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  1. name and shame him expose em on most places u can its so wrong on all levels
  2. pmsl gotta hands up gnash done em
  3. was thinking same lool.
  4. trust darcy start topic like this ,,anyway when god was giving out noses darcy thought he said mcdonalds and he said il have a whopper boyo boy what a whopper he went lxtra large
  5. dotty is it true jocks are geordies [BANNED TEXT] brain damage pmsl
  6. turned into pie mash thread lol
  7. walthamstow manzes is kiddie but dole kellys
  8. wow plenty dogs about aint ye got no pals with good dogs use seen yerself that's the way
  9. do herself favour if it last thing u ever do .get yerself nice bit sniff and couple coke whores and enjoy
  10. well said mitch can't take it to grave enjoy
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