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  1. It’s a small blob or even a nut welded on to the bar near the bottom, as it’s bigger than the bar itself, when you poke it throo the soil an it falls throo a tube you can feel it easier as when the blob/globe passes throo it falls throo better if that makes sense
  2. If it’s the jills hormones that make her go bald an die why do jobs also get bald tails aswell? Or jills tat have had a litter? Iv never had a jill die from infection due to being left in season, I have however lost a hob they had jist come into season, so did he die of infection or hormone imbalance?
  3. I once knew an Asian lesbo. Her name was minjeeta
  4. My 5 year ole already knows all about poofs dykes, an fanny trannys’s, he knows it perfectly acceptable to throw stuff at em
  5. That’s good it means I’ll get a speedy delivery Cos that fcuker ain’t ever forgetting
  6. Best way a wee globe on end, if you do some keep me one aside
  7. They ain’t even selling up, giving there nice big house to daughter and her man, must be why, shite time to sell, Shame as they loved it an so did all the relatives that went to visit, always said I’d get over
  8. My aunt an uncle moved from widness to Alberta about 30 years back, done very well for emselfs but for some reason they coming home, been over looking about in some smaller places in Yorkshire an scotland an that, even leaving there daughter who is married with couple young kids there. Not too sure of reason why but never thought they’d come home tbh
  9. Haha I ain’t forgot I’m jist saving up to give you it
  10. Be nice if they do deals. How hard are they too make? Can’t be that hard
  11. Aye pricey ain’t they. Need summat for pup as other sleep box is block an outside the run but need a box inside other run, but they expensive them boxes, I’m holding out for a sale
  12. How good is it. Could he write a name on blade? Long it last?
  13. Think your Fcuking cool now, don’t ye
  14. Get in touch way Brighty if you into the crows an that mate, i give you a message next time I got em throo here ( few weeks time, after pheasant season done) an ye can come throo if ye want, be good to catch up
  15. Just buy em off somebody that’s already done em
  16. Seasons done more or less mate I’m only doing last few bits I really need to am wrapping up
  17. Iv spent a good few hours in back a motor with the man, an Iv said it before on here, the time, advice, tips an all round attitude the man showed me an my lad was unreal, he a proper gentleman. An his knowledge of all that’s country is amazing, think he one a my lads hero’s, but don’t tell him that
  18. Hope he squeals an Taps out
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