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  1. Somewhereyournot

    Bone men

    Meek told me my dog walks funny cos one leg longer than other... If it was that and that alone then how come after a tidy run he looks abit f****d on back end. That's why I'm wanting second opinion cos I don't think it's simple case of one leg longer at all. More to it.. It must be. But other hand lads swear by meek.
  2. Somewhereyournot

    Bone men

    Any news? I been massaging the dog along the back, and stretching legs out. Somethings not right... I'm starting to think it may be nerve damage in mine. He walks like his back snakes. Getting mine into vets.
  3. Somewhereyournot

    Bone men

    Any bone men down south? Already seen meek, but wouldn't mind a second opinion before I fork out on vets.
  4. Somewhereyournot

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    Where does it say he hasn't had a second one? Or do you know the guy he's on about in person? All he's said is that the best dog he's seen in forty years just happened to be Hancock. I know a good few Hancock bred dogs past n present that catching all sorts of species. Ye maybe they not ultimate killing machines on heavier quarry, but they don't do half bad at what they are bred for.
  5. Somewhereyournot

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    She is. She was Never fussed on dogs, until I got a whippet in the pic for the kids n misses. Now she's in charge of them both, Fresh water everyday she puts down, walks them with me. She's the youngest of my two but more into dogs by far, loves them both.
  6. Somewhereyournot

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    No, merlin x dot mate. Ye he's fully grown, just slower to mature in his head. He's very keen . I'm happy so far just wish I did a little more so far. He's 26tts and around 70lb last time I had him weighed.
  7. Somewhereyournot

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    There's a couple there. My sd card corrupted and I lost a lot of photos. But there's a few of him. Bullet proof temperament couldn't get better. And whilst all the other pups was on my feet and chewing me he sat there and just looked at me.. I was reserved of going through with it... She said if that puts you off don't think you have to have him.. I said no it's fine. Best decision iv ever made and every other pup I pick will be based on being chilled lol. Like I say, could of done abit more with him I'm not saying other wise, but circumstances weren't ideal for me, and to be truthful he needed to mature anyway. Both barrels next season though.
  8. Somewhereyournot

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    Good luck with pup, mines out of merlin retrieve rabbit live to you. Best temperament iv had in a lurcher. Run other bits but early days. He be two come April I think, purposely held off abit with certain aspects as in my opinion still abit daft.. Although if there's something there he wants it. Took him out ferreting first time couple month ago, it's not my game, but fair play he marked all day, incredible nose on him will find n put fox up too. Held rabbits in net gentle, till I grabbed em... Stood off the hedges waiting, really couldn't fault him you swear he been at it most the season. Only thing he was a wanker with was fences but now no issues. And he did have a blip with sheep on a hill around twelve months old so just bare in mind to keep on top of the stock breaking, mines very highly driven despite what is written time n time again. Atb with pup.
  9. Somewhereyournot


    Smashing, does me everytime smashing rabbits... Feck me, there's broken shards up n down the country
  10. Somewhereyournot

    Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    Cheers for link but fuk me take it down if tomo sees the prices he will have a shift lol and trigger well he might burst in to flames hadnt looked at the prices.
  11. Somewhereyournot

    Club-Sp Clu-Briter Sport - 1000 Lumens

    https://wolfeyes.com.au/wolf-eyes-seal-led-hunting-torches-spotlight That's a torch
  12. Somewhereyournot

    43 In The Monday Night Storm

    Cracking night by looks of it.
  13. Somewhereyournot

    On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    Cracking bag lads. Well done the dogs
  14. Somewhereyournot

    Discount Off All Items

    Lol do you want nice pink one mate got Collars to match lolLol I'm ok dai.i carry a few bits of bread and butter mate.nothing goes to waste lol class
  15. Somewhereyournot

    Rear Leg Flick

    Anyone ever experienced the hock area on rear leg look like it's flicking out... Is it hyper extension of the hock? Saw vids and it does look similar but leg doesnt flex extreme as vids so maybe milder version? Not effecting the dog in anyway. Looks like his foot twists as he pushes off...