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  1. Give a terrier bitch to a friend over 6 years ago. he split up with his missus asked me if I wanted her back lived in house never seen any work ever . took it no a dig let it have a look next time dug to the bitch and dug to it 5 more times since
  2. He did mate was a good dog to me lost him 3 years back
  3. Looks like a dog I give to a lad from Scarborough lol
  4. Just 12 months old flying , fast for her size she'll be 25/26 tts loves graft
  5. I kept brother to yours and it's doing very well very fast dog takes things very well no holding back
  6. Reminds me of a dog I had 1987 ,flack ,cracker mate
  7. I seen them advertised never seen one work .do they work them
  8. Has he has he got any offspring kicking around
  9. Send it my way if you want lol very nice stamp
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