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Ray Mears

deer dogs (preban)

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Deer, good to eat, I don't know about the smaller two but the must all be edible!, my friend once told me with the lurcher instinct will kick in and it will know how to take him, and he was only a 18 year old lad,he hadn't even been up against them. And a lot of those mutts, it's a no harm thing, like a mutt might not be so brave on a few good foxes

true :thumbs: its funny really most dogs will pull down 100lb deer, but scared of a 18lb dogfox, if old Charlie used his teeth on them before :yes:

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Tbh I'd rather jump on a big deer than have a big dog fox chewing on my face haha

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:yes:Caught a fair few Roe in the woods,...if they rise close, jumping up out of brash , cover or bracken, a fast type can quickly take them down,...but, it is a practice, fraught with danger,.I've had dogs get real busted up in the woods,..

In my experience,..it's a game of chance,.best avoided,..it just ain't worth the risk... :no:


Yip agree..

deer jumping up in front of you in this way in woods are usually one in the bag..and we have all done that, and I would be so disappointed if any of my dogs missed a chance like that..

But chase a roe and it jumping into Harwood or Kielder Forrest or some of the big woods where I live, and that will be the last you see of that white arse again..

Seen them jump into a strip would with the dog following, and out the other side and the dog getting it in the next open field..but again, everyone who had a deer hunting head on (Pre ban) will have seen similar.

Roe are no great challenge for a decent lurcher, or the man with a bit savvy..they are a creature of habit, they can be easily worked into situations where it makes them easier to get..or worked out of woods for a dog to catch, on the lamp, they are even easier..and nice to eat.

And as said above, nowerdays best avoided..

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