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  1. roll even better when shoot em dotty lol
  2. just outa curiosity how far do they run 100 metres or maybe 1000 or more like most lurchers a lot further
  3. scared the f**k outa plenty people walking their dogs he looks like 6 ft newt [BANNED TEXT] massif heed
  4. strangest thing i ever see was down south trying dig the fagg
  5. just thank f**k for the whippet,in case it got up and ran ,,,,lol
  6. jealousy will get u pair no where are like abbot and costello
  7. lol bet u can just about bust a fart u fat f****r
  8. down south u still training powerlifting
  9. that's you and me both most of the time lol
  10. na i meant harry got dog of me for [BANNED TEXT] dads nephew ,i know who ye dad was.i used stay with harry and debs had fly of harry for long time til h had him back
  11. i know who ye dad was harry got me to give his nephew a dog 20 odd yr ago
  12. general and bruno was first bull crosses i see and offered to buy 500 long time ago will wouldn't sell em
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