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  1. j1985

    Pup for next season 😏

    Proper smart pup that is
  2. j1985

    Nuttalls Copper

    My dog down from Copper has turnt out bang on, still with me now grafts his balls off digging or pushing out cover
  3. j1985

    Jerry dog bull x

    Dams a half x similar stamp to Jerry, good strong bitch. Was tempted on a pup myself out that litter.
  4. j1985

    Jerry dog bull x

    We ain’t stopping any time soon either mate
  5. j1985

    Jerry dog bull x

    Nice litter that is, were like little bull mastiffs as pups proper chunky.
  6. j1985

    Jerry dog bull x

    Also seen around 10 or so of his offspring from various bitches graft over last two seasons all were worth feeding. I had a half x bitch out of him to a bitch called Blondie who was a very good bitch too.
  7. j1985

    Jerry dog bull x

    Very good dog, throws very good offspring! My dog I bred out of him is bang on had a hell of a first season
  8. j1985

    Quick Kill Instinct

    Don't think it matters what x it is, some dogs just go for the neck others don't.
  9. j1985

    Spaniel/terrier X Bullgreyhound Pups

    How are these pups looking now, have any thrown to the lurcher side of the breeding ?
  10. j1985

    Sportdog gps trackers

    Everyone seems to prefer them to garmin from the lads Iv spoke to
  11. j1985

    X38 contact info

    Iv inboxed you
  12. j1985

    X38 contact info

    Also anyone who has dogs out of Chance x the Norfolk tumbler bitch could you get in touch too Thanks
  13. I'm trying to get hold of X38 who used to be a member on here, not sure if he still is or not as can't message him. So if anyone can inbox me his number or inbox me and I'll give you mine to pass on etc. thanks
  14. If your into that kinda stuff then yeh I'd guess he'd be pretty handy