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  1. Happened to me with hill sheep.. At about 12months old. Has quarter collie in him.. Knocked few sheep over looked like it could of gone alot worse if I'd not got there in time. I come down on him like 10 ton of bricks never mind ton lol.. After that I had him oround lots of sheep and been fine since. Have lamped with cattle n sheep in field and never gone after them after missing. But things do change in there mind when quarry is changed. Just have to keep eye on things. I think a shock collar is best approach rather than beating the dog, you don't want the dog to doubt
  2. Iv have a deben lithium and got a hunter lithium.. u won't notice a difference except the hunters one is about 100 quid cheaper and has metal screw in adaptor mate which is better than the flimsy Deben one.
  3. Used same battery but lower ah for years with Nightvision. Never had an issue. But it all depends whether its genuinely 20ah...i doubt it. Dlloyd sells batteries. Better off asking him
  4. Had a hw100 and 110 and tbh as a hunter the 110 is better. The hw100 varied in temps more with grease so needs degreasing.. My 110 was sound. Quieter, soft touch rubber stock.. Just same shots but shorter. Preferred the shot feel aswell felt quicker. It's cheaper to buy. Both 100 and 110 both need a clip to flick to load, both need to be clicked round before putting lever forward, difference is, 110 needs continuous pressure on switch. If you can't load it one handed then you really haven't used one so shouldn't really pass comment lol. The 110 k is 4
  5. Cracking pups. That dark red merle looks a cracker. But to be honest you'd be happy with any one of them. Picture of health. Atb with them
  6. The dogs with wheaten in.. Have you ever had issues with dog aggression. Iv never seen a wheaten or x in flesh.. But read other people find them Problems... More than other xs.
  7. Nice pups. Iv always fancied bull grey whippet grey type.
  8. Can't knock there do or die attitude of the little feckers. They are like extremely fast terriers lol
  9. My beard border... Mostly beard.. Put me. Off them. As you say over sensitive to wires, and other deals in life. Proper guard dog, real protective. Any other dog even looked remotely aggressive and he would go up the wall, especially if I had my kids with me. Apart from that he was good ish lol But the border cross I got now is night an day difference temp wise.
  10. I do exactly this. And never use treats. Now. Find they rely on food to. Come back when they should just want to come back. As pups as well they usually go so far and look back, soon as they do tooty down and soon they head back to u.. Whistle... They soon get used to that.
  11. The collie curs site was OK.. Abit slow tbh. Ye there was a few working Hancock but nothing much posted on there for a while. I helped run a Hancock working page, but it went sour and we closed it Down.but on there you got alot more Hancock owners and alot of honest posts.. Poor and very good dogs on there. More good than bad tbh. I keep in touch with lads up and down the country that own dogs from Hancock.. And that's why I went with merlin bred dog.. As merlin and Arthur seem. To produce strong fast dogs that consistently throw decent dogs. Wouldn't have a beardie border off them
  12. This site is incredible on times... Recall, jump, retrieve, stock break... With a skitty deaf feathered eared c**t ye I believe you. My dog can do equations... Cos he's a collie x
  13. Just turned 12 months the other day mate. She's in season too.. Should see a couple more pound on her up till 18months. She's currently 28lb.
  14. Abit of oakbark, sooty Sam, and some. Others in this bitch. Bought primarily as a pet for her indoors and the nippers. But seei.g how she is will defo be taking her out this coming season
  15. What is he collie bull grey is it dc. Nice healthy looking pup.
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