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  1. Ferreting newbie as stated I am more than willing to read and learn from books I am in no hurry at all. But I also know I could learn more in a morning out with a bloke with 10 or more seasons under his belt than I will reading a book about a wonder dog. It's all about respect for me mate how the f**k can I enter a dog into something that I have a lack of knowledge and tools to deal with the situation that's not how I role. And I wouldn't dream of entering a dog until I had ability and knowledge to get the job done quickly, safely and humanly. As I said in my first post I am only thinking about this as a worst case scenario.
  2. It strikes me as a lot of talk about helping the sport out and bringing lad's into different aspects of working dogs but no one is willing to show any f****r the ropes but as soon as someone post's "first dig" all the expert's come out the woodwork. You shouldn't do that do it this way that's wrong or dangerous etc. It isn't a massive problem as I am more than willing to go by trail and error and research. People willing to slate people rather than educate them and pass on knowledge sad sad times.
  3. I was wondering if anyone could help me out I am 25 I have been working lurchers since I was 16 but never really been into terriers until I brought a pup today. I intend to use the pup in time for a bit of bushing for the lurcher. How ever if the dog ever decides to go to ground I would like to have an adequate amount of knowledge tobe able to deal with the situation and who knows maybe get a passion for digging like I have my lurcher work. I live in the west midlands (bewdley) and are really looking for some experienced chaps who could possibly take me out and show me the ropes and the do's and don'ts. I only drive a motorbike but can get any were within reason or the missis can drop me off and pick me up. I understand it is a long shot but if you don't ask you don't get. I am fully aware that people have offered to help people only to find people have gone back to there land after and poached it I am in no way shape or form a c**t like that. As I said I know it's a big ask but I would be grateful for any help cheers.
  4. I will have the pup if it's still needing a home I have dropped you a pm will collect tomorrow. please get back to me ASAP cheers and all the best
  5. accident waiting to happen a brittle 6 month old pup running alongside a fully grown dog it only takes one sharp turn for them to come together and it could be the end before it even began.
  6. whoever started there pup at 6 months old needs to give there head a wobble. the dog is still a pup its 6 months old LET IT BE A PUP. you say your trying to teach it to sit,stay,retrive, and he does this when he wants.... and on top of learning how to do this your taking him out and slipping him on rabbits? its a bit much for a 6 month old dog if he only retrives when he wants whats going to happen when he catches his first rabbit?. that's when bad habbits start get the basics nailed before you even think about slipping him. hold the pup back let it mature there isn't a rush the summer would be an ideal chance to get a few easy bunnies when the ground allows. next winter is when I would start throwing the graft his way.
  7. worst thing that happened to this country was Hitler not winning the war
  8. hopefully there will be as i find all his books a great read, maybe drop him a message and ask the man himself
  9. 35 pound posted please pm cheers
  10. Have you tryed them flats tapered? I can tell you dub dub orange wont fire 12mm lead very far :whistling: I would sooner get squares they last far longer too ..There are loads of elastic's to try, not all suit everyone they are tapered mate i just aint one for flats. i will have a go at a few see what works best for me
  11. i will be trying a few anyway the flatbands just aint for me. i cant hit a cows arse with them
  12. what size ammo you using?? i will be using 12mm lead.
  13. heard good things about the dub dub (green) i think it was. i will drop you a pm brassneck cheers! http://www.milbroproshotuk.com/html/products/accessories.html link from above
  14. Alright lads I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am new to catapults only started a month or two back I have on my current setup double therabands and I cant get along with them at all. A freind I go out with let me have a go with his milbro with some 6mm square bands and I was 10 times better and it suited me perfect. But will these bands be powerfull enough to kill game with 12mm lead? I have no idea how much fps they are putting out. I are buying these ready made from http://www.milbropro...ts/accessories. They are called "traditional bands" on that page. If anybody can recommend any more ready tied band sets please feel free. The only reason they need to be ready tied with the pouch is beause i am cack handed and just dont have the time Also would it be fine just to attach it to the fork by doubling it up and using a pin in the loop? Sorry for all the questions lads thanks in advance
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