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  1. Neal I was meaning spend time with a beardie lurcher, iv only ever seen two, mine whip/grey x beardie/grey and a bitch from dh 3/4grey 1/4 beardie, she wasn't as good and less quirky, like Iv said mines been a good one just he is different to what I thought he would be, I'm used to salukis lol.
  2. Anyone thinking about getting a beardie cross should try and spend time with one first, iv got a 12 year old with 1/4 beardie(Pringles bob) in him and he's been a good one but feck me is he quirky.
  3. Arcticgun iv said it before but them dogs are absolute belters.
  4. Off subject a bit but I see a white cock blackbird now and again, the first time it had a few black wing and tail feathers but is nearly all white now.
  5. Real interesting find lpd, must have a lot of luck on his side to survive all the shite hawks ect, the stuffed one was marked like a Dutch rabbit.
  6. Brilliant, never tire looking at hares.
  7. Thanks for the reply, was just his strength, they are like salukis before the peddlers and show lot got there hands on them.
  8. Arcticgun they are a fantastic pair, is the pup crossed?
  9. Two crows that's a absolute belter lol.
  10. Deadly looking handbag dog Steve2507, she still would of ended up back with you and that's what matters.
  11. Its probably them that's full of hot air, just ignore them and carry on.
  12. That Gypsy is a nice one as well, been a nice litter.
  13. Mines coming up 3 and seems determined to make me look like a cruel git, like the others she lives in and gets offered plenty of good grub.
  14. That Mario is going to be some strapping hound, I could throttle my scrawny cow when I see dogs like that lol.
  15. Fantastic pictures and post.
  16. I work 6 days a week, its easy to make time and even easier to waste it, trying to stick with the first one.
  17. All pros for me if 1 of mine was lost or stolen I'd want it back no matter what, got my young 1 done with her jabs and a bit ago a lass told me dogs trust (think it was them) were doing a scheme so got the old 2 done for free.
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