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  1. Boss-Hog

    Swanbull lines

    pmsl do ye need some petrol money
  2. Boss-Hog

    Wheaten x grey

  3. Boss-Hog

    First x bull ... preban

    all depends on persons behind the dogs every half x I've had all took plenty deer single handed and not drove either
  4. Boss-Hog

    Jerry dog bull x

    fairplay.good luck
  5. Boss-Hog

    Jerry dog bull x

    lol retired at 7 what a hard life wow fair play
  6. Boss-Hog

    Jerry dog bull x

    dont ye just love the retirement card
  7. Boss-Hog

    Malinois takes out ISIS

  8. Boss-Hog

    Malinois takes out ISIS

    thank f**k for males eh
  9. Boss-Hog

    Half cross pup

    well the elite did buy em in beginning i.e. clive a who sold em on later lol
  10. Boss-Hog

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    give em their share of national debt go straight under lol
  11. Boss-Hog

    Half cross pup

    many yrs ago lot of coursing dogs came from housing estates in east london and sold to most of great coursers ,and again sold and whens further north
  12. Boss-Hog

    The forgotten

    coz the mayor is an isis supporter and everyone is letting him have his way
  13. Boss-Hog

    Jerry dog bull x

    bum boys awake
  14. Boss-Hog

    Jerry dog bull x

    glad people still fly the flag for dieing breed
  15. Boss-Hog

    Protection Dogs ?

    hard biting man eater u are in world trouble unless are got something even odds thats fact u know i know beetlejuice lol