something. Not now.
  10. Went to a property to do a wasps nest and she asked me about cluster flies in her converted garage. The upstairs room is a living area with sofa, TV. She said it was used as a holiday let. The cluster flies gather in the Velux windows in the roof. The roof is boarded out with plasterboard and there are GL10 downlighters in the ceiling. So how do you control cluster flies in this room? Smoke bomb is an option as she would cover up or remove the furniture but the flies hibernate behind the plasterboard so the smoke would not get to them and there is a potential fire risk if smoke gets be
  11. https://bbka.org.uk/help/asian_hornet
  12. So how do they get there? About a mile from the M5 J13 Stroud there is a roundabout by a petrol station, grassed over, with mole hills. Do they tunnel or avoid traffic? Not exactly quiet either.
  13. Couple of weeks ago I put some bait in a loft for what the houseowner thought was rats. Meanwhile she was occupied by her daughter's expectant child. Got a call today, she said the thinks it's squirrels,can I come as she is out the rest of the week. So checked the bait in the loft, two hatches, one was very small, 12" x 14" I had to get my arms through first as it was too narrow for my shoulders. Bait was taken slightly by mice. Saw a movement in the corner of the loft, which was low and very small, 12' x 12' Looked along the inside of the fascia board and saw a furry tail. Got fully i
  14. I was asked to trap moles in a triangular veg patch in a garden of a barn conversion property, by a regular customer, who is an experienced business man, he lives elsewhere. It was very hard to find runs and I think I put down five traps. I checked and lifted them the following day and had trapped two. Three days later, I was asked by his son in law to trap moles on his garden, a large country house which the Father in Law owns, when doing this I met the Father in Law and he said another mole was back in the veg patch and can I trap it. So I returned and found it even harder to find runs an
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