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  1. Boss-Hog

    First cross wheaten greyhound

    some cracking dogs, but in all honesty anything half ghound aint gonna b too slow,
  2. Boss-Hog

    Whippet x greyhound

    i know couple fellas got coursing whippets and are in a club certainly open few peoples eyes inc mine lol
  3. Boss-Hog

    Fury v wilder

    looking that way eh
  4. Boss-Hog

    Guard dogs

    any sort dog would've got right into that fella
  5. Boss-Hog

    1st flat band set ordered what you think

    gotta agree their ye are a bit lazy lol
  6. Boss-Hog

    East End 1970s

    mackem [BANNED TEXT] pals was jeff and stod, i lived pennyfields and still talk to jeff and stod many yrs later ,shit hole then even worse now lol
  7. some peoples expectations are a lot higher than most
  8. Boss-Hog

    Deer dogs

    another great thread turning into dating website watch this space look
  9. Boss-Hog

    Deer dogs

    wouldn't mind dog at all for few walks
  10. Boss-Hog

    question for bullx

    goes well tits up lol
  11. Boss-Hog

    question for bullx

    my dog put that buck right on his arse lol
  12. Boss-Hog

    Coursing Bred

    my dogs are slow compared too most but get good results ,plenty wouldn't touch mine [BANNED TEXT] bargepole few have had good results but they don't all make the grade ,chasing pedigrees u need deep pockets in coursing world that's fact
  13. Boss-Hog

    Coursing Bred

    as long as its body count [BANNED TEXT] after end of day who gives a f**k what's in em lol
  14. Boss-Hog

    Coursing Bred

    can't beat em join em plenty scatter bred going stale lol