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    You can’t make this shit up 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️
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    If no good PTS keep him off the merry go round the dog obviously done something wrong or would had price tag do right thing for once.
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    I said it about you years ago!! your type are the ones to blame for the shit being bred today, if I mind right the dam to this pup was no more than a baby itself when you bred it lol you haven't a fecking clue the quicker you give them up the safer the dogs will be
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    This one of Dan's litter? Looks a lovely pup.
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    Top class nets. These boys had good success with mine off netmaker
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    Can you get a good air rifle for for 6 month old and 13 month old but you won’t kennel them with a 2th terrier
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    We’re abouts are you ?
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    32 waist?? Ye forgot to say they were ladies😂😂
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    Probably worth taking pictures of parents ,previous litters, bit more info on breeding etc .....
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    Hi mate just wondering if u still got the sock for sale ? And if u would do a discount for the pair ?
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    Don't think you'll be to long in getting a good home for him, looks a nice healthy litter atb
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    Should make a handy size I hope everybody comes and picks up there pups when agreed because its a big litter to be left with atb.
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    what size are the parents, can anybody vouch for you or your dogs on this site, nice litter and parents btw
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    if only you were closer
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    is this a first cross bed/grey lined by a first cross bull grey?
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    bitch gone now bill no one of here lads I no cheers pal .
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    Yes she out Dans litter someone snap her up cracking litter this.
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    ye but it must be a joke... He's got one already unless the jagd ain't no good.... No much info on ad lol... f**k swapping a dog,,, imagine thinking cor I'm glad that buggers gone an the one you've swapped is worse lol
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    At that price your giving her away all works been done she's ready to run. That's all you need to put on that ad mate. Hope she gets a good home for that price you'll get rubbing rags ringing you up for her that's the only down fall. Would kill ya to think some drips got her pal.atb
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