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  1. Never got that, decking 10 cwd and leaving them after getting a few pics!!!! Morons…
  2. And yeh round that way, I know it like the back of my hand I live down the road. I plagued it for years with a few other lads years back before it got hammered by motors….it was alive with tackle not just CWD had some great nights.
  3. Iv been out with 20 plus Jerry bred dogs I’d guess, not seen one that didn’t graft to a decent standard. Jerry himself was a weapon, I had a bitch out of Jerry x Blondie too for a bit she was a wild lol
  4. That was this dogs Dam, nothing mate never heard a thing. Weird one! Landowners and keepers were pricks so “ someone” gave post code out to any lad that’s didn’t already have it. Hope their land got smashed to bits. Ditched it all off now ?
  5. 5 nearly 6 I guess! He’s plenty game and plenty can vouch for him, Jerrys thrown some belters tbh. Waiting for some cold weather we’ll be back out, think this is the first year in a long long time Iv not been flat out from stubbles.
  6. Na mate not her, thanks tho ?? After speaking to more lads who've lost lurchefs round that area Iv found out the vets and rescues lie and say they haven’t got them if there’s signs of work, so who knows what’s happened to her. Hopefully she’s on some old dears sofa chillin, she done me well she deserves it. Allthough I’d rather it was my f***ing sofa obviously lol
  7. I did do for a bit, got her off a mate as his pet was always chasing fox and deer ? Caused me more grief than any other dog Iv ever had at home and out but he was right she was obsessed with fox and deer and would knock them out of cover and give mouth for f***ing miles. From a pup with some basic manners and recal she’d have been mustard I reckon but was too far gone, noisy in kennel and no manners at all. So give her to a mate.
  8. I spoke to every keeper round there near enough this last week, don’t think they’ve met anyone as brazen as myself they’d never had a laddoke knocking on their doors asking if they’d seen his lurcher before, I’d loaned the bitch out to a pal for the season I wasn’t even there when she was lost. Also it wasnt in woburn estate itself but not too far away, different land different keepers. And they said exactly same thing to me, why leave them all in dykes and hedge bottoms!!
  9. No not even a sighting! Either someone’s found and kept her or keepers shot her and too scared to tell me in case I return the favour.
  10. http://www.doglost.co.uk/poster.php?dogId=136215#.W9hLv6SnyEc lost round Woburn area Sunday morning, no sightings at all since so guessing someone’s picked her up along the main road. All local farmers, keepers and estate workers and their wives know and are keeping an eye out for her. Iv scoured the woods and dykes incase she’s hurt herself but no sign at all. If anyone hears anything let me know ??
  11. I apologise for my immaturity and silly comment but not for my reply about you making Punches lipstick come out ?
  12. Iv heard he used to shout stuff out like “fox” then when everyone looked he’d touch peoples dogs.
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