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  1. any of the boys of here been abroad for bit of work might take me self of this summer
  2. is anyone on that pre loved, i need a number but you gotta be a member to have it
  3. Am after a guard dog if anyone has one for sale must be around 6 month, must be kennelled. After alsation really but will consider others close to kent as possible
  4. does china jack ring a bell to anyone
  5. sort of trotters i like lol
  6. dont know how many of you on here are into ya trotters, if you are put some pics up, just getting back into them again
  7. anyone know of any white lakeland puppys comming up or about now, cheers
  8. anyone know a breeder i can get a white lakie/russel type terrier from
  9. hw 80k 4.5 mm cal. good condition, just needs bolt to hold stock to barrel. £160 ono, collection kent
  10. not sure really mate, it does have elastic fitting on the back so more like a universal fit
  11. size large brand new Aigle Stanton Polartec® Fleece Cap, still with labels. £30 posted 1st classhttp://www.thebootbar.co.uk/aigle-stanton-polartec-fleece-cap
  12. when i had ferrets, just used to chuck the whole thing in what ever the bird
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