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  1. lol never heard so much shit in all my life
  2. lol not a ped buff by any standards just what was read in a dog magazine ,u crack [BANNED TEXT] ye colby dogs sure u get the recognition ye after good luck
  3. like 99% OF PEDIGREES OPEN TO PUBLIC ARE BULLSHIT ,THE CAPTAIN WROTE AN ARTICLE and he was well respected about all the big names and their bullshitt
  4. good half bull hound catches decent enuff don't need pure bulldogs hanging on em lol
  5. down south glad to have known u as the only gay biker on acid pmsl
  6. ££££££ fucks all types breeds no matter who's dogs and lots of people famous for £££££ fact that's why so much shit about
  7. all gonna end up like film sett RETURN OF PLANET OF THE APES
  8. socks he deffo knows nothin jd or the 400,000 soldiers [BANNED TEXT] turbins on who lost their life for our country
  9. 80% pitbulls would throw towel in inside 30 mins anyway fact lol
  10. don't forget [BANNED TEXT] old nickname in school down south ,tubeeee is a test tube baby created in a lab lool
  11. down south is a test tube baby created in a lab lool
  12. carefull don't get corona aswell
  13. calmed down spoke well for himself
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