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  1. Lovely morn up north, just sat in me first job if morn having a brew, wanna be done early, got few deliveries tj wait in for
  2. I know a lad who suffers with b12 deficiency, has to go for jabs but he ain’t vegan, he having hard time even getting jabs in prescription now so buys his own online, any advice for it
  3. Sorry puppy iv gave you enough attention today, don’t want your separation anxiety getting any worse would we kiddo
  4. He is behind the times, the godfather a Glasgow had the ‘ponderosa’ before I was born, they everywhere these celebrity crime bosses/gangsters it’s the ones we never heard of that are at top of there game
  5. No it’s you disabled ill folk that get free bus passes
  6. Was called reliance last time I saw one
  7. The day after they find your backbone
  8. If ye had balls to venture up a1 you’d find out, but I suppose you being ill stops that sort of thing tootle pip, we can’t all sit in reception all day playing on phones
  9. An yet you’re posted twice as much an had thrice the accounts iv ever had, an you been on here a couple year, an don’t own a dog, or even hunt go back to doctors an apologise for Wasting there time you absolute loser
  10. Be sure to tell the doctor about your hectic stressful online life
  11. Even the doctors an receptionist knows your just an attention seeking little boy
  12. Let’s see a pic of side of it
  13. For a Cnut that’s always saying how healthy, hard an hardcore you are, your always snivelling about summat Greb you’ve had more sick days than my 4 kids
  14. Ended up watching a few episodes of that new Billy the Kid, don’t know where you would find it, but it’s well worth a watch if can, I’ll watch some more tonight
  15. Started watchin, Billy the kid, new series, seems half decent but I’m only one in, so see how it goes, better then most other shit about anyways
  16. Prices are mad jist now, make most of it I say
  17. Crap that, what a waste a firewood cos that’s what id a ended up with
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