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  1. Boss-Hog

    Coursing Bred

    my dogs are slow compared too most but get good results ,plenty wouldn't touch mine [BANNED TEXT] bargepole few have had good results but they don't all make the grade ,chasing pedigrees u need deep pockets in coursing world that's fact
  2. Boss-Hog

    Coursing Bred

    as long as its body count [BANNED TEXT] after end of day who gives a f**k what's in em lol
  3. Boss-Hog

    Coursing Bred

    can't beat em join em plenty scatter bred going stale lol
  4. Boss-Hog

    Rother Valley

    ooooh you bitch down south
  5. Boss-Hog

    Illegal lamping hull

    that same mongrels brought down south and f****d it all for locals
  6. never truer word said shame too many out their not to except bullxs for their capabilities
  7. Boss-Hog

    proper bull grey saluki gery crosses

    plenty down commenters more than likely got shit themselves knocking lads trying move forward nice
  8. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    wish at times dogs can open doors when they get in shutes its the poor tramp that cops it oblivious at whats lurking outside
  9. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    think its hilarious hunting smack heads and wronguns
  10. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    can't beAT A GOOD MAUL UP at times in need
  11. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    only funny when u are not getting bit and someone else is like a uniform coming snooping around
  12. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    just got young back 13 month old good specimen quite gutted for fella down on his luck ,but will always b his dog just babysitting it
  13. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    u know dotty looking for good bags bunnies just not about
  14. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    do u realise how big my muscles are id punch their mask in and put paw up its arse
  15. Boss-Hog

    Cape Verde

    walt buzz me ,me pal had few trips caught some nice fish boat an beach were gonna sort 4 day trip