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  1. Obviously at some point you have to breed out but then breed back in, me mate has line there and likes to keep it as tight as possible has had couple defects in odd pup but been ok tbf.
  2. If you have line of dogs and want to keep the quality’s they have you have to breed tight a think then you know why your getting before there even born.
  3. Chicken mince chicken carcasses a would stay away from beef myself too much protein for older dog strains kidneys tins mackerel and tin rice pudding in morning.
  4. Love them or hate them at the time when they were about they definitely but some game away and done bigger deer regularly, too many people talk about what they done etc for some or all of it too be true decent lads too.Just for record a don’t own minshaw never have and personally have never seen 1 run.Best pure for deer none got to be saluki lurcher type for me
  5. Realy like look him how did he turn out and is he still around ?
  6. We’re did you use to race if don’t mind me asking
  7. Try find owner first then could you not explain your situation and offer to walk dog and take to yours on certain days might suit both parties then and most importantly it’s win win for the dog.
  8. Would you mind telling me we’re you get it from please used to get full tripes no problem all changed now.
  9. A don’t use mag box not because don’t think there useful just lack space think there perfect for soreness and after hard day or night don’t rate them for treating injuries.Ultrasound is what a use.
  10. You need to work on the muscle to break scar tissue up massaging and stretching the reason a let them free run my theory is keep muscle moving and if in pain won’t run unless chasing something that’s why let off by self no other dogs or game etc.
  11. Am no expert at all but this is how a would treat it , firstly get swelling down and brusing out ice pack hose etc witch hazel or arnica gel once swelling and brusing away a would ultrasound but if no ultrasound a would use trainers choice rubbing and stretching you need to keep stretching the muscle to fix it a would free run the dog to by it’s self.
  12. Had dogs to George Drake in past and also used Tom he has scanning machine a realy rate them.Think a lot of lads with injury s think dog needs rest but 90% of injury s you need to treat and run or keep the dog galloping.
  13. 1 hr to check dog ? Or 1 hr spent massaging and treating dog.R.Meek handy a personally think and knowledgeable and greyhound s and lurchers.A like the scanning machine s as never have off day, but use R Meek.Steve Duncan very very good too as is J Wright but he only does his own dogs or a select few me been 1 of those he uses scanner. It’s personal preference though who you get results off.
  14. He has a like him a lot tbf wish a had took him now
  15. So like her Sire it’s unreal,looking well mate.
  16. That’s very big word from man who eats beans.
  17. Did it effect him at all ? Just heard of dogs with torn gracilis off running injuries had them stitched and ran again just wondering how he got on.
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