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  1. Has anyone owned a saluki greyhound cross bedlington whippet or seen one work
  2. Thanks mate the pups arnt loads of money anyway was just interested in his breeding etc
  3. I know what your saying mate, how far back was sandman do you know
  4. Yeah seen him running about on you tube. There’s a pup with his breeding in. Wondered if anyone knew about the dog
  5. Anyone got any info on sandman
  6. Not mine mate but yeah 100% agree with ya
  7. What do you reckons in this lads I thought something like a whippet x greyhound X bedlington x whippet
  8. Any lurcher pups about mainly lamping but consider all rounders must be broken/rough coat cheers
  9. I lost my dog he was the same breeding beddy whippet cross with collie greyhound outstanding dog got in very well
  10. Any beddy/collie x lurcher litters coming up. I’m in Kent but will travel. Cheers
  11. What’s people’s opinions on ones made out of blocks
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