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  1. Sad when folk would do that to you over a rabbit ..... Shame on them,,,, No suprise to me as they were cowards.
  2. Who's to judge if lads want to seal their imortality by appearing in a book fair play to them i say then again most of the old poachers and such like if asked if they wanted to recount some of their exspieriences in a book their words would start with f--k and end with off lol
  3. First feild two rabbits in the bag then bang bang bang hospital for a number of days lol.
  4. Black lab had one as a kid awsome dog intend on having another seems to be the dog for the retired poacher around here lol.
  5. I dont believe one word all shoots and them that run and keep them are all honurable people lol.
  6. Them silly fekin shit machines made popular by that film turner and hooch borduex mastiffs
  7. Had aigles hunters lechemua avon muck boots grubstalkers the only ones that lasted me two years were the toggis with the zipps on.
  8. Agreed even better if more copies are printed and its dosent become rare.
  9. Dont forget the millions of turks waiting to come here soon as they join the e.u ffs god help us.
  10. Orchestrated by capitalist regimes were living under to keep wages down and to keep the poors minds away from them who are letting it all happen.
  11. When you happen to know one personaly a lad who was mentioned in the book the paddy and the prince by Brendan Ingle as one of the most promising boxers he had come across as a young lad to see him know as a young man with his head in bits is not very nice due to his time in iraq is not very nice.
  12. I think that's a bit of a bold statement Poacher. After 911 should we have really not done anything? I would'nt say any ISAF troops are dieing in vain. "Lest we forget" I stand by my statement and even a worst travesty is the british born troops who died and came back mentally and physically scared from iraq.
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