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  1. Boss-Hog

    Let's see your river catches 2019

    beltas had shit evening f***ing foreigners
  2. Boss-Hog


    lol but all bulshitters sold their soul for coin
  3. Boss-Hog


    wow what a topic lol
  4. Boss-Hog

    Women’s World Cup ......

    wages b next thing woman rights lol
  5. Boss-Hog

    Some thing different

    loooool don't get many deals like that in life
  6. Boss-Hog

    Were is Waltjr gone ???

    the lump was pair socks that he usually puts down front of his cycling shorts when he out for ride ,
  7. Boss-Hog

    Were is Waltjr gone ???

    txt me other day il buzz him
  8. exactly the point peaceful demonstrations representation by basc and all for them just do what they want, fishing next wait and see
  9. there ye go shooters when banning hunting [BANNED TEXT] dogs many shooters i know said don't effect us, united we stand divided we fall first nail in [BANNED TEXT] coffin lol
  10. Boss-Hog

    Valueing classic air rifles

    was 35e at kempton park just little tacky hard to find minter
  11. Boss-Hog

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    u should be at work
  12. Boss-Hog

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    that's right didn't he have twosome u and are pal when u was well drunk
  13. Boss-Hog

    Great bull crosses

    that's all ye want good honest dog ,sometime its owners expecting too much
  14. Boss-Hog

    3/4 Bull X

    90 percent bulldogs aint true for their job, where as if ye half x is shit plenty game to make it look good,supose down to the individual and what they want
  15. Boss-Hog

    3/4 Bull X

    its called evolution 20 odd yr olds need bit more bull to see job thru fairplay too em half's have proven test of time no matter how bred