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  1. resistance

    Any Advice

    Have one out and other feeders too. Just have to wait and see a suppose
  2. resistance

    Any Advice

    Hi all live in a small town and was wondering with being in a town will I still be able to attract small finches and different species of birds. Or will they not be too keen to venture from woodlands
  3. resistance

    Night Out Shooting Cubs...

    Opened a vixen with 8. Not looking uncommon! Used to only see litters a 4 max as a nipper maself !
  4. resistance

    New Arrivals

    Good that the pups and mother doing well. All the best with em
  5. resistance

    A Few Photos

    D A F U C K K K K K K K
  6. resistance


    Some fine young ones lads all the best when the time comes
  7. resistance

    13 Months & 12 Months

    In some condition u joking
  8. resistance

    Digging Dogs. Figure/ornaments

    Al take more when home no bother
  9. resistance

    Digging Dogs. Figure/ornaments

    Wouldn't say that a paid a fair sum for mine tbh but worth every penny in my eyes. And yes eBay folks that's where a found mine luckily just by luck aswell.
  10. resistance

    truth is the truth and I care not

    Bad crack that boys. Setting up dogs to be nicked. That's backfill for sure
  11. resistance

    truth is the truth and I care not

    Have that man on fb aswell !
  12. Any you lads collect. Got a few maself
  13. resistance

    Missouri Earth Dog Trial

    Well I think it's a brilliant thing and wish there was more stuff like that in U.K. Hunter or no hunter it's atleast letting the dogs get a taste of the lifestyle they were bred for so to speak
  14. resistance


    Some crackin dogs lads. Best a luck with em