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  1. He will be well looked after that’s for sure, if they can sort it, they will. He won’t be in some tent in some park, I genuinely wish him an his missus an rest a family, Alonh with anybody else affected by this virus all the very best an hope lots a luck shines on em
  2. Come on baw jaws. Get well soon and steer us out this shitey mess
  3. If they paying there way out this I’ll have a set meal for 6 with extra salt an pepper chips
  4. We still here ain’t we
  5. I need a smart phone for work, or I’d gladly fcuk it over nearest hedge and stick to ole tablet at home, I fcuking hate carrying a phone about But have to admit the iPhones make life easier if you do need one
  6. Tbf I don’t think we ever had times like these before an we all had to learn as we went
  7. So all these folk dying all over world an somebody decides to spend thousands testing a fcuking tiger also meant be a few dogs that have it, or so somebody told me
  8. It’s 5g to hack our brains, all 3 the forum has between it
  9. If it’s stalking up after wily wild fish ye after them small river chub fishing takes some beating
  10. Maybe Ted Chris or one yanks post us some Tannerite
  11. Don’t suppose anybody any info or pics of exhibit where she was kept in the zoo?
  12. Nowt a stihl saw won’t sort Francie
  13. That’s honestly the closest o can describe it I done it for a year then thought, I don’t think it’s gets any better an gave up. Nice way to spend a day or 2 chilling but In all honesty I’d rather fish for smaller Carp an get more Runs or get serious an do the tench
  14. I’ll dig em out later mate, promise
  15. Getting optimum conditions ain’t easy even with a light
  16. Loads local lads an a few mates all raves about it, dmt this, dmt that, it’s gonna change me life an fair doo’s for a few weeks a few a them had seriously tried to make a difference, now they all the same ole lads again, out getting wrecked all time an don’t even look at dmt can’t be that good
  17. A fact why I don’t ever keep stock birds to breed my own pigeons, lots folk keep birds that only ever see the sky through a window, breed off em an fly the young, i was told as a kid that in order to feed flyers, breed happy healthy birds, they must all fly high
  18. An I imagine the zoo exhibit for her wouldnt have been that big mate, or that healthy an environment, so that prob stopped her gaining it again, I imagine them fish moved these days are usually moved into somewhere bigger, better food an moved with there own health in mind whereas back then that carp was most prob moved for our selfish needs
  19. I don’t think many animals caught in wild do well in captivity, could be wrong tho, just can’t see any other reason
  20. I gonna finish u here an go bed, phoned missus an evicted her out room, see how I am tomorrow Even me poor dog is goosed
  21. Hot an fcuked, but feel meself getting iller an no energy whatsoever, lil bit sore throat but deffo feel summat coming
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