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  1. You got any pic of mum and dad of the pup mate
  2. That is probably the best stuff I have used I have tried Other elastic but always came back to it
  3. You should give these a try they are the best I have used
  4. Got this pigeon today With 10m ball band gzk 20 25 .8 The pouch is from Nick Hegarty Best I have used
  5. Got this rabbit the day clean head shot 10m Ball gzk green .8
  6. This is my Favourite one kill a lot with it
  7. Got this Rabbit the day when I was out walking the dog
  8. Green gzk .80 cut at 2025 10mm balls
  9. Just keep Practising was the same Couldn’t hit a thing
  10. Got this rabbit and pigeon today when I was out I walk Got the rabbit straight in the eye
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